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    Mourning Court


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    Mourning Court

    Post by Brigit on Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:56 pm

    [2012/01/23 08:06] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) turns, the queensguard ever present around her, she waits for them to move out of the way, "good day to you, Grand Maester."
    [2012/01/23 08:06] Nikolaoc Kozlov: my queen
    [2012/01/23 08:06] Nikolaoc Kozlov: i hope you are well
    [2012/01/23 08:07] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shrugs, "as well as expected, given the day and time, I suupose." motions out toward the court. taking a long breath, "I just want to get this over."
    [2012/01/23 08:07] Nikolaoc Kozlov: i understand
    [2012/01/23 08:09] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) rushes to sit on the Iron Throne as he booms, "Court may begin..."
    [2012/01/23 08:10] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) moves out to stand in her place, "yes I do suppose we should start with small matters until Daegon is present." looking over to the Grand Maester, "I trust you found the book, Grand Maester?"
    [2012/01/23 08:10] Nikolaoc Kozlov: takes his posiition to the right of the throne
    [2012/01/23 08:11] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) looks to the Grand Maester and nods, "Good morrow, Maester..."
    [2012/01/23 08:11] Nikolaoc Kozlov: my lord hand
    [2012/01/23 08:15] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) looks to the queen and back to Grand Maester Nik, glad he has someone to read for him
    [2012/01/23 08:15] Sandhi Warcliffe: looks at the fine dresses of the ladies
    [2012/01/23 08:15] Yseulte Mistwood: Quietly slips in to the courtroom hoping no one notices that I am a bit late.
    [2012/01/23 08:16] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) notices Lady Yseulte walk into the throne room and smiles, "Lady Yseulte, have you matters before the Throne?"
    [2012/01/23 08:17] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) clears her throat, speaks a bit louder, "Grand Maester ? I trust you found the book?" hoping he just didn't hear her and she wasn't being activly ignored in her inquiry.
    [2012/01/23 08:17] Yseulte Mistwood: Curtsies to The Hand--at least I think he's still The Hand--in a soft voice "No, m'Lord."
    [2012/01/23 08:18] Nikolaoc Kozlov: i have your grace it is here
    [2012/01/23 08:19] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) looks between the two, "What book do you speak of?"
    [2012/01/23 08:21] Nikolaoc Kozlov: a book of family historys my lord hand
    [2012/01/23 08:22] Nikolaoc Kozlov: it details births and deaths
    [2012/01/23 08:22] Nikolaoc Kozlov: to help us determine if the recent claimant has a case
    [2012/01/23 08:23] Yseulte Mistwood: Watches the proceedings, looking with concern at the Queen. ~She really should be sitting~ I think to myself.
    [2012/01/23 08:24] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) shakes his head, "I know he has a split lip..." He smiles to himself
    [2012/01/23 08:25] Nikolaoc Kozlov: my lord he has the purple eyes and t
    [2012/01/23 08:25] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks around the room, "I spoke with the old Septa, and she seemed to recognize him, Lord Hand, but I suppose you will want to question her yourself when Daegon finally appears?" shrugging and not knowing where the man is, keeping an eye to the doors, she spotted the woman hiding behind the dragon statue but didn't know her.
    [2012/01/23 08:25] Nikolaoc Kozlov: the hair of course is not visible
    [2012/01/23 08:26] Yseulte Mistwood: Frowning to myself, I look around wondering where this new "King" is. Surely he would not allow court to be held without him in attendance.
    [2012/01/23 08:26] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nods, "Yes your grace. I will question this woman to make sure we do not have a usurper..."
    [2012/01/23 08:27] Nikolaoc Kozlov: i have sent for maester biggins my lord but it is a long trip from winterfell and i ahve not heard any reply
    [2012/01/23 08:27] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods benevolently to him, "perhaps we adjourn and break our fast, last thing I feel like doing is waiting about this morning." she grumbles.
    [2012/01/23 08:27] Nikolaoc Kozlov: it was maester biggins that deliverd the child
    [2012/01/23 08:28] Sandhi Warcliffe: m' lords!
    [2012/01/23 08:28] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks over, "I understand the septa was his wetnurse also, M'Lords."
    [2012/01/23 08:28] Sandhi Warcliffe: May I speak?
    [2012/01/23 08:29] Yseulte Mistwood: Looks to the young woman I recognize from the market.
    [2012/01/23 08:29] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) turns to the woman to his right, "Please, speak your mind..."
    [2012/01/23 08:30] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) speaks clear, "come closer, young lady." motions her to the red carpet.
    [2012/01/23 08:30] Sandhi Warcliffe: I have come to ask for a license to sell my vegetables and some bowls of brown in the market place I am Dhi of Crossroads village
    [2012/01/23 08:30] Sandhi Warcliffe: kneels to the lords
    [2012/01/23 08:31] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) looks to the woman, "Where is this Crossroads Village, my lady?"
    [2012/01/23 08:32] Nikolaoc Kozlov: it is west of the city my lord
    [2012/01/23 08:32] Nikolaoc Kozlov: a small place with an inn and a sept and some shacks
    [2012/01/23 08:33] Ama Galaxy keeps her self behind a colunm not at all sure what this is all about but having gathered up courage crept into the hall
    [2012/01/23 08:33] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nods, "Dhi of Crossroads Village, you know King's Landing has a population of poor. I hope you do not come to try to take advantage of their coin and hunger..."
    [2012/01/23 08:33] Sandhi Warcliffe: oh no m lord i sells good vegetables and good stew
    [2012/01/23 08:34] Sandhi Warcliffe: and i even have melons
    [2012/01/23 08:34] Sandhi Warcliffe: and some honey
    [2012/01/23 08:34] Sandhi Warcliffe: and i dont charge much
    [2012/01/23 08:35] Sandhi Warcliffe: a copper only
    [2012/01/23 08:35] Ama Galaxy giggles having tasted Sandhi's stew whispers to the women who she recognises next to her.."it bee's gud stew allrigh but dont you's bee askin what bee's in it"
    [2012/01/23 08:36] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) hears the women whispering among themselves and snickers, covering her mouth and turns away from the throne as she does it as if she were coughing.
    [2012/01/23 08:37] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) looks to the queen and back to Dhi, "I suppose there is an empty stall in the marketplace." He looks to Maester Nik, "Maester, see about getting this woman a license for her wares." He turns to Dhi, "You have the license, but don't let us catch you robbing the smallfolk blind..."
    [2012/01/23 08:37] Yseulte Mistwood: Raises my hand to cover the smirk on my mouth. Dhi's melon slices refreshed me upon my arrival back in the city yestereday. I did not try her stew. whispers to the blonde woman from Lannisport "thank you for the warning......" then grins.
    [2012/01/23 08:37] Nikolaoc Kozlov: yes my lord
    [2012/01/23 08:38] Sandhi Warcliffe: on no mlord i will be honest and thank you
    [2012/01/23 08:38] Sandhi Warcliffe: backs away form the the throne happily
    [2012/01/23 08:39] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) takes a long breath, "looking about, there is a matter of my late husbands funeral arrangments that needs be atteneded to, Lord Hand."
    [2012/01/23 08:39] Nikolaoc Kozlov: a sad duty but needed
    [2012/01/23 08:40] Yseulte Mistwood: My gaze returns to the Queen and my heart goes out to her. The Seven have not been kind to her these last few moons. She is, indeed, a strong woman.
    [2012/01/23 08:41] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) turns and nods to the queen, not wanting to proceed, but knowing it was his duty, "What did you have in mind, your grace?"
    [2012/01/23 08:42] Ama Galaxy frowns ... License..she had never heard of having to have a license for selling stew before..and if a licence was needed for selling stew then was one needed for selling a night of pleasure, or worse just a quickie.."wat bee's all this about license" again her voice barly more than a whisper...."you's av to av a scroll to bee sellin stew?"..her face showing great puzzlement as she watchs Dhi head back with a lot of bobbing up and down..her ears pricking up on the word funeral..poor women she thinks..."is she needin a license as well?"
    [2012/01/23 08:43] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shakes her head, "I spoke to both His holiness the High Septon, as well as the elderly Septa and they indicated to me it was best to have a small affair, that there should be certain elements, but considering the nature of the death...." she trails off...
    [2012/01/23 08:45] Yseulte Mistwood: Glances at the woman next to me, trying to keep the smirk off my lips in the face of such a serious discussion as a funeral.
    [2012/01/23 08:45] Nikolaoc Kozlov: my lord hand here is the book i must go attend a sick person
    [2012/01/23 08:46] Nikolaoc Kozlov: bows and leaves
    [2012/01/23 08:47] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) takes the book and signals to Lady Yseulte, "My lady, please come stand with me. I need a reader..."
    [2012/01/23 08:47] Yseulte Mistwood: Arches an eyebrow as the Maester leaves, wondering what The Hand will do now with a book that he cannot read.
    [2012/01/23 08:47] Yseulte Mistwood: Blinks in surprise and looks about then approaches the throne. ~That answers that question I guess~
    [2012/01/23 08:48] Yseulte Mistwood: "M'Lord Hand"
    [2012/01/23 08:48] Ama Galaxy watchs the well dressed Lord pass over a book full of scrolls which she assumes must be the licenses, looks around Yse seeing that the poor lady has become over taken by her grief and stopped talking in a loud voice proclaims.."it bee a bit much demanding a poor widow bee avin to get a license to bury her other half"
    [2012/01/23 08:49] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) hands the book to Yseulte and smiles. He glances down at Ama and snickers, "She doesn't need a license. Lady Dhi needed a license to rent the stall. If you want to run whatever business you want out of your chamber, you wouldn't need a license..."
    [2012/01/23 08:51] Yseulte Mistwood: Thumbing through the book, I glance up at the blonde woman then back down to the book, burying a chuckle.
    [2012/01/23 08:51] Ama Galaxy frowns .as she ponders the words spoken, well at least she had saved the women from the indignity of pleading for a licence..."well mee's pleased you's agreed..mee's lord"
    [2012/01/23 08:52] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks about, back and forth between them, "tomorrow, My Lord Hand, in the afternoon, best to have a small affair, then?" she kept a stiff upperlip, "I wish to sheild Tristan from any unnecessary ... grief."
    [2012/01/23 08:53] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nos to the queen, "Small is best your grace. How is the young prince holding up?"
    [2012/01/23 08:55] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) arches an eyebrow, goes to say something and closes her moth, opening it again, her voice soft and guilt-ridden, "I haven't told him." she took an exhasperated breath and drops her eyes, "until its proven that this was a fair dual.. that this man who claims to be Daegon is... actually Daegon.. I think Tristan does not," she thought a moment pausing, "he can be spared the details, M'Lord."
    [2012/01/23 08:56] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nods somberly, "Probably a good idea, your grace." He turns to Yseulte, "Look in that book under Targaryen and see if you can find a Daegon..."
    [2012/01/23 08:57] Yseulte Mistwood: I keep my eyes on the book, biting my lip
    [2012/01/23 08:59] Yseulte Mistwood: ~~~ Looking ~~~~ slowly turning the pages since I have not seen this document previously.
    [2012/01/23 09:00] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) looks to Brigit, "Will you be makingg a guest list for the funeral, your grace?"
    [2012/01/23 09:03] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods, "no, but I think guards posted to only let immediate family in the sept when the nobles have their moments, and of course, we'll have to have a separate time for the smallfolk to.. pay their respects. I think also tomorrow, perhaps earlier in the day though?"
    [2012/01/23 09:03] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nods, "The earlier the better. That way people can drown their sorrows through the day ..."
    [2012/01/23 09:03] Yseulte Mistwood: After studying the book for a moment "m'Lord Hand. Daegon is one of six children born to Rhaemya and Daegar Targaryean. King Aedan's mother was Daegon's sister."
    [2012/01/23 09:06] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods haring the words, "so then, IF the man is indeed Daegon, its true then his claim to the throne surpasses my son's claim?" she looked over, "how can we be sure that he is in fact, Daegon and not an imposter, and where is the evidence that my husband was outwardly murdured by this man's hands?" her voice became stronger and stronger as she spoke the words.
    [2012/01/23 09:07] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) shrugs, "I do not know, your grace. Were there witnesses to this duel? Did Daegon know who Aedan was?"
    [2012/01/23 09:09] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shakes her head, "he never spoke of a Daegon, nor was I even aware of his existance until he and Lord Batheon came into the sept to tell me of the death of my husband. I do believe there were witnesses, among them Lord Baratheon himself."
    [2012/01/23 09:10] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nods, "We shall have to send for Lord Baratheon then..."
    [2012/01/23 09:11] Yseulte Mistwood: Studying the history a bit more................ Places my finger in the book to hold the spot and closes it, listening to the Queen. "Perhaps" I offer quietly "Maester Biggins will know of a birth mark that will positively identifiy him."
    [2012/01/23 09:12] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) narrows her eyes, "or the old Septa, I was there when she and he saw eachother yesterday. She did seem to recognize him, but perhaps she too should be brought before the court?"
    [2012/01/23 09:13] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) looks between the two ladies, "We shall question the two and get a positive identification of this man
    [2012/01/23 09:13] Yseulte Mistwood: "Aye m'Lord Hand."
    [2012/01/23 09:14] Ama Galaxy moves around the column further and listens intently deciding it is her best course to stay quite and see what information she can gain to profit from
    [2012/01/23 09:14] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods, "if you will pardon me, my Lord hand, I must needs go break my fast least I faint away as I stand here."
    [2012/01/23 09:15] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nods to the queen and booms, "Anyone else here have business before the throne?"
    [2012/01/23 09:15] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods respectfully and descends the stairs, going out then through the small council chamber.
    [2012/01/23 09:16] Yseulte Mistwood: Looks about the room but see's no one else coming forward.

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