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    Lord Stark Disowns his sister



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    Lord Stark Disowns his sister

    Post by Vayon_Stark on Thu Jan 19, 2012 3:44 am

    [20:33] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) A guard walks into the throne room, hurriedly and out of breath "A.. A messenger my lord, he says he comes from a Ser Tahe Lorch"

    [20:34] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) looks to the guard "see him in"

    [20:34] Diomy Takakura raises an eyebrow

    [20:34] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) looks to Alkina "The day may yet yield some excitement"

    [20:36] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She too lifted and Eyebrow "Perhaps they finally come to announce they took your sister?" she said softly meerly making a guess what other reason other then speaking for the king could he have,

    [20:36] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) a young boy, no more than 12, walks into the throne room, apprehensive and on guard, looking around to a room he has never been inside before, nervously he steps up to the throne, keeping a straight path, afraid to step out of line.

    [20:38] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "A boy? He sends a boy to deliver his message? Fear not child, you are safe here in winterfell, none shall harm you here."

    [20:39] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She too was quite shocked as her gaze rested on the child Frowning a touch, but remained quiet for the moment

    [20:40] Diomy Takakura watched as the child approached, wondering who he belonged to.

    [20:41] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "What is your name boy? I am Lord Stark of winterfell, I am assuming you are here with a message"

    [20:47] Diomy Takakura furrowed her brow, looking toward the child with concern. Who was this boy?

    [20:47] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) the boy looks around, smiles shyly and looks down upon spotting Diomy, his cheeks turning red "my name is Hagorth m'lord, i serve Ser Tahekus Lorch, he sent me to deliver this message to you" holds out a dirty ragged scroll and approaches the lord slowly.

    [20:49] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): Watched quietly leaning foward as the boy approached her senses alert she did not trust any of them, boy or not, who knew what they might be capable of. She could only hope that even they would not stoop to using a child to do any dirty deeds.

    [20:49] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) laughs "seems he fancies you Diomy" reaches his long arm out and takes the scroll from the boy "you may step down and relax Hagorth."

    [20:50] Diomy Takakura gasped at hearing a child could possibly serve that...man. Who knows what abuse he possibly goes through.

    [20:51] Diomy Takakura chuckled at Vayon's words, "He is probably scared of my hair."

    [20:55] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She chuckled from her seat by the throne. Then let us hope I do not send him running and screaming" she teased leaning in a bit trying to get a glimps of the scroll.

    [20:56] Diomy Takakura chuckled and shook her head

    [20:57] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) the young man steps down from the steps and takes a deep breath, clinching his hands in a nervous habit, glances over to diomy and looks away

    [20:59] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): Looked to the boy "Have you eaten Hagorth while we see to this message I could have one of the servants bring you a sweet cake and something to drink from the kitchens" she said softly relaxing when he stepped back form the throne.

    [21:00] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) the young boy shakes his head "no m'lady, i have not eaten a meal since i left the camp.. cept for that rabbit i caught on the way"

    [21:00] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) unfurls the scroll and begins to read, his jaw slowly clinching and his demeanor slowly changes.

    [21:01] Diomy Takakura looks at the child as if he is adorable and smiles.

    [21:02] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded and motioned for the servant to go get the boy some refreshment her gaze moving back to Vayon concern creasing her brow " Vayon?" she asked softly but then stayed qiet until he was done reading

    [21:02] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) turns red, rolls the scroll back up and slams his hand onto the throne, "THE AUDACITY.. SHE DISHONORS OUR HOUSE WITH.. WITH.. THIS FILTH!!" he screams, the words echoing off the walls

    [21:04] Diomy Takakura jumps, almost forgetting she has the baby in her arms

    [21:04] Diomy Takakura: "What is it m'lord? What news of Lady Thresia?"

    [21:05] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) shakes his head and calls for a servant girl ordering her to take the boy to the kitchens " this is not for his ears."

    [21:08] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She leaned over resting a hand over his trying to calm him "May I see the scroll love please?" she asked wanting to know what had him so upset but feared for a moment making him repeat it that moment would throw him into further rage.

    [21:09] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) the young servant girl runs in and grabs the young boy by the arm "this way please, what is your name? i am Tara, please follow me to the kitchens " the two begin small talk as they exit the room

    [21:10] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) hands the scroll to his wife, "seems my sister has become betrothed to the halfbreed"

    [21:10] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): " A half breed? She as as she took the scroll, Her breath caught as she took the scroll from Vayon, The moment her fingers inadvertently brushed the spots of blood of Lorch's signet. Before she even began to read it, A flood of images rushed threw her mind. Images of violent conception, birth surrounded by blood and death. The violence of those earlier images bringing a thins stream of blood from her nose once again that she was not even aware of, as the images continued on, Events and choices threw out his life that molded him into the man he has become, and more recent images she had herself seen his visit to Winterfell where he witnessed her having a vision. His misguided accusations false tails he took back and spoke of to more then one among them. The lady Brigit whom was in a lie told Lady Stark had admitted to bring a witch, and more with his false accusations to Lady Thresia telling her That her witch sister in law was responsible for Lord tyros death.

    [21:11] Diomy Takakura is agape to hear such news..On one hand, the idea that "he who mounts women" mounted her friend..was preposterous....

    [21:12] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): Threw out the images she shook with a mix of anger and hurt. Snapping out of them as she watched the bright crimson drop spatter upon the parchment. she shook them off and focused on the parchment. Reading every word her anger and hurt growing.

    [21:13] Diomy Takakura watched her ladyship, and her Lord, their anger growing. Diomy was, however, truly surprised.

    [21:14] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) begins to sigh deep in anger, he begins to rock back and forth, obviously beyond upset "THAT BITCH!" he screams, his voice filled with both anger and hurt. "She dishonors our house and our name by bedding that pretend horselord!"

    [21:14] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): "His Lord considers this an act of honor??" she asked coldly, simply thinking out loud and not expecting or waiting for an answer. "IF he were any kind of man, he would not have stayed behind like a coward in hiding while he sent a messenger boy to state his claim, he would have come himself. He would have acted as any honorable man any honorable Warrior. Bought our sister here, Come and speak man to man with her brother, show us himself that our sister was safe and unharmed, he would had attempted to make right the lies, the threats, & insults the false accusations he made against this family. Explain to us why we should over look them all and accept him as one of a family he tried to destroy."She nearly growled.

    [21:15] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): "And to our sister, the same how, IF she is indeed free," She said emphasizing the IF. "Why is it she herself did not demand to be bought here to stand by her mates side show her brother she is indeed safe and where she wishes to be and who with, and plead her reasons why we should look past all he has done all she has turned her back on to be with this man who tried to destroy her family. " she added her voice filled with barely repressed rage.

    [21:17] Diomy Takakura: "Perhaps she is..afraid of this reaction?" Diomy cradled her baby with care, hoping she was not squeezing her too hard.

    [21:18] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) slams his hand down "Reaction or not, to dishonor the house and family by whoring yourself out to a horselord, and wishing my blessing.. full well knowing that i will refuse.." he stops mid sentence to compose himself and begins to try to repress his rage, in a calmer voice he states "i have no sister."

    [21:19] Diomy Takakura gasps, "M'lord...she is your only sister..."

    [21:20] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) shakes his head "was my only sister, from this point forward, i am an only child of the house stark."

    [21:21] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) yells for hagorth to return

    [21:21] Diomy Takakura can only stand and stare at her lord and lady, knowing the pain they feel, but wondering how such a bond can be broken .

    [21:22] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) they wild haired, dirty young man walks back into the throne room with tara and mona on each side, smiling and laughing, then goes quiet when he looks upon Diomy.

    [21:23] Diomy Takakura smiled to the boy and did a small bow

    [21:24] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "Hagorth, you are to stay here as my guest for the night, it grows dark and i will not have you riding around in the dark with god knows what out there, it is much to dangerous, in the morning you will take my answer back to your Lord, along with my sisters possessions, and you will inform her that she is no longer a stark"

    [21:24] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She hated it but had to agree "Diomy she knew she knew in part at least that he tried to destroy this family. that is what she fears and as said if he wer any kind of honorable man he would be here right now not send a child." she saiud softly trying to calm ehr own hurt. Could you over look a mans attempts to detroy all you claim to care about?" she asked softly tears birning ehr eyes of what she saw as such a betrayal but s disturbingly the teard that slid down ehr cheeks were not the silvery trailed of satly drops were britgh crimson. her gaze closed a moment and when it opened ehr eyes tow had changed the sofe rose turning deeper in shade darker the irises slit .

    [21:26] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She looked to her love "I would also send a message love. IF you wil permit me so to go back with him" said softly. reachign up to wipe at her tears that in time did turn form bright crimson to pinkish to clear.

    [21:27] Diomy Takakura nodded to the words of her ladyship. There was nothing she could say.

    [21:28] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods "i was going to send Diomy, but you may go as well"

    [21:28] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): "I meant only to write another message but if you would have me go I will to though I do not trust any of them." said softly

    [21:30] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) watches the girls take the young boy up to his room, the minute they leave the throne room, his attention shifts back to the issue at hand

    [21:31] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "Diomy, if you would escort him to the camp tomorrow, make sure he gets there safe and the message is delivered, alkina you may go if you wish"

    [21:32] Diomy Takakura bowed, "M'lord, I shall do as you ask"

    [21:32] Diomy Takakura: "Would you mind watching my baby?"

    [21:33] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods "i will watch her, and i will have the servant girls tend to her as well"

    [21:33] Diomy Takakura chuckled, "M'lord, I was only kidding....I can have one of my house take care of her."

    [21:34] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) shakes his head "i would lvoe to watch my god daughter"

    [21:34] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) slams his hand down on the chair again, tears welling up in his eyes "how could she do this, our house grows smaller tonight"

    [21:35] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded "Yes Love I think I would I want our former sister to see what shame her action bought on this family. " She if she truly has anything to say that can justify her choice" she said bitterly

    [21:35] Diomy Takakura smiled "Indeed" she smiled but then jumped at his smalling of his fist.

    [21:37] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She jumped as well but felt just as hurt " He orchestrated all of this Vayon all of it he did exactly as I said went back told them I was a witch told them including your sister I was responsible for Lord Tyros death and she accepted that" she said thew cleched teeth as well tears brimming over ehr cheeks as well

    [21:38] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "ELORA!" he screamed, calling for the old servant of his house, one that served his father loyaly, as the old woman came walking into the throne room he directs his commands to her " go to my sisters room, begin packing her things, take some girls with you, and when you come across the crimson and gold necklace i gave her for her birthday, the one with forever etched in it, bring it to me"

    [21:39] Diomy Takakura once again stood shocked at her lord's action. She was filled with a sadness for her friends.

    [21:40] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "she has made her choice, now i will make mine, she was smart taking that horse of hers, or i would keep that one as well"

    [21:47] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sighed shaking with anger as betrayed as she felt she felt the need to see her former sister to try to understand how she could so quickly let herself be claimed by a man that tried to destroy them all.

    [21:48] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "you will take 50 men with you tomorrow, i want you both to return"

    [21:48] Diomy Takakura nodded, "Indeed, m'lord"

    [21:49] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded "Aye my Love" she said softly the words hissed between clenched teeth

    [21:51] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) a young servant girl runs into the throne room , holding the shiny necklace, and holds it out to her lord, while bowing her head

    [21:52] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) takes the necklace, and sends the young girl away, pulls a dagger from his boot and sticks the end of the blade in between the metal and the gem. With a strong motion he begins to work over the attached gem and attempts to pry it out

    [21:54] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): she turned ehr gaze to him looking at the necklace as he pried at the gem feeling as if it was no less then the prying out of her heart that their sister had comitted.

    [21:55] Diomy Takakura watches and wondered what he would do if his sister were there.

    [21:56] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) with a strong hard push the gem popped out, falling to the floor, sheathing the dagger into his boot, he then pulls at the chain until it snaps and then bends the metal slab with the words forever on it, rendering the necklace useless and unrecognizeable

    [21:57] Diomy Takakura watched the jewel fall to the floor and hit with a "tink"

    [22:04] Diomy Takakura sighed, "M'lord, I must put my young one to sleep. I will prepare for my journey tomorrow."

    [22:06] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods "sleep well diomy, and kiss your little one for me"

    [22:06] Diomy Takakura grimly smiles and bows, "M'lord, m'lady. Sleep well"

    [22:06] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sighed and nodded looking to Diomy "Rest Well D Lady Diomy i shall see you on the morrow" she said managing a smile

    [22:08] Diomy Takakura slowly made her way out of the throne room to leave the castle.

    [22:12] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): sighed softly reachign up to rub gently at her temples before s drawing in a long deep breath steeling ehrself realizing there was something different about her visions She could not place why. she could see things cleary as ever but there was just something different .


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