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    Tristan found his faith, or was he just worried?


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    Tristan found his faith, or was he just worried?

    Post by Brigit on Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:04 pm

    (Tristan asked me to post this for him:)

    Trystan was worried about the standing of His title and schooling was purposedly left to the wanderings of a Prince a young Prince and His knowledge.......walking to the prayer ring that he had spent in times of His Punishment and went down upon His knees in offering....blowing a lock of hair from His fine young Face deep eyes as waters blue cast upon each in offering...The gentle breeze whisping through the Great sept of Baylor upon His knees surrounded by so Many armed Guards His voice rang out clearly purposed for the Father....Be it please granted Father that I Tristan Targarayen be so granted forgiveness for even those Sins Ive unknowingly harbored and those that I speak freely that in your heart might forgive any small or great be it in your Mercy that I void all that one might Harbour and cleanse in your forgiveness. sliding upwards and to the next offerance Be it in your safety Mother Devine show my Kindness and well mind of mine fortunes that hase would never sway to greed my word is spoken that is what makes Me well Spoken and heard.....without delay nor barely skipped breath Maiden so fair be it within thy desires to bestow the honored words spoken and truth be attached to my every tone to the tryth no matter my wieriness that my heart holds truth above all might my own ears fall lucky enough to hear ever such purities........continuing onward be the plead and inquire....Sir Knight be granted as soud rthym to allow my Fathers commands always far on the ears of the loyal capibale to pry the proper out of a determination of Spirit a window for into my own heary be filled Chilvarous loyalty and pride of Honored souls to all might have service to me......to the statusque visual of the brave request to the Smith........I pray it your will be to hold My Fathers Armour Strong and hold Shield to the Man so loved by His Son I pray you fortell of the secure surrounding glow of His strength yielded on by His Honor to Lead and Progress.....to the Crone His bowance and pose requested be it in the mind of one so wise to share the lveled revelation of what it is I survive ti in keep and prosper dutiful and glamoring his Fathers Linage well true and wise. sung from the Hollows of wisdoms embrace. not a spoken thought even to the stranger as He took the paper and finshed I know they are keeping you safe Mommy and Ive a light in my soul for Fathers swift return not a kiss but a seal His very own the Prince dabed the wax n stamping of His station.

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