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    Evangelin learns of the king's death


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    Evangelin learns of the king's death

    Post by Brigit on Wed Nov 23, 2011 12:14 am

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) walks up to her aunt. "hi auntie Brigit!"

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik): Hi uncle Aidan!

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) smiles to Evangelin and holds my arms out to her. "come give me a hug"

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) runs up and hugs her.

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik): do you like my new dress? Dear baught it for me!

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) pokes a kiss to the top of her head, brushing her hair back, "he won't answer you, he's holding vigil." looks at the gown, holding it her away and looking it over good, "its very nice." she nods.

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) was determined that little girls should never have to wear black and if she ever had a little girl of her own she wouldn't even own a black dress. Smiling to Evangelin, leaning down and whispers, "you can light a candle if you like."

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) smiles, not completely nderstanding, since she is just five. "okay. what one?

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik): "the maiden?"

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) smilles stepping up near the pillar where the king lies, taking a candle from the stack, she hands it to Evangelin, "here you might put this one."

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) takes the candle. she looks at Brigit to make sure it's okay to continue.

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) nods to her and points where she can put the candle, she notes the silent sisters comming in with flower arrangments

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) puts the candle where her aunt indicated and steps back next to Brigit.

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) silent sisters depart, and she turns to hold Evangelin's hand, "I'll be glad when all this is said and done."

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) nods in agreement. she points to the tiny covered body on the alter. "is that the King?"

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) nods, "yes," she crouches down, "you know he was in much pain, and now he's with the seven, what lays there is only an empty shell." as she brushes a stray blonde lock from the girl's forehead, "and when this is all over, your Uncle will be king."

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) nods, understanding as well as a little girl can. "and you'll be queen?"

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) smiles, tickling her, "I supose so." waiting for the giggles that were sure to come next. "shall we go see about Tristan, hum?"

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) giggles. "yes! can i maybe feed him again?"

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) nods to her, "you sure can," holds out my hand for her to take and as they start walking she glances back over her shoulder at her husband who hadn't moved so much as a stray hair. She worried for him then, but the need to see her son was all powerful, so she led Evangelin on out and up the keep steps.

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) took her hand, and as they were walking away, waved to the body of the king and to her uncle.

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) climbs the steps slowly, her skirt gathered in her hand, her other hand on the railing pushes open the door slowly, looks over to the crib, she had bathed, and put her black gown on earlier, now she just looked to her son. Going over to pick him up.

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) followed her aunt, al the way up the steps, tripping over her skit a few times untill she finally understood why her aunt held her skirt and copied he.

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) giggles, tickles the baby brings him to the middle of the room and sets him down carefully on the carpet.

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) sits about a foot from the baby's head, opposite her aunt.

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) smiles and rubs his bare back. "At least Tristan is healthy for that we can think all the seven."

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) nods in agreement.

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) shakes up a bottle and hands it to her. She was going to relish these quite moment with her neice and her son, someday she would look back and remember these times.

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) takes the bottle and slips the rubber end into Tristan's mouth.

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) watches as Evangelin feeds Tristan, gets up goes to the closet, it was time the boy wore clothing, she picks out a little dark outfit, cause boys could wear black, and brings it over, putting the little pants on, trying not to disturb his feeding as she puts the little doublet on him, slipping on the little slippers last.

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) watches as she does this

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) smiles, "he matches me."

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) smiles. "yes he does."

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) watches as he rolls over, then lifts his head and looks at Evangelin. She just smiles, "he likes you."

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) smiles big. "i still think he's tiny, but i like him too."

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) scoops the baby up, "lets take him down, I think its safe he needs to see his daddy."

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) nods and stands.

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) descends the stairs extra carefully, making her way to the sept

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) steps up quietly, lays a hand on her husbands shoulder lightly as to not startle him.

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) stands behind her aunt and uncle.

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) looks up and smiles "I heard you as you entered" he stands up slowly and stretches "I've not left JAeron's side.."

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) nods to him, "I know," she turns so Tristan would lift his head and see his father. "I brought two someone's to see you."

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) waves at her uncle

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) smiles and looks to tristan then crouches down slowly opening his arms as if to hug "c'mere niece"

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) runs and hugs him.

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) hugs her tightly and sighs holding his other arm out for Brigit and their son

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) steps into his arm, nodding just glad they were all together, "I want to ... I want to adopt Evangelin, I want her to be ours always."

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) chuckles "well Aeron and Daena are traveling still..."

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) kinda looks at her aunt. "what does that mean? adopt?"

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) sighs, "well send a decree and make them come back and ... and agree then, or .. something." she ruffles their neice's hair, "it means that we would be your parents instead of Aeron and Daena... well they will always be your real parents but we would be your parents too."

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) looks confused. "so you'd be my mommy and daddy?"

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) nods "in a legal sense yes" he stands up looking down to her

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) nods. "and Tristan would be my baby brother?"

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) smiles and nods "you're right, you'd also be a princess."

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) smiles. what little girl wouldnt want to be a princess?

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) smiles, "off to bed with you Evangelin, you have much to do tomorrow with Septa Anya... can you find your way?"

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) shook her head

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) smiles, "I'll walk with you then," looks to her husband, "back soon as I tuck her in."

    Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) looks over to Jaeron then to Brigit and to his niece "rest well munchkin"

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) follows her aunt. "i will. Bye!"

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) smiles, walking her up the steps and to the stair.

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik): okay

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) helps her into her night clothes and sees her into the little bed, tucking her in and kissing her forehead, "its all going to be fine." she smiles reassuringly.

    Evangelin Lannister (heidrun.riaxik) nods and smiles. she snuggles down on her bed. "goodnight."

    Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) blows out the candles sets the guard to the door and makes her way back to Baelor's Sept.

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