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    The Manticore Roars



    The Manticore Roars

    Post by Guest on Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:41 pm

    A single large Raven flies to lannisport, hours later all of the Lannister Bannermen who served under Tyros Lannister move to action and march towards the Twins.
    At the Twins the Lion Guards moves to join with the Brigands who have been picking clean the neck in winterfell of small villages. Now, they march along Kings Road to Winterfell...With a Barbaricly dressed Lord Lorch at the head rather than in his normal Knightly attire.
    The Same raven that went to lannisport then flies for the Kings Camp, carrying the following message
    "The Manticore moves know to devour the eyes of the wolf.
    It hopes the Dragon will make a well judged move while the beast is wounded."

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