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    Turn of Events...


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    Turn of Events...

    Post by Brigit on Thu Jan 26, 2012 5:05 pm

    [2012/01/25 17:14] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) steps past the guards, brushing by them to open the door and walk into her son's room.
    [2012/01/25 17:15] LandonLeRoy Resident: nods the carpenters stole my swing set
    [2012/01/25 17:15] LandonLeRoy Resident: hearing the door open
    [2012/01/25 17:15] LandonLeRoy Resident: open Mother
    [2012/01/25 17:15] Anya Zackerly glances up from the window, making her way to Brigit and wraps her in a hug. "How are you doing?" she asked worriedly.
    [2012/01/25 17:16] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) hugs Anya, takes a breath not wanting to think about it all exactly, "it gets easier with each passing day." she smiles and looks around, then turns to hug her son
    [2012/01/25 17:16] Prince gives Brigit a big hug.
    [2012/01/25 17:17] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): smiles have something to each anya brought mmmm
    [2012/01/25 17:17] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks at him, and looks about, "some rearranging hum?"
    [2012/01/25 17:17] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): put them back
    [2012/01/25 17:18] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall): put them back? what are we putting back?
    [2012/01/25 17:18] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): Fire needs room oh Mother can you take the pink dog ummm I think fire might pop it
    [2012/01/25 17:18] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): they were helping me see
    [2012/01/25 17:18] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) picks up the pink dog, "and what did you want me to do with it then?"
    [2012/01/25 17:18] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): all the furniture was ummm upside down but Septa anya saw me fix it
    [2012/01/25 17:18] Septa Anya (anya.zackerly) nodded then, stepping back. 'He rearranged his room, and tried to shove himself out the window." she said wryly. "The boy needs fresh air, how long do you think it'd be before he's able to?"
    [2012/01/25 17:19] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shrugs, "he is free in the city, he need not stay in here." looks at her son, "did you think you had to stay in here?"
    [2012/01/25 17:19] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): Fire watches the pink poodle ready to play
    [2012/01/25 17:20] Septa Anya (anya.zackerly) nodded her head, flashing a smile "See!' she said cheerfully. then. "Um, you may want to tell the guards that, he also said he's only had oats and such for food."
    [2012/01/25 17:21] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) blinks, "Tristan!" laughs, looking to Anya, "Sister, do you think maybe he's five and maybe he was exaggerating just a little?"
    [2012/01/25 17:21] Septa Anya (anya.zackerly) knit her brow, scratching her head sheepishly. "I didn't think of that."
    [2012/01/25 17:22] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): smiles writing the story of the escape from the tower they told me Less wit you Mother even Maester Nikolas said only with my Mother
    [2012/01/25 17:22] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): theres talks and I hear them and I dont want to
    [2012/01/25 17:23] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) sighs, "yes there is talks and I know its kind of scarey right now, but remember, you're brave!"
    [2012/01/25 17:25] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): they do not give me enough from visage and vile vigile stuff and I'm not sure If I can do that Mother ...Lifts His teared eyes a slight I am Brave but Im ony sixish ask Me again about my braveness when im older
    [2012/01/25 17:25] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): but yes I Tristan Targeryn and brave
    [2012/01/25 17:26] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) sighs, "I know son, but listen, if the Lords determine you are king... Son.. you will be king, though you will have me always as regent," takes a breath, mutters, "something tells me that will not be the case however."
    [2012/01/25 17:27] Septa Anya (anya.zackerly) tilts a questioning look, but falls silent.
    [2012/01/25 17:27] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): I would nae ever let down my Father who at last died for what he can believe
    [2012/01/25 17:28] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) goes over and puts the pink poodle in an empty drawer, "I know Son, I know you won't."
    [2012/01/25 17:29] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) hears the guards, and watches the doorway. putting her hand protectively around her younger sister's shoulders.
    [2012/01/25 17:30] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) comes through one of the many hidden passages to stand behind his great nephew "How slow my Grea great grandfathers guards have become is astounding."
    [2012/01/25 17:31] Septa Anya (anya.zackerly) blinks in confusion, not being the brightest person in the world at times, until she heard a voice. She let out a shriek, holding her hand above her fast beating heart.
    [2012/01/25 17:33] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) sucks in her cheeks and looks to Daegon, "you do not have leave to come into this room!" she growls, though knew it would be impossible to stop him going where ever he wished to go.
    [2012/01/25 17:34] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) chuckled lightly at Brigit before he crouched down slowly by Tristans side. Looking at what he was doing "Tell me hatchinling, Do you have any who play with you? Any of your own age?"
    [2012/01/25 17:43] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looked from Daegon to Tristan and then to Anya, shook her head and said nothing, finally ansewred for her son, "yes he has Nova, but i think he thinks she has bugs or something cause he don't play with her much."
    [2012/01/25 17:44] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): Seens the Man from the night before studiying enough lip reading to know He is the Man that dueled with my Father
    [2012/01/25 17:45] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) chuckles lightly as he looks to brigit "Those of Targaryen Blood always have had mixed feelings about eachother."
    [2012/01/25 17:46] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): looked over from His drawing Greetings shall I call you Majesty or should you call me Majesty.......the oldest spurt that ever came from His lips unsure even really where that came from
    [2012/01/25 17:47] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): your Grace My Grace ow should it go?
    [2012/01/25 17:47] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks with wide eyes to Anya not really believing her son just said that and narly starts laughing.
    [2012/01/25 17:47] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) laughs a little as he sets an easy hand on Tristans shoulder
    [2012/01/25 17:48] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): Neither. We will never refer to eachother as the others better....::Risises slowly
    [2012/01/25 17:48] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): WHich reminds me, Where is my Niece?
    [2012/01/25 17:48] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): is there a reson you have come to my tower? do you search my Mother there she is do you search my septa there she is...
    [2012/01/25 17:49] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): you search of me? of all beings why
    [2012/01/25 17:49] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): your niece nova?
    [2012/01/25 17:49] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): Yes, Tristan. Daughter of my Sister.
    [2012/01/25 17:49] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): you leave her aot or else blows a lock from His fae
    [2012/01/25 17:50] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): haven seen her
    [2012/01/25 17:50] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) pushes my shoulders back, takes a breath, "I imagine Nova Lannister is where she belongs safe at Casterly Rock." she was still a bit curt, stepping closer to Anya.
    [2012/01/25 17:51] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) looks to Brigit, "And my Sister? Is she there as well?"
    [2012/01/25 17:51] Septa Anya (anya.zackerly) smiles sweetly. she reaches up, kissing her sister on the cheek. "I must retire for the day." she murmered softly.
    [2012/01/25 17:51] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): rest well septa
    [2012/01/25 17:52] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods to Anya, "I love you Septa Anya, you give my regards to Septa Lasetia, on your way then." smiles at her.
    [2012/01/25 17:52] Septa Anya (anya.zackerly) drops a curtsey before dissappearing throught the door. "I will, the seven bless you!" she chirpped
    [2012/01/25 17:52] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks back to Daegon, "yes I would imagine Daena is at Casterly Rock where she belongs as well."
    [2012/01/25 17:54] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): Wrong. She belongs here. How thick headed has my fathers counsil become? Or are you all stooping to thos deep depths to keep me from fulfilling my purpose?
    [2012/01/25 17:55] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): Mother
    [2012/01/25 17:55] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) rubs her forehead, hisses under her breath, "must you bring this up now? here? can you not bring it up where it belongs in court and not in my son's chambers?"
    [2012/01/25 17:55] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks over, lowering her hand, "Son?"
    [2012/01/25 17:56] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): May I go to My chair lets go come on Fire
    [2012/01/25 17:56] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) rolls his eyes as he moves to the passage from where he came.
    [2012/01/25 17:57] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shakes her head, "no Tristan, until its decided the succession it is not officially your chair. No, its best we don't go there tonight."
    [2012/01/25 17:57] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) sighs as she is not listened to, "typical five year old... I don't think I can handle him alone... I just don't he doesn't listen to me." she moves quickly down the stairs then.
    [2012/01/25 17:59] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) uses that motherly corrective tone, "Tristan, you need to start listening to me more... you did not hear a word I said, did you?"
    [2012/01/25 17:59] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): I did not hear Mother
    [2012/01/25 17:59] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) comes to meet themm from the counsel room, his eyes moving to Tristan upon the throne...his hands gripping and balling into fists tightly.
    [2012/01/25 18:01] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks over at Daegon motions, "what I said was, no that tonight was not the night for you to sit there. Tristan... until its decided the succession it is not officially your chair, and likly it won't be for a very long time... do you understand me?"
    [2012/01/25 18:01] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): but Father said sighs fine Fire doesnt like it any way
    [2012/01/25 18:02] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): violet eyes looking down as not to get into trouble
    [2012/01/25 18:03] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): its not even comfortable at all
    [2012/01/25 18:03] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks over, closes her eyes and opens them, "I know what your father said, Son." her voice was soft, "but things have changed. its rather undetermined... it has no reflection on you." looks over with that 'will you help here, please' look to Daegon.
    [2012/01/25 18:04] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) arches a brow "You want me to help you now, while behind my back to you try harder and harder to fight me?
    [2012/01/25 18:05] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): please please stop yelling at my Mother
    [2012/01/25 18:05] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks over at him, "pardon me?" she glares at him, "how is searching for the truth of things, fighting you?" lifting her chin, motions, "nevermind we'll solve that only in court, My Lord." looking back to her son, knowing this was difficult enough for him without Daegon adding things in her son should never have to hear.
    [2012/01/25 18:07] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): Searching for truth and searching for lies are two completely different things. " Frowns as he looks down to Tristan "Boy. You will listen to your mother, and do as she says or I will see to it your head is shaved and your tongue is cut out. DO we understand eachother?"
    [2012/01/25 18:09] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) reaches out her hand, "come Tristan, pay no attention to his threats, its obvious he's never been a father." looks at Daegon with daggery eyes, "come Son, I wish to see if Fire can keep up with Shadow." she smiles to her son. grumbling, "that was rather unhelpful." to Daegon.
    [2012/01/25 18:10] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): just walks from the room not understanding anything to visualie could sit in the chair if he bed my Mother hope the only breed daughters smile crossed His fae ..it cooI kinda like being 6 atm you got this..
    [2012/01/25 18:12] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) reaches down suddenly, grabbing the small boy by the hood of his cloak "Answer me, now. Do you understand?" his voice was cold and serious.
    [2012/01/25 18:15] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) taps his boot awaiting the boys answer
    [2012/01/25 18:16] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) yelps, turning thought her son was right with her and turns back to see him grabbed, "put him down this instant... do you not know what he's been through?" goes up the stairs that protective mother comming through, "so help me put him down or I'll shiv you right through, you'll wake up in the seventh of the seven hells, Daegon!"
    [2012/01/25 18:18] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): It would be a nice reprieve compared to what I have been through and what I must do! ::He he roared at brigit before turning to look at Tristan who he held with an iron grip "So help me boy if you do not answer I will see to it you never leave this hall."
    [2012/01/25 18:19] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) whispers, "best answer him, Son." she didn't know what else she could do, this man was in absolute contol she no longer had any way to fight him, on anything, the small council meeting today summed that up.
    [2012/01/25 18:27] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) finally drops the boy. Looking to Brigit "If you wish to remain Queen Dowager then you will stop oppising me at every turn...but your actions do require punishment. So. As of this moment, I revoke my word to you that Tristan will be my heir should I be named King....until he proves to me he is worthy of calling himself my Heir....When you are ready to talk, Go to your solar. I shall meet you there." And with that he turns and walks aaway, shouldering past brigit as he did so,
    [2012/01/25 18:28] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) yelps, gasps and looks past at him, panting, rather in shock at his words, she wondered then what she should do. Really felt like collapsing right there on the floor, looks down and just crumples on the red carpet glad there were no one to see her do that but her son.
    [2012/01/25 18:31] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) stops for a moment, looking back to Brigit with a smile "And I shall answer any questions you have for me."
    [2012/01/25 18:32] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks up, takes a breath and looks away. Wondering why she was so attracted to this man, how could she let herself be so? That was one question he wouldn't be able to answer, when she looks back again he was gone.
    [2012/01/25 18:36] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks back at her son, pushing herself up, speaking to the kingsguard they were not to let him out of their sight, she walked slowly out the antiroom and up the stairs to her solar.
    [2012/01/25 18:39] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) steps in, thinks she needs to perhaps be a bit submissive now, or face more of his wrath, she curtsies her best, "M'Lord." rising slowly.
    [2012/01/25 18:40] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) gAREs at her before moving to take a seat.
    [2012/01/25 18:42] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) takes a long breath, her mind yelling at her but her body then did something she had only done two times in her life, she knelt, "punish me if you must." her words soft she submits, though still her mind conflicted, thinking to do it for the sake of her son, and not caring about herself.
    [2012/01/25 18:45] Prince Tristan (landonleroy) shouts: good luck catching my tongue
    [2012/01/25 18:45] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) arches a brow before rising from his seat slowly and approaching her "And make you a martyr? A symbol for all those who rebuke me to rally around?" his hand suddenly reaches out and grips her by the hair before forcing her on her knees before him "I think not."
    [2012/01/25 18:46] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) takes in a long shuddering breath, saying nothing.
    [2012/01/25 18:48] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) pulls her back up before tossing her into the loveseat, his eyes moving over her body as his arousal rises "I should take you again, and again and again, as well as punish you...but.." smiles "I believe you would enjoy it too much."
    [2012/01/25 18:50] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) rights herself, looks up innocently, a coy smile crosses her lips, then she rubs them together looking at him uncertainly, "what will you do then?" her words just above a whisper.
    [2012/01/25 18:53] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): quietly pushed in the door
    [2012/01/25 18:54] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): Exactly that. I will punish you....By keeping my word. Tristan will not ever gain the throne for as long as I am king. This will only change if his mother happens to be wed to me."
    [2012/01/25 18:56] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): does not make a noise to announce Hs arrival bu the low growl of Fire announcing the Prince none the less
    [2012/01/25 18:58] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) gasps, sits back like she had been thumped in the chest with a hammer. Suddenly realizing her son was in the room, looks to the pup and then to her son, then up to Daegon. She had to think how could this happen, how could all this be so? Closed her eyes thinking maybe she heard that wrong, but then knew she did not. "I.. ummm... " takes another shuddering breath, grey-blue eyes meet purple ones, "you can't be serious." her voice full of shock.
    [2012/01/25 19:01] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): It will be the only way he can ascend to the throne, and the only way you'd ever find happiness and you know it. ::He then looks to Tristan and the dog.:: You know, as punishment I should cut fires throat and toss him off the highest roof of the red keep.
    [2012/01/25 19:02] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): tristan stepped in front of His fire oh no you will not
    [2012/01/25 19:04] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) gasps, closing her eyes, realizing she had no power in this room, none, even her son had more power in that moment than she did. Blinks, watching there was nothing she could say, it was up to them, and her hands were preverabally tied, if he was going to force her to marry him, and it appeared he was, that was exactly how it would be, knowing she would do anything for her son. She watches then to see her five year old son stand up to a man grown.
    [2012/01/25 19:04] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): why are you coming here why kill my father brundis my Mother and boss Me do you Know who I am?
    [2012/01/25 19:06] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): i am the rightful seat on the prickely chair and I know his because My Father Aden Targayren your brother told me so
    [2012/01/25 19:07] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): amd be it only bu guilding him in the gut for sake a duel reasoned you sussessor but Uncle I fear you were over passed by the Seven a
    [2012/01/25 19:08] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) suddenly marcched over to Tristan "Do you even know who you are?" Chuckles as the boy completely misunderstood the words he had been told "You are the son of a man who was the son of a Lannister. YOU are not a DRAGON and neither was your Mud Blood father. If I wanted you dead you would be. It is treasonous to assume the name of another family without being wed into that family."
    [2012/01/25 19:09] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) gasps watching and listening, the shock on her face mirroring the shock in her gut.
    [2012/01/25 19:10] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): just throws hands up ok fine throne yours your grace Ill learn as I must less you bed my Mother and Produce a favored ayr then ummmm yes when you ummmmmm bite it ill take over
    [2012/01/25 19:11] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): me n the dog will stay out of yout way what ever mud my Father slung it was slung well before your return
    [2012/01/25 19:12] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): Just like a true lion, to cower and give up in the presence of a Dragon. Iam done with you. ::Turns to look at Brigit:: Now nothing can make him heir due to his own cowardly actions."
    [2012/01/25 19:12] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): I shall yield the nobility no matter the runt
    [2012/01/25 19:13] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) stands up furious, "NO! he's a five year old boy, not a man grown... how dare you judge him as if he was grown."
    [2012/01/25 19:13] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) turns and glares "Boy or not, He would still have been king were I not here....He would have ruled as a man, so, he will be judged as a man."
    [2012/01/25 19:14] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): but you shall never replce my Father when your day is do I will duel you for what ever hainess spews you fortell I can ruel upon your mise yes MiLord Your Grace who ever
    [2012/01/25 19:15] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) blinks, "no! had you not been here, he would not be king, not until his just time, when his father ... " trails off, looked at Tristan, then back to Daegon, "you can't blame him, he's five!" she was shaking, shaking because she too really wanted to give in, she had given in, but yet she would fight for her son no matter what.
    [2012/01/25 19:17] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): I'm Prince Tristan Targaryen should those wish me the seat itt shall pass starting first with your just stops tristan babbles
    [2012/01/25 19:17] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) opened his mouth to reply to Brigit but then slowly turns as he hears Tristans Promise "Oh...very bad choice of words boy...." he says as he moves closer and closer to tristan
    [2012/01/25 19:18] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) blinks, "Your Grace, please," moves quickly laying her hand on his arm before he can draw, "please the boy just lost his father, he's emotionally babbling."
    [2012/01/25 19:19] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): doesnt even blink
    [2012/01/25 19:19] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) gets right between them and yells behind her, "run! run Tristan, run to Casterly Rock... take Shadow... now GO!"
    [2012/01/25 19:21] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) stops as Brigit touches him, but his burning violet eyes remain on Tristan "He is a spoiled and ungrateful little brat. Who will be delt with swiftly....and justly, by living his life as a---" Stops as brigit orders him to go, suddenly lashing out and almost slaping her but stops before he touches her.
    [2012/01/25 19:22] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) lifts her chin, "go ahead, Your Grace, you wouldn't be the first man to make me hide a bruise, go on do it!" she meets his eyes and does not waver, she had saved her son and that was all that mattered in that moment.
    [2012/01/25 19:25] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) suddenly grabs her throat and lifts her up off the floor "Do you want war to consume the realm? You couldve just guarenteed it. Now My sister and her husband will march here demanding my head and I will not be able to fulfill my purpose and bring a lasting peace, you fool!" his fingers tightened around her throat "Had you let me finish he would hae been taken to the Rock reguardless, and lived the rest of his life as a Lannister! But now, more people will die. All thnaks to your foolish assumptions about me, and your need for revenge!" Drops her to the floor as he shakes his head.
    [2012/01/25 19:27] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) gasps for air, staggering on her feet, coughing, looks at him, puts her hand to her chest, stammering, "you were going to kill him." she was sure of it.
    [2012/01/25 19:29] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): No. The only life I sought to take was that of Aedan Lannister. Not his son, not his wifes, just his. For the same kind of foolish, paranoia driven choices like the one you just made.
    [2012/01/25 19:31] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) takes a breath, turns from him, "I'm sorry, I suppose it was a rash decision but ... Aedan was always paranoid, always thought someone was out to get him, I suppose it rubbed off on me. How can it be fixed then now?" she looked to the door, perhaps her son had not been too quick to ride off perhaps he could be stopped still.
    [2012/01/25 19:35] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): By sending something that moves faster than him. But Aeron will not trust yout words as he will believe I forcved you to write them. ::Shakes his head slowly. then moves to sit:: I could care less about the Iron throne. Or the title. All I careabout is the realm. I serve the realm, as every King should....Not the other way around...::SIghs heavily.::
    [2012/01/25 19:36] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) strides out the door.
    ***at the stables***
    [2012/01/25 19:38] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) speaks to the guards, looking about, "Tristan, Tristan," her relief apparent, "come here son."
    [2012/01/25 19:39] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): I could not leave you
    [2012/01/25 19:40] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) crouches down, "you march your princely self right back up there, get on your knees and you beg His Grace's forgiveness, you tell him you didn't mean a word of it that you harbor him no malace." she shook him a bit, "hurry now."
    [2012/01/25 19:41] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): but but aww shucks what if he cuts out my tongue hes
    [2012/01/25 19:41] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shakes her head, "he won't I promise, trust me... go"
    ***Back in Brigit's Solar***
    [2012/01/25 19:43] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): your Grace?
    [2012/01/25 19:44] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) steps in behind her son, looking rather relieved.
    [2012/01/25 19:45] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): please forgive my outbursts there is not a bit of Malice in my actions towards you
    [2012/01/25 19:45] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) looks up at the boy, relieved his mother managed to catch him "I am not king yet." But bows his head nonetheless as the boy bows to him. "I believe we both said somethings out of anger...But nonetheless, whats done is done. You will named Tristen Lannister when the time has come. Then all will be forgiven."
    [2012/01/25 19:47] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) gulps, damn it all she did not want to hear that, "no, the High Septon named him Targaryen on his name day in the ceremony and you will not undo that." she was shaking again near in tears..."He's got Targaryen blood, he does." she knew very well she had no power here but she had to try.
    [2012/01/25 19:49] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) looks to Brigit "As the high septon undone Aedan Lannisters name amd Made him Aedan Targaryen? It will be done,...or perhaps Tristan Blackfyre is more suitable for you, hm?"
    [2012/01/25 19:51] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) covers her mouth and turns away. Closing her eyes, he had backed her into a corner and she had no choice in the matter, she closed her eyes, turning back she had to get one win in here regardless, "allright, you win," she relents, "but on one condition... that you never ward him out, he must stay with me til he is a man grown and marries.... I want your word," she looked at Daegon with wide grey-blue eyes.
    [2012/01/25 19:54] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): Agreed...But, he and you must borh must swear an Oath to me before the Holy Septon that the boy will never, upon pain of genocide of all his loved ones, ever raise a sword against me or my family. Understood?"
    [2012/01/25 19:55] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) laid a hand on her son's shoulder looking down at him and nods as if to tell him to agree. looking back up to Daegon.
    [2012/01/25 20:07] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) waits patiently
    [2012/01/25 20:09] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): agreed
    [2012/01/25 20:10] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): and Understood
    [2012/01/25 20:10] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): Good. Now go to your room, and get some rest. You start dancing lessons tomorrow
    [2012/01/25 20:10] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks from Tristan to Daegon, then back, "time for your bedtime, I'll be up to check on you after a bit, Tristan." she bends to hug him... "run along."
    [2012/01/25 20:11] Prince Tristan (landonleroy): night momma
    [2012/01/25 20:11] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall): goodnight my son

    Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed. -G. K. Chesterton

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