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    Moved "Knighting of a King's Guard"


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    Moved "Knighting of a King's Guard"

    Post by Brigit on Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:05 pm

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) nods, "the hearld announced the court."

    Nefs Arida: is that ..is that... the throne...

    Nefs Arida remembers to keep his mouth shut...

    Nefs Arida waits...

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) leans down shifting on the throne uncomfortably and smiles to the man "welcome to the court of King Jaeron the first of his name, we've not met"

    Nefs Arida: I am Nefs my Lord...

    Nefs Arida: a ranger by choice... a scholar by inclination...

    Nefs Arida: It is my pleasure to be in your presence...and your service...

    Nefs Arida: if possible..

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) sits up a bit intrigued "you wish to be in service to the king? Tell me Nefs, which house do you hail from?"

    Nefs Arida: ahh.. close to Winterfel my Lord..

    Nefs Arida: from the north..

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) nods "and do you claim a house name?"

    Nefs Arida takes a quick glance at those around him..

    Makana Swyft (makana.moonites) curtseys holding it for a moment

    Nefs Arida: I am a lowly ranger...to make claim...

    Nefs Arida: but I am useful....

    Nefs Arida: and may earn a house of my own someday...

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) chuckles "okay Nefs, how would you benefit the throne?"

    Nefs Arida: I a m loyal....

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) smiles "do you seek the life of a knight Nefs?"

    Nefs Arida: and honest..

    Nefs Arida: I do aspire to that.... and would have been one...save that I am the youngest...

    Nefs Arida: and would have been forced to take the Black...

    Nefs Arida: but I am of this world ...and not the cold north ice wall

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) stands slowly "you understand the life of a knight is one in which he may not marry, correct?"

    Nefs Arida podners the advantages and disadvantagges of such a condition...

    Nefs Arida: yes m'lord...

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) chuckles "I have a counter proposal. How much do you know of ships and naval command Nefs?"

    Nefs Arida: I have been near the water .... and often in it...

    Nefs Arida: but I learn fast..

    Nefs Arida: and would serve you till one better arrives...

    Nefs Arida: I can build... and have skills in making things run...

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) paces as he usually does "the position I am considering your loyalty would be severely tested as you would become a member of the small council. As Master of Ships"

    Nefs Arida: truely an honor....

    Nefs Arida: my aspiration... was to be a knight.... without position...to serve

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) descends a step "as Master of Ships, you will be in control of the navy of the King. You will also sit on the small council of King Jaeron with me, the commander o the king's guard, the Master of Laws. If you feel you would rather have a position on the kings guard tell me know and I can arrange such"

    Nefs Arida: as you see fit for any task of honor ...you would require...

    Nefs Arida: the kings guard would suit me m'lord...

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) standing back she listens and watches, whispering from time to time in Jearons ear things about this or that

    Nefs Arida: I would best serve there...

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) turns to see the man better, and watch the proceedings.

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) pulls loudroar from it's sheath, emitting a loud ringing noise as befits it's name and looks down the Valyrian steel blade placing it on the right shoulder lightly "Nefs, in the name of the warrior I charge you to be brave" he moves it to the left shoulder holding it there lightly

    Nefs Arida: I accept the charge...

    Nefs Arida wonders at the lightness of the sword...

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) nods in the name of the father I charge you to be just" he looks down moving the blade back to the right shoulder holding it there

    Nefs Arida thinks.. Valarian steel

    Nefs Arida: I will be just

    Nefs Arida thinks it could cut my head without the slightest slowind down..

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) bouncing the babe lightly in her hands she slips back into the other room as he starts to cry, handing him to the wetnurse she watches her carefully to ensure she doesnt harm the lil king

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) notices the movement of Princess Dear but stands patient and unmoving, quiet.

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) grins "in the name of the mother I charge you to defend the young and innocent" he moves the sword back to the left "and in the name of the Maid I charge you to protect all women"

    Nefs Arida: I accept that charge...

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) slides loudroar back in it's spot and speaks loudly "Rise Ser Nefs of the kingsguard."

    Nefs Arida ...thank you m'lord....

    Nefs Arida: it is my honor...to serve..

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