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    The News reaches King's Landing


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    The News reaches King's Landing

    Post by Brigit on Sun Jan 22, 2012 12:27 pm

    [2012/01/21 15:28] Nikolaoc Kozlov: approaches and bows
    [2012/01/21 15:29] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks up and then stops her silent prayers as she senses a presence, looking over, she pushes to her feet, smiles nods respectfully, "Grand Maester, a pleasure to see you."
    [2012/01/21 15:29] Nikolaoc Kozlov: My queen i have had a raven
    [2012/01/21 15:29] Nikolaoc Kozlov: it is a message from the south
    [2012/01/21 15:30] Nikolaoc Kozlov hands the message to the Queen
    [2012/01/21 15:30] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) raises her eyebrows, "from the South you say?" she was all ears, "but the King is north, what news, Maester?" she takes the scroll and looks at it.
    [2012/01/21 15:31] Nikolaoc Kozlov: it concerns one of His Graces Knights
    [2012/01/21 15:32] Nikolaoc Kozlov: I am going to send a raven with this message to the King I think it would be well if Ser Jac could here it from the King
    [2012/01/21 15:33] Nikolaoc Kozlov: i assume the king is still at the Neck
    [2012/01/21 15:33] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) unrolls the scroll with the Maester's seal already broken and strains to read the hen-scratched words contained, "I see, well the Hand of the King must needs be informed, and Ser Jac will have to come to court to claim his right and his title." she nods, "as far as I know he is still in the north, yes."
    [2012/01/21 15:34] Nikolaoc Kozlov: Ser Jac is with the King commanding some of his calvary
    [2012/01/21 15:36] Nikolaoc Kozlov: I will inform Lord Clegane as soon as possible
    [2012/01/21 15:36] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shrugs, "who knows where they are, Maester Nik, its hard to say what stratigic positions the King may have sent him to, I cannot say," takes a breath, "I'm very tired, Lord Lorch came late last night with his horde," waving to the outter parts beyond the walls, "his new wife is the former Lady Thresia Stark of Winterfell." lifting her chin, "and she too is with a child."
    [2012/01/21 15:37] Nikolaoc Kozlov: Lord Lorch and a Stark woman?
    [2012/01/21 15:38] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) chuckles and nods, "I know its hard to believe, I was shocked myself, seems many things we don't expect come to pass, but I sent them into the guest room in the keep, that room that was the old rookery, its got a nice view and the maids cleaned it well."
    [2012/01/21 15:38] Nikolaoc Kozlov: I am amazed has Lord Stark bent the knee then?
    [2012/01/21 15:39] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shakes her head, "not that I'm aware of but I have had no word from the king in a long time, and it seems if our ravens are getting through at all they are getting no answers."
    [2012/01/21 15:40] Nikolaoc Kozlov: i will send this anyway
    [2012/01/21 15:40] Nikolaoc Kozlov: I thought you should know
    [2012/01/21 15:41] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods, "yes thank you, its news certainly," trailing off as she watches him walk out of the sept, but turns back to the statue of the mother and kneels again to pray.
    [2012/01/21 15:45] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) hears a clamour of boots, her prayers interrupted again, she turns to look and stands up, smoothing her skirts, she sees Lord Baratheon and a man she's never seen before, nodding respectfully, "M'Lords."
    [2012/01/21 15:46] Nikolaoc Kozlov: the bird is on its way My Queen
    [2012/01/21 15:46] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) enters quietly into the temple of the Seven where he had seen many men of the City watch gathered, knowing for certain the Queen would be there, and just as he stopped at the end of the carpet he saw her as well as the Maester. He bowed his head to both of them in respect.
    [2012/01/21 15:46] Nikolaoc Kozlov: good afternoon gentlemen
    [2012/01/21 15:48] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods to the Grand Maester benevolently, then she waited, something in the pit of her stomach sensed she had a feeling but she didn't know what it was and considered it must just be hunger. Had been hours since she had broken her fast, "is there a reason you interrupt my prayers M'Lords?"
    [2012/01/21 15:49] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) crosses his arms over his chest looking to Lord Baratheon
    [2012/01/21 15:50] Nikolaoc Kozlov: my queen i have some things i must attend to
    [2012/01/21 15:50] Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) nods respectful to the queen "Your Grace, i assumed you wanted the news of your husband as soon as i returned" his tone a bit hollow and empty as his eyes stay lowered
    [2012/01/21 15:51] Nikolaoc Kozlov: pauses to hear what the lord as to say
    [2012/01/21 15:51] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) rests an easy hand on Lords Shoulder before slowly stepping forward.
    [2012/01/21 15:51] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): My Nephew, Your King and Husband Aedan Targaryan, has been slain by my hand.
    [2012/01/21 15:52] Nikolaoc Kozlov staggers at this news
    [2012/01/21 15:52] Nikolaoc Kozlov: what are you saying?
    [2012/01/21 15:53] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): The King is dead, Grand Maester. ::he says removing hs handfrom Baratheons shoulder, knowing how it can tear a man apart having to deliver such news. And he wouldnt allow it to happen to a new aqauitence.::
    [2012/01/21 15:54] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) grabs for the nearest Queensguard, "NO! You lie!" she shakes her head, "I don't believe..." clutching to the guard as stabbing pains went through her from the depth of her to her heart, she bent over, clutching her stomach. "arrest him!" she screams the words.
    [2012/01/21 15:54] Nikolaoc Kozlov goes to the queen
    [2012/01/21 15:55] Nikolaoc Kozlov: My Queen to your chambers queicly
    [2012/01/21 15:55] Nikolaoc Kozlov: quickly
    [2012/01/21 15:55] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) searing pain overtakes her, "noooo" she cries, "it can't be so... " then clutching to the Maester, "I can't move..." she was bent and looked at the man in fury, "who are you?"
    [2012/01/21 15:56] Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) holds his hand up "I know not all the laws of our fathers yet, but the men at the camp comfirmed it was a fair duel between men, Your Grace"
    [2012/01/21 15:56] Nikolaoc Kozlov: how dare a man duel with his king
    [2012/01/21 15:56] Nikolaoc Kozlov: who is this man
    [2012/01/21 15:56] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) stands his ground as he slowly withraws a valeryan steel dagger, with a silver dragon head hilt and ruby clutched in its jaws. "This is the Dagger that ended his life, it belongs to me as it belonged to my father before me....Daegar Targaryen....I am Daegon a True Pure Blooded Targaryen..." nodding with deep respect ot the Lord at his side
    [2012/01/21 15:57] Nikolaoc Kozlov: That claim will have to be proven
    [2012/01/21 15:58] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) tears stream down her face, she heard the words and at the last all blackness overcame her.
    [2012/01/21 15:58] Nikolaoc Kozlov: quick carry the queen to the citadel
    [2012/01/21 15:58] Nikolaoc Kozlov: orders given to the gold cloaks
    [2012/01/21 15:58] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) suddenly throws off his half cloak allowing it to fall to the ground "Grand Maester, was it not you who pulled me from my mother? WHo would better know Rhaemya's children than their Maester who was the first to touch them and inspect them?
    [2012/01/21 15:59] Nikolaoc Kozlov: i am NOT maester Biggins who was here before me
    [2012/01/21 16:00] Nikolaoc Kozlov: If you call him to witness for you then send to Winterfell he is acting as Maester there
    [2012/01/21 16:01] Nikolaoc Kozlov: i am taking the queen to the citadel to tend her if you have honor then you will surrender your self to the Hand until this can be sorted out
    [2012/01/21 16:01] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) looks to the queen as she is led, a moment of bried sorrow for her before looking back to the maester "You have his journals here do you not? The Records of the Dragons born, it would be a crime to take something so important out of Kings Landing, Maester..." His voice deep and challenging.
    [2012/01/21 16:02] Nikolaoc Kozlov: leads the men carryinng the king to the citadel
    [2012/01/21 16:03] Nikolaoc Kozlov: lay her on the bed
    [2012/01/21 16:04] Nikolaoc Kozlov: and stand guard at the doors and DO NOT let those knights in here

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