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    Lord Starks Quest for his Lady Alkina

    Lady Alkina Stark

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    Lord Starks Quest for his Lady Alkina

    Post by Lady Alkina Stark on Fri Jan 13, 2012 7:43 pm

    [10:19] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): It was in the shroud of night and the fall of winter snow, the envoy of 30 Guards and 1 left the keep. Threw bitter cold they traveled a hidden path non stop until reaching the nearest port, where by arrangement a ship waited. Accompanied by her envoy Lady Stark and 30 boarded to cross the narrow sea. It was not a moment to soon even though the thickness of the falling snow went a long way to hide them when the darkness of night was easing away with the rising sun. It lessened their chances greatly of not being spied. if they were lucky enough as it was to go un noticed already.

    [10:30] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): With great relief she settled in her cabin. It was small but it suited her cozy with a comfortable bunk. Warmed by a small barrel like furnace with glowing coals. Exhausted as she was however when she curled up alone sleep had not come easy. Worried about Vayon worried for Thresia, for Winterfell. She tossed and turned fisting the space beside er wishing she were held in Vayons arms tears filling her eyes as she felt the ship shift and new it was taking her from him even if only a week or so. The ship was their fastest, and she hoped that with the Gods p blessings she would be given calm waters with the currents aiding their voyage, after some time exhaustion finely took her and sleep found her.

    [10:53] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): It was several s days later, well into one late after noon one of the guards knocked upon the cabin door. "Lady Stark we are about to make port" She had risen some time earlier and was reading to keep her mind off the distance she was from home. she rose "I will be out" called softly, her clothes were of common appearance as not to draw attention to herself. They left the ship looking like a convoy of merchant travelers and pilgrims. Taking out the map and instructions she showed it to the head guard who nodded and lead the way. Fortunately the Market they needed to go to was not far.

    [10:56] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): As they traveled she moved up to the head guard "Has word been sent ahead?" she asked softly "Aye MY Lady a runner was sent ahead, we are expected but must remain wary." She nodded "Of course" She said softly and hung back with in the surrounding men as they moved into he bustle of the market place.

    [11:09] Qhadi : Was moving about his rather large enclosed stall. His wears were of a higher quality then most. weapons jewels among other questionably acquired items. He was never questioned however though his reputation was well know as one not to mess with. he had gotten word they were on their way. the back section of the stall was enclosed into a small private room. where their business would be done. What He had procured was into at all for general public eyes. Truth be told the 2 object that rested in the small chest were worth more then everything in his stall but one thing he did was pay his depts and he owed Lord Vayon a a huge one from long ago. What was the worth on coin compared to the life of his life and family that was saved. So he was more then wiling to part with such a treasure to one who had done so.

    [11:15] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): The Group spread out a bit into a number of smaller ones Alkina surrounded by a quintet of guard while the others were close but not all together again as to not attract unwanted attention. Drawing closer to the destination. the one moved a head to the stall a head where the one waited leaning casually against a support beam. Her rose gaze took him in as she approached.

    [11:32] Qhadi : Was waiting back against the side of his stall, his keen eyes noting the small group approaching as well as picking out a couple hidden with in the crowd,It was not surprising considering Who they escorted. he saw the one surrounded by the quintet of what was most likely Vayons Finest guards. He straightened up nodding to the men and the tall yet slender hooded figure in their center, "Aaahhh welcome to Qhadi's exclusive goods. Tell me what you desire and I guarantee I can see it sated." she drawled with his usual flair. The coded message, just to make sure they were not imposter's waiting for the response.

    [11:38] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She knew as she moved closer he was not the usual merchant his whole look and his air set him apart and she understood why Vayon had spoke of his reputation. She nodded listening to him recognizing the hidden message "My Desires are really quite simple Good sir but I am curious to see your wears" she said carefully though in a casually anxious tone as most women would have with the thought of getting some new bauble..Her rose gaze peering at him form under the hood.

    [11:43] Qhadi : He nodded hearing the proper response, "Well then Good Lady Let us ajorn to the back where only the finest good are for one such as you" He said w sweeping a hand to invite her to the back, Following her and the quintet of guards. While others blocked the way seeing to it not one else got close. He drew the heavy canvas to close off the back section, "I have what you have come for." he said as he turned to face them,

    [11:51] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): Once with in the confined of the closed off section she drew back her hood, to reveal the pale countenance of her features. Her rose gaze meeting that of the man as he turned to face them. "Vayon said there were a number of things that you had for us a couple of particularly rare items as well."She said her gaze drawn it seemed by some manner of compulsion to an intricately carved chest. She had no way of knowing what lie in side but she did. It was as if what lie inside called to her, causing her breath to catch her heart to race in her chest, She began to move toward it as if entranced.

    [12:04] Qhadi : He was struck silent a moment when her turned to see her draw back her hood, to reveal her arresting features as well as the aura that sung of her Dragon Heritage.. He had wondered at Vayons description of her. It had done little to prepare him. He soon recovered however placing the thoughts at the back of his mind. Motioning to 2 nondescript chests that were to go with them. Then looked to The Lady stark as she moved to the one that was so important. Her could see the immediate reaction how she was drawn to the precious cargo in that particular Chest. He moved forward before her using the key he had to unlock and open it stepping back. "With my humble Compliments My lady." he said softly stepping back further.

    [12:14] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She drew closer her rose gaze watching as he moved to the chest. everything seemed to go into slow motion as he unlocked the chest opening it to reveal the 2 eggs with in. her breath catching in her throat, reaching out her fingers tingling to touch then which she did pale digits splayed hovering over each of them. Her heart thudding like a hammer in her chest, She drew back though just shy of touching them. If she were to to see anything if the gods were to reveal anything. she wanted it to be back home back where she was close to Vayon. With great reluctance her hands drew back and she nodded to Qhadi "I am in your Dept. Were we not in such a rush I would have enjoyed hearing how you came by them should issues back home lead to a more peaceful time perhaps you would visit us or we could come visit you" she said softly. She motioned to one of he Guards whom promptly moved to close the chest.

    [12:19] Qhadi : He Nodded "Think nothing of it. you owe me nothing My Lady. " she said moving forward to lock the chest then offering the key to her. " In Truth I owe your husband a great deal more then I can ever pay. You are a good match for him. I understand My Lady and I will keep that in mind. I will keep you no longer . May the gods keep you safe Lady Stark" said with a bow of the head.

    [12:33] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded and thought she would have liked to ask more questions time was of the essence. If they had any hopes to get back by the following morn or at best after noon they had get back on the water. "Safe paths and good fortune to you" she said softly "Until Next we meet"Said softly and drawing the hood back over her features surrounded by her envoy and followed by the one carrying the chest and it's precious cargo they headed back to the ship. Seeing to it the other chests were safely in the hold. The smaller but by far more valuable chest in her cabin with her for the voyage home.

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