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    A Surprise In The Great Room Part 1

    Sandy Lannister

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    A Surprise In The Great Room Part 1

    Post by Sandy Lannister on Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:55 pm

    Sandy Lannister smiles as she notices Jorah speaking with the girl from court last time. She smilesand steps closer. "Good day, Jorah....." she smiles over at the girl.
    Ginevra Lannister "I know that by telling you this, I might take a ... risk ... but of course you are aware that I am the only remaining Lannister of the Lannisport branch ... and I do not intend to renounce my ... " She stops in the middle of the sentence when she sees someone is approaching ..." she seems to feel a little more comfortable now ... "I have gold enough, kind sir, my family has left me with ample supplies, but I thank you for the offer, and shall not forget it"
    Jorah Algood turns and bows to them both "ou'll both have to excuse me now, I need to get packing for storm's end"
    Ginevra Lannister she turns to see the lady she has already met in the audience chamber on the night of her arrival ... a Lannister cousin!
    Sandy Lannister watches Jorah walk away and turns her attention back to the woman. "Nice to see you again...."
    Ginevra Lannister smiles and nods ... she lets her gaze wander over the other Lannister girl's face, body and gown, but not in an offending way "I am very pleased to meet a familiar face again ... I have seen so many strangers here, and this place is very large. My name is Ginevra
    Sandy Lannister smiles "Ginevra....lovely to meet you. I am Sandra.....or Sandy for short." She grins "I'm sorry if i interrupted you and Jorah....."
    Ginevra Lannister steps closer and smiles warmly ... "My family called me Ginnie for short ... yet I haven't heard anyone call me that since my brother died last year ... " Her face darkens a little, then she brushes the shadow away ... "You haven't disturbed the kind sir and me ... you may have heard that His Grace decreed Sir Jorah to watch over me
    Ginevra Lannister "He was about to leave to pack anyways"
    Sandy Lannister nods "Oh...I'm so sorry for the loss of you brother. I too have just recently discovered both of my brothers died..." She sighs lightly and nods about Jorah. "...he seems to be very kind. I was able to speak with him a few days ago."
    Ginevra Lannister gives Sandy a compassionate look ... "I am deeply sorry, dear Sandra, I understand how you must feel! Yet ... how come you have only recently heard of your loss?"
    Sandy Lannister sighs "I was in the Sept studying with Septa Lesation and....learning ...all that i was told to learn. I suppose it was overlooked to tell me.....their only sister." She shrugs "I hated hearing of the loss......I have some memories of my brothers....but not many. I was sent when I was 14 summers." She grins back at the girl "...but it is good to be near family again."
    Ginevra Lannister listens closely to Sandy's tale, wondering how many more stories have been ... forgotten ... She shrugs lightly, then smiles "Yes, Sandy," and she approaches a step closer, taking the other girl's hand just for a moment, if she allows it, and squeezes it lightly .. "Yes, 'tis good to see a Lannister here. Our fathers were brothers, were they not?"
    Sandy Lannister looks down as Ginnie takes Sandy's hand and smiles back at her. "Yes, I believe so...um my father was Rowan..." She grins..." i remember a little of him. I was told my mother is still alive but.....she is in seclusion most of the time......and last night......" She stops and takes a breath, happy to have someone else to talk to "Last night..i made an amazing discovery with the Queen."
    Ginevra Lannister deepens her smile, as she senses Sandy's readiness to share her thoughts and a little of her story ... when she holds her hand, she feels the hint of calluses from what might be swordplay - her elegant, yet strong hands remind her of her brother's hands and grip ... she notes it, but doesn't comment
    Ginevra Lannister : "What discovery, sweet cousin?
    Sandy Lannister lowers her voice "Last night.....the queen asked if I burned .......she put my hand in the flame of a candle and it did not hurt!!" She bites her bottom lip "What do you think that means? How is that possible?"
    Ginevra Lannister listens intently ... her eyes on the young girl in front of her, when she comes to the point where she talks of the flame, her eyes narrow, and she inhales quickly ... "You did not burn? And how was it that the Queen had this thought in the first place?" She studies Sandy's face as she eagerly awaits an answer
    Jorah Algood walks back up and looks between the two women "I'm back, and I'm packed up as well"
    Ginevra Lannister looks up from her conversation "Packed and ready to leave? Is the king sending you?
    Sandy Lannister shrugs and goes to answer "I don't know......I..." She hears Jorah and stops speaking "Hello Jorah. "
    Jorah Algood nods "to storm's end with me on some unknown business"
    Ginevra Lannister "Will the Hand stay, or accompany you?
    Sandy Lannister stays quiet as she listens to the two converse.
    Ginevra Lannister casts a sideway glance at Sandy and gives her a little smile
    Jorah Algood shrugs and sighs "I was given no information only that I am to go to storm's end"
    Ginevra Lannister "And so probably also no word on when you shall return ...
    Jorah Algood nods "I wish I knew but, I only do as I'm told by his grace.. sometimes.."
    Sandy Lannister smiles at Jorah's joke and clears her throat
    Ginevra Lannister nods in a somewhat solemn way of sorts
    Jorah Algood looks between the two "but if either of you encounter trouble, it's but a day's ride or so I hear so send a raven as soon as you need and I can arrange for something. Some of the lionguard will be joining here in king's landing soon"
    Sandy Lannister looks over at her cousin and smiles with a slight nod back towrds Jorah.
    Ginevra Lannister sighs, smiles and curls some golden locks around her finger playfully "I have heard the most amazing stories here in King's Landing ... So I heard that you have served Lannister Lords before you came to join the King, or are those rumours?" She plucks a few petals from her rose and watches then drift to the ground, with her pretty lips pursed
    Jorah Algood chuckles "my family had served the Lannister family for many years, through the great ones and not so great. I served Tyros Lannister, though never met him personally"
    Ginevra Lannister "My brother ...
    Ginevra Lannister: "He was rash and brave and willful ... loved well and by some hated well ... The matter of his death has not yet been fully brought to light ..." and her former playful voice for a moment is hard as stone, before she smiles again
    Jorah Algood smiles "he was a great man, he worked hard to ensure the safety and well being of his family and banners.. I hope that this tristan will do as good a job once I am forced to give it up"
    Sandy Lannister looks over to her cousin and gives her a smile.
    Ginevra Lannister: "Many years will pass before that ...Sweet cousin ... who told you to study in the Sept - was it your own idea and decision?
    Sandy Lannister bites her bottom lip. "It was a decision made for me. You see at 14 I was a bit unruly and....well my parents thought it would be best if i went to learn prayer....." She shrugs thinking to herself how even then she still longed for adventure. She purses her lips together in a sweet smile.
    Jorah Algood nods and looks back to Ginevra a moment "and if the queen tries to force you into the sept again, I want you to send a raven to me in storm's end"
    Sandy Lannister looks between them both "Again?"
    Ginevra Lannister "And there is no Lord Lannister at the moment, but a child ... Who is not yet of age, and not for long ... How convenient to have Lady Sandra and myself praying in the Sept ...
    Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) nods "I will handle their graces if neither of you wish to joint he sept I will fight to ensure yo don't have to
    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie): "Oh ... " she tilts her head, assumes her sweet smile again and shrugs ... "Her grace has only advised me ... and if truth be told, I would rather think it is the Septa ... A strange old woman, not unwise, and sees much ... and very close and ... loyal to the King's house
    [16:48] Sandy Lannistersmirks and nods "Yes...I am very close to Septa. She watches over me........like a hawk." she mumbles the last bit.
    [16:50] Ginevra Lannister chuckles, then turns serious again ... "I thank you, Lord Algood, for your words ... And I shall not forget
    [16:50] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) looks around then speaks in a quiet tone "it is a dark time for the Lannister family and I am as devoted to the Lannisters as I always have been. Rest assured we need to stick together and put our heads together to ensure the survival of the Lannisters"
    [16:50] Sandy Lannisternods at her cousin and Jorah. "That is a good plan."
    [16:51] Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie): "As for myself, I do not intend to forsake my wrldly possessions ... which - by chance - would be a castle at Lannisport ... And my sweet cousin should not be forced to choose a life of prayer and quiet over more - adventurous sorts ..." she quickly glances at her cousin's strong hands and remembers the muscular grasp of her hand
    [16:53] Sandy Lannister lowers her gaze as her cousin speaks and a smirk forms on her lips. SHe looks over and gives her a nod. "I have already had words with the King. I asked that I would not care to join the Sept but to remain in his court.....he has allowed me that." She says happily.
    [16:53] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) nods to them both and smiles "just know that although I do serve his grace that does not stop me from helping the family I have served my whole life"
    [16:56] Ginevra Lannister looks at the man warmly and speaks in a hushed dark voice ... "and please be assured that neithe I, nor ... " she glances at her cousin .. " my sweet Lady Sandy will ever forget what loyalty means
    [16:56] Sandy Lannisterlooks at her cousin curiously and then looks back to Jorah with a grin.
    [16:57] Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie): "The man Clegane ... is he lost?
    [16:58] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) frowns and shrugs "I don't know... I don't even know if he'd be willing to assist us or not, he was an old friend of mine"
    [17:00] Ginevra Lannister nods ... "I would not know, I have never met him ... be also was a friend to Snady's brother, wasn't he
    [17:01] Sandy Lannisterlooks to Jorah. "Yes please tell me, was he a friend of my brothers Jorah? I like to hear all I can of my brothers."
    [17:01] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) smiles a bit "he was indeed one of Aidan's best friends, Aidan gave him his own lands and the title of Clegane"
    [17:03] Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie): "Do you know him, Sandy?
    [17:03] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) stops and looks to the king bowing "your grace"
    [17:03] Sandy Lannistershakes her head and is about to speak when she sees her Uncle approach. She bows and smiles "Hello Unc.....err Your Grace."
    [17:03] Ginevra Lannister looks up and bows low moment later
    [17:04] Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie): "your Grace"
    [17:05] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) arches a brow as he comes upon the three, folding his arms over his chest as he looks upon them. Men in Black and Red Armor surrounding him today, rather than the Kingsguard... "And what are you three conspiring about?" He asks in a joking tone
    [17:06] Sandy Lannisterclears her throat "Jorah was just telling me of my brother..and his friends." She smiles
    [17:06] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) smirks and returns the joking tone "oh your grace we're going to overthrow all of the kingdoms, one halfman, and two woman!" he shakes his head and laughs again
    [17:06] Ginevra Lannister rises slowly, trying for a smile, but looks a little insecure ...
    [17:07] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) looks around and whistles "wow they werent kidding when they said the place was a city" he looks around rather in awe at the structures and everything running his fingers through his hair as he looks towards the houses and would blink two of which dwarfed the others in size
    [17:07] Ginevra Lannister looks at the men at arms, wondering at their different apparel and notices a man in green behind them
    [17:08] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) arches a brow "A man and two women have overthrown the kingdoms before, Lord Algood....or have you forgotten your history?" He asks with a smirk, patting his friend on the shoulder gently
    [17:08] Brigit Targaryen the stomping of booted feet preceed her and follow her though her feet make no noise in her slippers she pauses at the top of the stairs.
    [17:08] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) scratches his head "but that was a tall man with two dragons your grace, not a humble halfman"
    [17:09] Sandy Lannistergives a small laugh as she hears her uncle joke with Jorah.
    [17:09] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) he had just arrived to uphold his dutie to the Tyrell family if his uncle were to pass he recieved the letter from his late cousin and came to see the city he would be upholding the house of Tyrell someday in
    [17:09] Ginevra Lannister ventures a shy smile and speaks in her soft low voice ... "I have been very glad to meet my sweet cousin, the Lady Sandy here, my Lord King
    [17:09] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): Three actually, And Aegon was notably a little shorter than average men. ::He replies before looking to his wife and Queen and offering his hand to her. "My love."
    [17:10] Brigit Targaryen continues down the stairs taking the King's hand when she came near enough to it, "did I hear you refer to yourself as humble, Lord Algood." snickers.
    [17:10] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) turns and looks to the queen bowing to her as well "your other grace"
    [17:10] Ginevra Lannister curtseys to the QUeen, as she steps down
    [17:10] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus): am I not humble your grace?
    [17:11] Sandy Lannistergives the queen a curtsy and smiles
    [17:11] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) chuckles lightly before nodding to the Lannister girl and smiling to his Niece "It is good you are both making friends so quickly. Good friends are hard to come by these days....."
    [17:11] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) looks to the crowd of people and would move in to get closer
    [17:12] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): ::Miles Tyrell is stopped as he comes closer, by Black Armored Knights with Red Dragon Heads etched in the breast plates of their armor.::
    [17:13] Brigit Targaryen nodding to them one at a time only after she had herself given a slight pregnant bob to her King Husband, then looks over to Jorah and in response just arches her eyebrow and smiles, turning looking to the young man in what appeared to be the sigil of house Tyrell. "come closer." becons him.
    [17:13] Sandy Lannistersteps on her tip toes to see this man the Queen beckons.
    [17:13] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) raises his eyes up and would slowly back down from the knight in armor then looks as hes beconed and stepped closer and bowed to the lady "greetings ma'lady"
    [17:14] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) nods to the Knights in Black and red armor, as the Queen speaks. They move out of the way allowing the Tyrell man to pass.
    [17:14] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) lifts a brow "she's a bit more than a lady"
    [17:15] Brigit Targaryen tilts her head, and smiles benevolently squeeses her husbands hand wrapping it about her, "I'm cold today, my Husband, I come out for my walk about, the Maester says I can still do that." letting Jorah handle the courtsies that the Tyrell seemed to be lacking.
    [17:15] Ginevra Lannister lets her eyes wander over the young man, who so informally greeted the Queen ... wondering if he knows her
    [17:16] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): Lord Algood speaks the truth. ::He says to Miles as he wrapshis arm around his beloveds waist, holding her close before turning to look into her eyes "As you wish my love. Would you like me to join you today?"
    [17:17] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts): /m e would keep his head bowed till told to raise it this wasnt his hold "your grace I come from the Port Town where i have been sheltered till i could come and serve as my families next heir if my uncle the current head of Tyrell becomes unable to uphold the family"
    [17:18] Ginevra Lannister raises her eyebrows, as she listens, while she smells at the rose, just like the rose that Lord Tyrell has given her a few days ago
    [17:18] Sandy Lannisterlistens quietly as the new man speaks of where he comes from.
    [17:19] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): ((Did....did a lannsiter just sniff a tyrell? LMAO))
    [17:19] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts): ((hmmmm sounds sketchy indeed your grace lol))
    [17:19] Brigit Targaryen nods to him, "I would like to lean on your arm as I waddle about very much, my King." smiles the looking back to the Tyrell furrowing her brow, looking to the King he would she was sure sort out the Tyrell house as he needed to. "Perhaps I will forgo my walk and just lean on your arm, my Love."
    [17:21] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) would keep his head bowed he wasnt told to raise it and had been formally taught not to do so less told to his back hurt a little but that wasnt going to let him shurk his formality
    [17:23] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) just listens in not speaking sneaking a glance to the Lannister women then to the king and queen
    [17:23] Ginevra Lannister glances at the Queen - she seems stronger today, but still exhausted ... it must be her time soon, ... admiring how regal she upholds her body and how royal she looks ... perhaps in mimickry the young girl straightens herself as well, turning her gaze back to the younger Tyrell
    [17:24] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) smiles to his beloved and nods "Whatever you wish my Queen." Before turning to the Tyrell and arching a powerful brow "No one has of yet come to claim themselves as Lord of Highgarden."
    [17:24] Sandy Lannistertilts her head without realizing it as she listens to this Tyrell person. She smiles at the queen and then remembers last night andlooks at her hand again. Still wondering how that was possible.
    [17:25] Ginevra Lannister is very much interested now, as the king has started speaking of claiming the title of Lord of Highgarden ... how will the Tyrell react, she muses?
    [17:25] Brigit Targaryen pulls on the King's arm, "might we all go inside where it is a bit warmer, Your Grace? I could do with a bit of tea and..." trails off the Maester said lay off the lemoncakes but that was what she really wanted.
    [17:26] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) looks up from his bow and passes the letter to them "the letter is in the hand writting of my cousin and sealed with the seal of the Tyrell house"
    [17:26] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) smiles warmly as he looks to the Lannister woman then to his Queen, noting how the other girls looked to her as a role model, then nodding to his beloved before slowly taking the letter from miles "Let us continue this conversation inside the Great Hall."

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