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    secrets in the night


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    secrets in the night

    Post by Brigit on Sun Feb 05, 2012 9:05 am

    [2012/02/04 20:30] Sonya Blackfyre (sonja713) knocks upon the Queen's door "Your Grace, may I enter?" she asks from without
    [2012/02/04 20:32] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) takes a breath, "come in Sonya." could only be her voice behind the door, there was no one else could sound like the brazen largish would-be woman knight.
    [2012/02/04 20:34] Shade (shade.silverpath) stands off to the side, as still as a suit of armor on display, though his eyes remain on the woman as she enters the room.
    [2012/02/04 20:35] Sonya Blackfyre (sonja713) steps through the door and starts to approach the queen with a smile, about to say something as well when she sees the armored man in the room. She stops immediately and reaches for her sword's grip with a snarl "who are you?" she asks sharply "You are not to be in here. By the Hand's orders only a select few are allowed in this chamber, and you are not one of those, I should think." she says, taking a step forward between the man and the Queen
    [2012/02/04 20:36] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) snickers, "easy Sonya those orders were lifted this morning by the King." she takes a breath, "he's probably going to join the queensguard... while you all prarade around in your finery trying to catch a maester and a former justice."
    [2012/02/04 20:38] Shade (shade.silverpath) said nothing, just watching the woman with a faint twitch at the corner of his mouth that was amusement. He had not even reached for a weapon or startled defensively. Even still, he remains silent.
    [2012/02/04 20:41] Sonya Blackfyre (sonja713) looks to the Queen, and releases her grip on her sword "Oh." She said, and stood up straight, looking to the man, noticing a twitch on his face that she knew all too well. She wasn't sure if she wanted to punch the man or not, but she would have to wait a bit before deciding on that. "Greetings then, sir. I am Sonya Storm of House Baratheon." She greets with a nod, stepping back a bit. "Well then...I've come due to your summons, Your Grace, is there something you need of me?" she asks, keeping her attentions cut to both the Queen and the man
    [2012/02/04 20:43] Shade (shade.silverpath) shifts his attention from the woman toward one of the narrow windows to entertain himself as it seemed the conversation was a bit of a bore to him. He had his arms folded and remains unmoving but the degree of his head and shift of his eyes.
    [2012/02/04 20:43] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks confused, didn't remember issuing a summons, thinks, "I did?" looks around a bit nervously, "yes well umm.. perhaps I did, what news of my son, Sonya?" she looked at her tilting her head back.
    [2012/02/04 20:52] Sonya Blackfyre (sonja713) furrows her brow for a moment, feeling confused as well, she was summoned, yes? she shook her head of anything like that that would distract her and smiled to the queen. "We have our horses ready to ride out to the King's sister's current livings, so we can get anymore information from there." she said with a reassuring nod and grin.
    [2012/02/04 20:54] Shade (shade.silverpath) moves, finally, pacing some to look down toward the way the other woman had appeared, at ease besides that.
    [2012/02/04 20:55] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) bites her lip, wonders how to thawart that departure until she can get off a message to Casterly Rock of paramount importance. "I see..." she said rather distractedly, "I'll be wanting to be informed when you arrive there... and ..and Sonya, if my son happens to be there... " she said quietly, "don't ummm... delay in bringing him here if you can... if you please me.... and I will see to it that you get that knighting you so desire." looking at her steadily.
    [2012/02/04 20:58] Sonya Blackfyre (sonja713) looks to the Queen as she speaks, noticing her troubled expressions, though makes no comment. Rather, she takes a step forward and kneels "My Queen, as I have sworn, I shall do everything in my power to swiftly bring the little prince into your arms unharmed." she says with great fervor. "Personal glory means little to me on this venture, I only wish to do what I can for you, your son, and the Kingdom." She remains kneeled before the queen, her hand in a tight fist and her eyes burning towards the floor
    [2012/02/04 21:02] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shakes her head, "no Sonya you missunderstand." winking at her, "my son's safety is paramount, but don't... ummm" pauses longer looking at Valirion, "... don't ... errr bring him... don't.. I mean to say," if you can, ..." rubs her lips together, "delay it..." hesistates wondering if the Mistress Whisperers spiders crawl the walls. "...delay." nodding then to her hoping she understands.
    [2012/02/04 21:03] Shade (shade.silverpath) turns to eye himself in the glass, rubbing at his chin as if uninterested in the conversation..
    [2012/02/04 21:05] Sonya Blackfyre (sonja713) raises her head and looks confused for a long moment. Why would the Queen not want her son to be with her? Wouldn't it be safer to have him in the Red Keep? unless...Realization fills her, as well as many questions behind the intruige. "I...will do what I can, Your Grace." she says, rising up and giving her a nod.
    [2012/02/04 21:06] Sonya Blackfyre (sonja713) looks back at the man, then returned her gaze to the Queen. "Also, one last thing, your Grace..." She said, raising a personal issue. "I am unsure of something, and wish to speak to you about it. It has nothing to do with the search, so I apologize for delaying my departure preparations." she says, nodding and rubbing her temple
    [2012/02/04 21:07] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods, "good Sonya, I'm counting on you," nods more takes in a shudding breath, holds her stomach and nods again, "speak freely, please, Valirion is to be trusted, I've known him all my life its allright, go ahead."
    [2012/02/04 21:12] Sonya Blackfyre (sonja713) looks to the one who now has a name to her, and nods, then turns back to the queen with a small smile. "Thank you, Your Grace." she says, relaxing a moment before bringing up her thoughts. "I was...wondering about this place, the castle, I mean. Before entering it, all seemed very well and normal, but as soon as I stepped inside the walls, I've been getting strange...well, feelings." She said, unsure how to explain it. "this must sound mad, I figure." She chuckles and shakes her head
    [2012/02/04 21:13] Shade (shade.silverpath): "It does sound mad." he answered her comment without invitation. His voice a rough gravel sound of stone rumbling against stone, pitched low. He turned to view the woman now in her cloak of gold and again looked amused.
    [2012/02/04 21:14] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks at her, arches an eyebrow, "there are things about this keep that are not apparent to the nakad eye, Sonya, don't let that trouble you, the only one I know who knows the secret passageways is the King, and he is very careful to never let anyone see how he comes and goes." she tilts her head, "there are many dragon skeltons about, that could be what you are sensing."
    [2012/02/04 21:16] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) motions Valirion closer, "come Ser, I wish you to meet Sonya Stone, from Strom's end, she would be knighted to the city guard soon or if she proves her worth to the King's guard even."
    [2012/02/04 21:17] Sonya Blackfyre (sonja713) turns to the man sharply, and snarls through gritted teeth, about to say something particularly offensive. She then halted at the queen's word, and turned to her. "That may be it, but..." she rose her hands up. "Ever since entering, I've been hearing this...sound, that keeps getting distant and louder as I walk around." She starts tapping the back of her hand with the palm of her other, in double succesions. "It almost sounds like a hearbeat." she explains. "And I followed it once, but all it led to was a solar that was locked, but it grew warm as I approached." She then finished her explanation and turned to the man, nodding in a second greeting that was a bit nicer than her last response to him
    [2012/02/04 21:20] Shade (shade.silverpath) comes up to stand close to the woman, tall and rather broad , moreso in the bulk of the armor. He used his height to loom into her person space with a grin. "Sonya.....Odd to see a woman who holds herself so out of fashion. I thought the capital would be rampant with those who were after the latest hair weaving or silk gown." he eyed her up and down, eyes still bright and bemused. "It's..refreshing."
    [2012/02/04 21:21] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) sits up, "speak not of it." she hisses, and instantly she knew exactly what the sound was, "you are hearing things.... the eggs are not in the keep, Sonya." narrowing her eyes, "and I will NEVER let him hatch them... NEVER." oh now she knew why the king was so willing to put the girl with platinum hair on the city guard and perhaps the kings guard, if Brigit wouldn't cooporate in hatching the dreaded eggs maybe Sonya would be... takes a breath panting, "if you like your life Lady, best know whose side your on." she said in a low and threatening tone.
    [2012/02/04 21:24] Sonya Blackfyre (sonja713) smirks at the remark made by Viserin, and shrugs "I'm sure it is, but I preffer the latest make of sword over dress, good sir." she states. Before adding anymore to the man, she turns to the Queen as she spoke sharply. She looked even more confused now, bewildered by the sudden change of tone from her explanation. "Ah...yes, your Grace." she said, keeping the shiver from her spine and standing straighter. "Well, I've kept you both long enough, I hope to see you again sometime, sir, perhaps even at the tavern to share a drink." she grins and starts for the door. Remembering her manners, she turned and bowed. "By your leave, Your Grace. I will keep you up to date about your son and the search." She says, and immediately leaves, walking away at a brisk pace down the hall.
    [2012/02/04 21:27] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks after the woman, "I won't have it Valirion, I won't let him do it... we have to save my son, save the kingdom from the eggs, no matter what it takes." shudding and running her hands up her arms as if she were chilled
    [2012/02/04 21:27] Shade (shade.silverpath): "She's an interesting one, M'Lady. I mean, 'Your Grace'. " he seems to enjoy teasing her about her new titles and trappings. "I never met the boy." he went on over to the portraits to eye the blonde boy in the center.
    [2012/02/04 21:29] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) sighs, looked for a moment pained, "I know but he's every bit the charmer, and... well there are some styling him King Tristan, when Aidan was killed... " rubs her lips together, takes a breath, "I .. I would have been among them but... " she trails off only to pick up again, "you know keeping my family safe is of paramount importance."
    [2012/02/04 21:31] Shade (shade.silverpath): "I know that's the general consensus. What's the reason again? Besides my own personal preference."
    [2012/02/04 21:33] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks up, blinking, "reason?" looking rather confused, "other than the king is a kingslayer and a kinslayer, and smoothe as a sheet of ice in a winterfell winter?" takes a breath, "they would that Tristan inherited the iron throne rather than it being reclaimed by an older Targaryen who would have taken precisidence even over Jaeron, Gods rest him."
    [2012/02/04 21:39] Shade (shade.silverpath): "They?" he turned and eyes the last portrait a bit longer before resting his gaze on her. "You shouldn't speak like this here...When is the wedding set?"
    [2012/02/04 21:40] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shrugs she didn't care, she thought herself untouchable even the king didn't deign to catch her when she fled then from him, rubs her lips together, "just over a fortnight, the 10th, Ser."
    [2012/02/04 21:42] Shade (shade.silverpath): "I could ...accompany the woman. Make sure she made the journey ... on time. We all know there are dangers on the road. Could be an extra sword could help make the difference to her safe arrival." he hinted at things though he said nothing directly. Implications speaking what he hid with words.
    [2012/02/04 21:45] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks pained thinking, rises from her chair, walking over to the desk rubbing up against his greaves, shakes her head, "no... I ... umm.. I think she's gona get the idea, she's not stupid... if she fails me..." looks over her shoulder at him, "well a hunting accident perhaps... but in the meantime... I think having you here, near me is as important, Valirion, if we can get you on the King's Guard, we can perhaps find out where those eggs actually are and ... well." lets her words trail off.
    [2012/02/04 21:47] Shade (shade.silverpath) reaches out to rest a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry. She was ugly, but didn't seem thick, witted. "
    [2012/02/04 21:48] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods putting her hand on his, grateful for the honest warmth of it turning, looking up at him, "there are not many I can honestly count on Valirion, most are either for this spider or that one, and none are true, they all will sting the other for power or gold."
    [2012/02/04 21:53] Shade (shade.silverpath): "I am honored to have your faith, your grace." He held his hand over her shoulder for a moment longer before sliding it out from under her hand. Turning to pace again, "I will be here as often as I am able. "
    [2012/02/04 21:55] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) turns, seeing Tully, takes a long steady gaze at him, then looked to Valirion nodding and walked to the corner of her desk, her eyes staying steady on Tully, "a moment Valirion, there maybe a plan forming." she clears her throat and motions Tully forward, signaling him to keep his voice down.
    [2012/02/04 21:56] Yoet had found the staircase and the outer entrance. It was big risk but it was something that he was going to do. He came to the door walking forward. "Queen Brigit." He said as he moved forward. "I came to say thanks. I was told that you were the one who had begged for my life when the king accused me of treason." He said.
    [2012/02/04 21:58] Shade (shade.silverpath) stood a looming bulk of muscle and meta off to the side, eyes watching out the windw, again with seeming little care about what was said.
    [2012/02/04 21:59] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) whispers, motions him closer, "we're all going to be killed for treason if we are not carefully, Tully." she quickly scribbled three words on a parchment, "MOVE HIM NOW" and put her personal sigil overshadowed with the sign of the twins, rolling the parchment up, "I need you to take this with all haste to Casterly Rock... and I do not need you to get caught doing it... if you catch my drift." looked over to Valirion.
    [2012/02/04 22:01] Shade (shade.silverpath) nods to himself, though it could have been the tempo to some song he'd had in his head.
    [2012/02/04 22:03] Yoet looked down at the paper that he was given. He would move his finger to the paper toying with it for a moment. Though, he knew he could gain no advantage out of this. "This will be the only favor you gain from me. After this we are even..." He said to her looking up. "When war does come...And it will you will be forced to choose a side Brigit. It will be either on that of your son or the man who has captured you." He said lifting the note and putting it in his pocket.
    [2012/02/04 22:05] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) her shoulders dropped, she looks at Tully with an exhasperated expression, "no don't you say that Yoet Tully, we've known eachother too long, you know my choice, and it is the same as your choice, take that to Aeron or Daena and Gods be Good please don't get caught." looking over to Valirion again, "Ser, can you help him safely out of the city?" adding, "the king has a constant watch on him."
    [2012/02/04 22:07] Shade (shade.silverpath): "He looks a bit uneasy on his feet. might be he could see a bit of a hand on his way." comments offehandedly. "Will you rest easily, your grace." turning to usher the man out.
    [2012/02/04 22:09] Yoet looked to Brigit as he would move towards a window looking out. He had finally gotten word at the tavern before looking towards the man in the queensguard. "It will be much easier now." He said as he could see the red glow in the rat alleys. "I was planning on leaving tonight and my distraction has finally worked." He said. "I have sent some of my men to burn part of Rat Alley." He said. "It should cause panic enough for me to slip out of the gates and away from watchful eyes." He said to Brigit.
    [2012/02/04 22:09] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) breathes easier with Valirion guarding Yoet and seeing him safely out of the city, together she was relatively certain they would make it unapprehended. she watches til the door closed and collapses into her chair in prayer.

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