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    Impromptu Small Council Meeting


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    Impromptu Small Council Meeting

    Post by Brigit on Wed Jan 25, 2012 8:47 pm

    [2012/01/25 07:36] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods to the Pyromancer, "good morning, Alchamist."
    [2012/01/25 07:36] Phantom Door Group Access: emmersonbiggins Resident is at the door.
    [2012/01/25 07:37] Frost Sarun (frost897) bow to the queen "Good morning, Your Grace"
    [2012/01/25 07:38] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) smiles her voice for once was clear this morning, "You are comming to court aren't you?" she asked with that 'you need to say yes' tone she used with Tristan.
    [2012/01/25 07:39] Frost Sarun (frost897) cannot help but smile as he felt glad to see the queen appear to be in good spirits "But of course, Your Grace" he says with a nod
    [2012/01/25 07:40] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) smiles brighter then, "good, I think its important you are there." she narrows her gaze, "many things are to be determined." she lowers her voice, "let me ask you something, hum?"
    [2012/01/25 07:41] Frost Sarun (frost897) leans close and nods again, speaking low as well "What would you ask, your Grace?" his curiosity piques at the sudden shift
    [2012/01/25 07:43] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks about, "you have the eggs, all of them? are they safe?" she would in her lowest whispers impart the words, "Tristan thinks they are his, and he wanted to show them to Daegon last night, to which I put the kabosh quickly but I'm afraid the little prince already let it slip there are eggs to Daegon." looking down.
    [2012/01/25 07:45] Frost Sarun (frost897) smirks a bit, and nods reassuringly to the Queen. "Fear not, Your Grace. I have them safe away, and none shall discover their location from my being." He gave a short bow "In my heart, they belonged to the late King, and now his Queen. I shall safeguard them until you have need."
    [2012/01/25 07:47] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods, feeling much better about them, "that's all well till you have a sword to your throat and the new King demands them. I'm afraid I would not want you to give your life to keep our secret. If such thing happens, you are to give them up, you understand? You are more valuable to me alive than dead." her grey-blue eyes let him know she was very serious in that.
    [2012/01/25 07:49] Frost Sarun (frost897) stares for a moment, a short battle in his soul lasted as he challenged his desire to serve the queen or his obsession of the late king's wish...in the end he nodded once more "As you wish, Your Grace." he replied, smiling softly to her. "If it comes to that."
    [2012/01/25 07:51] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods then, "good, so long as we understand each other. They intombed Aedan last night, and as yet his successor is unclear." she takes a long breath, "though I think I know what will happen, I cannot prejudge, the strongest will rule, as its always been."
    [2012/01/25 07:54] Frost Sarun (frost897) lowers his head for a moment, then looks to his queen. "I shall stay by your side through any challenges ahead, Your Grace" he declares with a nod
    [2012/01/25 07:54] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) motions, "lets move to the small council chamber, I need to see if the Mistress of Whisperers and the Maester standing in for the Grand Maester can also join us." she motions in the direction of the tavern.
    [2012/01/25 07:55] Wenna (arwenna.zsun) perked and lifted a little. "Maester is an ironman?" she asked, then glanced to the doorway of the Tavern. "Aaahh....Your Grace...."
    [2012/01/25 07:55] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) gold cloaks stayed their distance as she moved but she knew they would be right there should any need arise, she called into the tavern, "Wenna," nodding, "Maester Emmerson." also nodding, "we have need of you both in the small council chamber if you please."
    [2012/01/25 07:56] Maester Emmerson (emmersonbiggins) nods then turns on the bench to see where Wenna had been looking and dips his head as he stands slowly
    [2012/01/25 07:56] Wenna (arwenna.zsun) lifted a raven brow. "Mmmm me, Your Grace?" she placed a hand to her chest in astonishment.
    [2012/01/25 07:57] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) rolls her eyes, "yes you," chuckles, though few knew she was Mistress of Whisperers some did and now it was time that she imparted some of that wisdoom.
    [2012/01/25 07:57] Maester Emmerson (emmersonbiggins): lead the way your grace.
    [2012/01/25 07:58] Wenna (arwenna.zsun) wiped her hands on her apron and took it off, motioning her large boy, Tarm in charge and followed her Grace out.
    [2012/01/25 07:58] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) smiles and turns, an entire entrouge to follow her.
    [2012/01/25 07:59] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) was unused to sitting at the head of the table but this time she thought she probably should, and took a seat there. "please be seated, there are some matters of importance we need to speak of before court today."
    [2012/01/25 08:00] Wenna (arwenna.zsun) glanced about those in attendance and sat down quietly.
    [2012/01/25 08:06] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) sucks in her cheeks, "I brought you here this morning because you all have secrets and I need to know what you know in order to determine the best stance to take on these new turns of events. Maester Emmerson, you and that old septa are the only ones can identify wrether this man ... the same man who killed Aedan and thinks to superceed my son to the throne.. is who he says he is." she looked to the Maester and then continues, "Pyromancer Frost, we spoke, but your knowledge of things is going to be helpful here." and finally she looks to Wenna, "Wenna, only a few know of the position you hold but I need to know what you might know from your birds and spiders about this man."
    [2012/01/25 08:07] Maester Emmerson (emmersonbiggins) pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose "I'd have to see him to judge it your grace."
    [2012/01/25 08:07] Frost Sarun (frost897) looks between the Maester and Wenna after the Queen spoke, and then to her "I...am unsure as how my knowledge may help, your Grace, but I will do all that I can and speak all that you wish that I know." he says with a nod
    [2012/01/25 08:09] Wenna (arwenna.zsun) glanced to the two men, then to the Queen. "Of course Your Grace," she smiled then, slow and almost dangerously. "What would you know of him, Your Grace? His claim is said to be stronger than that of the Prince and your Late Lord Husband's. in claiming the throne."
    [2012/01/25 08:11] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) to Maester Biggins, "I understand Maester, also the court may wish to see that old septa who was his wetnurse, though I am unclear if that might have been some elaborate ruse. When I saw them in the sept together it seemed to me he was very defense of her when I spoke of it, saying to me not to speak as if she would lie. Do you know the septa?" nodding to Wenna, after looking to the Pyromancer briefly, "It is said he lived among the smallfolk and learned the seven kingdoms, he knows things I thought only you knew, such as about those eggs and there are other things too." she looks back to Maester Biggins.
    [2012/01/25 08:13] Maester Emmerson (emmersonbiggins) raises a brow at the mention of eggs "I do remember her vaguely"
    [2012/01/25 08:14] Wenna (arwenna.zsun) gave a soft chuckle. "your Grace....fire is the key to them...such was told to me upon their acquisition."
    [2012/01/25 08:15] Frost Sarun (frost897): do you believe he knew before coming here, Your Grace?
    [2012/01/25 08:16] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shakes my head, then nods to Frost, "he told Tristan last night he was there when they were hid on Dragonstone and there when they were brought forth... is that possible?" she was looking for any untruth she could prove to knock a hole in what at that moment she considered an ussuper to her son's throne. Murderer to her late husband. "if there is even one thing we can prove that's not the truth..." she trails off.
    [2012/01/25 08:17] Frost Sarun (frost897): it would bring his entire claim to question?
    [2012/01/25 08:18] Wenna (arwenna.zsun) frowned. "Your Grace....the eggs were attained from across the Sea....in the lands of heat and burning sands. NOt....upon Dragonstone. "
    [2012/01/25 08:19] Frost Sarun (frost897) nods "Indeed, and even our late King did not mention Dragonstone to me when we spoke"
    [2012/01/25 08:20] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) sighs, "maybe so, Wenna, but they had to initially come from Dragonstone, its the only place dragons laid their eggs, they might then have been shipped to Essos or beyond." she shrugs, "so then..." again she trails off.
    [2012/01/25 08:21] Wenna (arwenna.zsun) snorted."Not only Your Grace. The world is vast and most a mystery."
    [2012/01/25 08:22] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looked to the Maester, "according to the book I found in the library it was the only place, there is no record of any other place." sucking in her cheeks. "Are you aware of any other place, Maester?"
    [2012/01/25 08:22] Wenna (arwenna.zsun) tapped the table in front of her. "But I will tell you, Your Grace, that the stag Lord...and this one...Daegon, were within my Tavern but days before entering the King's camp...they are fast friends, Your Grace. "
    [2012/01/25 08:23] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) pulls out a scroll, "so then this... this sworn letter could be a ruse?" she flips the rolled scroll to the table."
    [2012/01/25 08:23] Maester Emmerson (emmersonbiggins) shakes his head "I've no knowledge at the moment but if he claims he saw them at dragon stone and Wenna claims they are from Essos, he would have to be very old"
    [2012/01/25 08:26] Wenna (arwenna.zsun) nodded. "Exactly....very old. And he is..." she gave a blush and throaty chuckle...."not old at all."
    [2012/01/25 08:27] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shrugs, "I'd say late thirties at best, but one could hold their age well and he may be older, but maybe not much."
    [2012/01/25 08:31] Maester Emmerson (emmersonbiggins) rubs his chin "if it is the Daegon I am thinking of, then yes thirties seem to be correct, but the last dragon eggs were gone more than 30 years back"
    [2012/01/25 08:33] Wenna (arwenna.zsun) gives a nod. "From what branch does this one sprout, Your Grace? He claims his is the rightful ass on the iron throne," she gave a soft chuckle.
    [2012/01/25 08:35] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks seriously to them all, "Daegons words exactly to my son were... 'I already know. I was there when they were hidden, and I was there when they were found.' " fills her cheeks with air, "he is the son of Aedan's grandfather. His claim actually would have superceded Jaeron's own claim had he come forth then."
    [2012/01/25 08:36] Maester Emmerson (emmersonbiggins): as I said to the grand maester I have some things I do wonder about"
    [2012/01/25 08:37] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) lifts her eyebrows, "well do say what those things are, Maester, please." blinking at him.
    [2012/01/25 08:37] Frost Sarun (frost897) looks to the queen. "He claims he was there when the eggs were hidden and found, can we put his claim of that to the test?"
    [2012/01/25 08:38] Maester Emmerson (emmersonbiggins): if he was there when they were hidden that would imply one of the other targaryen had them but the last record of eggs being in the family's possession was more than 30 years. He also has not stepped forth until just now yet as you said his claim would have over rided King Jaeron's claims
    [2012/01/25 08:38] Wenna (arwenna.zsun) snorted. "Does it matter? Egg or stone....they belong to Her Grace and the Little King."
    [2012/01/25 08:39] Frost Sarun (frost897) turns to Wenna "yes, but as a Targaryen, I doubt he would forget the colors of three dragon eggs he had seen...twice no less"
    [2012/01/25 08:40] Frost Sarun (frost897): "it is a gambit, but I will leave that as a suggestion, perhaps if things look to his favor, perhaps?"
    [2012/01/25 08:40] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) folds her hands under her chin, then flips the scroll again, "so this statement, sworn as it may be from Lord Baratheon? Can we dispute this? and can we really dispute any of this or is it wasted effort, is this man, going to come in and superceede my son, and have his way, regardless of what we do or say?"
    [2012/01/25 08:42] Maester Emmerson (emmersonbiggins): your grace, if he is targaryen, by law we cannot contend his stake to the throne. But he is a kinslayer and that would be the only thing I could consider using against him"
    [2012/01/25 08:42] Wenna (arwenna.zsun): as I said, Your Grace....the Lord is a friend of Daegon. Perhaps he will say anthing to cement his friend to the throne. But...what of the rest of the men of the King's company? His kingsguard? Do they say it was a fair duel or is he now a Kinslayer?
    [2012/01/25 08:43] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) grabs up the scroll, opens it and reads it, flipping it back, "well just like this letter I can find none who tell me it was not a fair dual."
    [2012/01/25 08:44] Wenna (arwenna.zsun): Duel or no, Your Grace. He is a Kinslayer.....would such a man sit the throne?
    [2012/01/25 08:45] Maester Emmerson (emmersonbiggins): fair duel or not it is hard to believe he killed Aedan with only a dagger when Aedan was trained by some of the best at swordsmanship"
    [2012/01/25 08:46] Frost Sarun (frost897): Dates may be important in this matter as well. When the Raven came, and when did our miss Wenna see the two men at her establishment, and if the words come from the lord Baratheon's lips or no.
    [2012/01/25 08:46] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) takes a long breath, "Aedan has his weak spots in that area, but I grant you he'd be hard to beat, that's for sure. I don't know that I'd use the word impossible." narrowing her eyes at no one, "I just need something anything that would prove his case false, though I don't really know if that would matter."
    [2012/01/25 08:47] Maester Emmerson (emmersonbiggins): just play up the kinslaying your grace
    [2012/01/25 08:48] Maester Emmerson (emmersonbiggins): and the fact that instead of bringing his claims to court he went and challenged his king to a sword fight in the middle of a war
    [2012/01/25 08:49] Wenna (arwenna.zsun) glanced to the pyromancer. "They wre seen days before they entered the King's camp...and after.....when returned to Kings Landing.
    [2012/01/25 08:49] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) taps her fingers on the table, "I don't know if that would really be enough to sway the Lords to our cause, and too, we have little by way of bribery we can use for these lords."
    [2012/01/25 08:51] Wenna (arwenna.zsun): well in truth he is a Kinslayer, your Grace. why would you need bribe with such truth? would Lord willingly follow a man who would kill his own blood? Nothing but ill comes from a man who would step over the bodies of his blood to sit a chair.
    [2012/01/25 08:54] Jerhicco Levane quietly takes a seat, hoping not to disturb anyone.
    [2012/01/25 08:55] Maester Emmerson (emmersonbiggins): I doubt Lord Lannister would support the man who killed his brother
    [2012/01/25 08:55] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shakes her head, "there is no law against it, only The Faith may rule on it, and His Holiness the High Septon." she looks down the long table at Lord Lannister... "ask him, Maester..." she motions.
    [2012/01/25 08:55] Maester Emmerson (emmersonbiggins) pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose "well by the seven, welcome milord"
    [2012/01/25 08:56] Jerhicco Levane shakes his head 'Such petty formalities. What did you need to ask me, Maester?'
    [2012/01/25 08:56] Frost Sarun (frost897) turns to see Lord Lannister and bows in his chair "Greetings, My Lord"
    [2012/01/25 08:57] Maester Emmerson (emmersonbiggins): well would you support a kinslayer and the man who killed your brother, or your brother's son?
    [2012/01/25 08:58] Jerhicco Levane nods 'Well of course I would. I'd support his chest against a chopping block, his kin against my blade, his name against my slander. I'd support him in all this and more.'
    [2012/01/25 09:00] Wenna (arwenna.zsun) smiled. "And so YOur Grace....he cannot take the throne. Such belongs to King Tristan, First of that Name. Give this one....command of the middens." she chuckled.
    [2012/01/25 09:01] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) chuckles, "that's a nice thought, but I'm not so sure all the Lords will agree that being so."
    [2012/01/25 09:03] Maester Emmerson (emmersonbiggins) leans back rolling the smooth wood of the staff between his hands "as I said your grace he claims to have seen the dragon eggs but they have not had records dealing with them for many years, test him with that of the colors of them"
    [2012/01/25 09:03] Frost Sarun (frost897) stiffles a laugh, glad someone else had caught on the idea he proposed
    [2012/01/25 09:04] Maester Emmerson (emmersonbiggins) tilts his head "as the pyromancer suggested earlier"
    [2012/01/25 09:04] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods, "but I fear that too will not be enough, we must rally the court to our side, this man must be proved false, beyond a doubt and his crimes must be either taken to the High Septon or judged by the lords, and my son must be pronounced king."
    [2012/01/25 09:07] Jerhicco Levane sighs and mutters softly 'Such petty formalities..' He glances down the table and clenches his fists, his voice loud 'To hell with the lords! Working around these damn rules will ruin all my brother has worked for...'
    [2012/01/25 09:07] Maester Emmerson (emmersonbiggins) stands slowly pushing the chair back "you will have to excuse me, I need to rest"
    [2012/01/25 09:08] Frost Sarun (frost897) nods "If he is proved in doubt, your Grace, then the Lords will question his claims, I should think. If there is any potential benefit Baratheon would gain by aiding his friend with false words and other acts of diluting the truth of the incident, then again there would be question." he nods to the Maester before he leaves. "If we can bring up so many doubts of this "Daegon" then he will have no solid right for the throne
    [2012/01/25 09:09] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) lifts her eyebrows and the nods to the Maester, "of course Maester." looking back to Aeron, "pray tell me what Aedan ever really worked for M'Lord?" she grumbled understanding the sentiment. "than you Wenna, please keep your ears open to what might be helpful."
    [2012/01/25 09:14] Jerhicco Levane nods solemnly at Frost 'Too much time. The longer we sit with no king, the longer we're a target.' He switches his focus to Brigit, cocking his head as he speaks 'What of you, good sister, what do you propose happen in the coming days?' He sighs heavily, attempting to shake off personal memories.
    [2012/01/25 09:16] Frost Sarun (frost897) ponders"How long would such a declaration take?"
    [2012/01/25 09:17] Jacrite Naxos: enters the council chambe and bows
    [2012/01/25 09:17] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shrugs, "depends, if succession is clear, then it takes no time at all, if its not .. it may take some time until both the council and the Lords can agree." she shook her head feeling rather defeated, "the strongest will rule, and .." looks up, "ahh Ser Jac, good of you to join us."
    [2012/01/25 09:17] Jacrite Naxos: i am honored My Queen
    [2012/01/25 09:19] Jacrite Naxos: nods to the the men right and left
    [2012/01/25 09:19] Frost Sarun (frost897) nods to the ser in greeting
    [2012/01/25 09:19] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods, "Ser Jac, what do you believe in the way of this man Daegon's claim to the throne?" she asked the question pointedly.
    [2012/01/25 09:21] Jacrite Naxos: Your Grace, besides his word, we have nothing that I know of besides his purple eyes to substatiate his claim unless there is more I have not heard
    [2012/01/25 09:21] Jacrite Naxos: Have the Maesters found any evidence one way or the other?
    [2012/01/25 09:23] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shakes her head, "no Maester Biggins is here and said he can identify the man, if he lays eyes on him, that much has been established. What say you to the charge of kinslaying in that he challenged Aedan to a dual?" she pauses flipping the letter of Lord Baratheon, "there is some who would doubt too this sworn statment from Lord Baratheon saying he and Daegon are fast friends."
    [2012/01/25 09:25] Jacrite Naxos: Looks over the paper . They are friends? Then the Stormlord should know something about this man
    [2012/01/25 09:26] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shrugs, "Lord Baratheon claims only having met him at the camp of the king for the first time, but Wenna... Mistress of Whisperers claims they were both in her tavern together just days before that."
    [2012/01/25 09:27] Jacrite Naxos: eye brow raises
    [2012/01/25 09:27] Jacrite Naxos: I find that interesting
    [2012/01/25 09:28] Frost Sarun (frost897): so I brought into question, ser, that the lord Baratheon may have some benefit in this Draegon becoming King
    [2012/01/25 09:28] Jacrite Naxos: The Baratheons are cousins of the Targaryens and many of them have the purple eyes of their ancestors
    [2012/01/25 09:28] Jacrite Naxos: I think we need to be very sure who this Daegon is
    [2012/01/25 09:28] Frost Sarun (frost897) raises an eyebrow, interested in this knowledge he was unaware of
    [2012/01/25 09:30] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks to Jac, "even so Jac, what about the charge of kinslaying, even and especially if he is Aedan's uncle???" she put her hand flat on the table.
    [2012/01/25 09:31] Jacrite Naxos: Killing of kin is a bad thing but not unheard of when families fight over land and thones
    [2012/01/25 09:32] Jerhicco Levane cocks his head to the side 'You're saying you condone this?'
    [2012/01/25 09:32] Jacrite Naxos: no
    [2012/01/25 09:32] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) sighs, "so to that it is very unhelpful then, and will not prevent him superceeding my son to the throne?"
    [2012/01/25 09:32] Jacrite Naxos: i am saying that I do not know what can be done
    [2012/01/25 09:32] Jacrite Naxos: the great Lords will finally decide I think
    [2012/01/25 09:33] Jacrite Naxos: it will boil down to who will support him and who wont
    [2012/01/25 09:33] Jacrite Naxos: The Lord of Highgarden is very ill and his son has not been clear to me where he stands
    [2012/01/25 09:34] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) burries her face below her arms, her hands folded at her forehead, thinking and finally moves them, "the question is ... who will not support him... not who will."
    [2012/01/25 09:34] Jacrite Naxos: As my liege lord I will have to follow him
    [2012/01/25 09:34] Frost Sarun (frost897): which is why I believe we should bring up these holes in the man's words, bring doubt to his claim by the facts that carve through what he says
    [2012/01/25 09:35] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks to Aeron, "your support for Tristan, Aeron is duly noted and carries much weight, I can I hope count on that much?"
    [2012/01/25 09:35] Jacrite Naxos: I assume The Lord of the Rock finds this man somewhat objectionable
    [2012/01/25 09:36] Jacrite Naxos: We KNOW the linage and birth of Tristan for sure
    [2012/01/25 09:36] Jerhicco Levane nods decisively 'Tristan is the rightful heir, that I'm certain of. The rest of this is....' he grits his teeth '...Mere formalities...'
    [2012/01/25 09:37] Jacrite Naxos: What we need to find out is what Lord Tully thinks and Lord Arryn
    [2012/01/25 09:37] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods, "rally your banners to our cause, M'Lord, we're going to need them." she stands, "I must now see to Tristan he took the news rather hard last evening."
    [2012/01/25 09:38] Jacrite Naxos: my queen i have advised the young Tyrell to prepare to call his banners but he is hesitant
    [2012/01/25 09:38] Jerhicco Levane nods 'I must return to Casterly Rock. I've got quite a journey ahead of me.' He glances around the table 'Send for me when the time is right.'
    [2012/01/25 09:38] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) grumbles, "Lord Tully, that worthless no account..." mutters, "I wouldn't count on his word for shoveling a stable."
    [2012/01/25 09:39] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) turns and goes up the stairs.
    [2012/01/25 09:39] Jacrite Naxos: bows as he Queen leaves

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