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    Surprise In The Great Room Part 2

    Sandy Lannister

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    Surprise In The Great Room Part 2

    Post by Sandy Lannister on Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:57 pm

    [17:28] Brigit Targaryen gathers her skirts and with the king's assistance ascends the dias beside him, turning then as the Hearld announces the court.
    [17:28] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) notes the banner behind the throne and steps a bit closer squinting slighty, for some reason he begins to feel nervous looking at it, he licks his lips and sighs stepping back from the dais now
    [17:29] Sandy Lannisterfinds a spot in the great room to listen, she hears her cousin walk behind her. She grins when she finds her standing next to her and looks back towards the Tyrell person.
    [17:29] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) walks hand in hand with his beloved into the great hall which was adorned on the walls with the Skulls of the Dragons his Ancestors rode. Turning to face the others as he slowly sat down into the Iron throne, forged by Balerions Fire from the swords of the Fallen. Looking to his Queen to make sure she was comfortable before continuing.
    [17:29] Ginevra Lannister stares at the three dragon heads on black and red, then turns her gaze to the king in his black garments
    [17:30] Ginevra Lannister obviously gains comfort from the presence of her newly found cousin, standing close to her
    [17:31] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) would step forth and kneel politely before the king and queen "your grace" he would keep speak in a poetic voice and waits for him to be addressed
    [17:31] Brigit Targaryen smiles to the King, turns again, and is seated, streightening her skirts she motions for the maid to bring her hot tea, the tongueless maid departs quickly and sitting up she listens to the words of the hearld and the court.
    [17:33] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) smiles to his beloved before turning to look to miles, "Speak what it is you wish for your King to hear." He says as the Kings Guard take their positions on both sides of the red carpet while the Knights in black and Red armor take positions along the edge of the dias.
    [17:35] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) notes the change in armor the kings guard in one area but these new men in black and red armor nearer the throne and raises a brow he looks up to the banner then down to him his unease beginning to get greter for some reason
    [17:35] Ginevra Lannister waits for the Tyrell to speak, and looks around, feeling like in a war-room ... her gaze alwys returning to the king on the iron throne
    [17:37] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos) enters the throne room and bows to the king and queen and takes his place silently
    [17:38] Brigit Targaryen notices too the change in the King's guards, how their faces were unusually grim today, and these new guards nearer the throne, really she thought nothing of it. Her husband had a mind to do as he wished they were all his men. She noticed the look on Jorah's face though one she had never saw him wear before, as the doors open the hearld announceds, 'Lord Commander Meadows." she looks over at him as well. Then casting her gaze back to the Tyrell who knelt on the carpet.
    [17:38] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) "I am Miles Tyrell i was born to blood of Tyrell by my uncles brother in the Port town I hail from my cousin sent me that letter before his passing and had it carried to me i come to uphold the Tyrell family if the current head falls that being my uncle"
    [17:39] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): ::Jac would have been stopped by Knights in Black and Red Armor until they saw the Armor he wore. They would then allow him to pass and take his place on the Dias as Lord Commander of the Kings Guard.::
    [17:40] Sandy Lannistersmiles as she see the Commander and gives a little wave, wondering if he sees it. She quickly puts her hand back behind her.
    [17:43] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) nods to Jac as he is allowed to take his place before looking down to the letter and opening it, reading to himself carefully before looking down to Miles "I know not the inner workings of the Tyrell, I do not know how you all choose who is next in line to Inherit Highgarden. Nor do I care. I have waited nearly a month for your Uncle petyr to seek an audience with me and request to be recognized as the new lord of Highgarden. I will wait no longer. Lord Miles Tyrell, is it your wish to be recognized by the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms as the True Heir to Highgarden?"
    [17:44] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) looks up to the king "it is your grace" he said this with a serious tone that couldnt very well be easily denied its true way
    [17:46] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) licks his lips and wonders to himself if anyone noticed the guards, the banner then a thought striked him of the banner just above the gates now he swallows stepping back looking from the Tyrell to the king litening close to hear what will happen
    [17:47] Ginevra Lannister holds her breath ... she watches and listens closely ... what will happen next? Will the young man surpass his uncle? Will the King grant him Highgarden? What has Lord Petyr omitted ... she quietly lets the rose slip from her fingers, without taking her eyes off the king
    [17:47] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) looks over to his Queen whos hand he still held gently. He smiled slowly before bringing her hand to his lips and kissing it gently before looking back to Miles "I will confer with my Queen for a moment." He says before looking back to his beloved wife "What do you think my love?" He asks her in a quiet tone.
    [17:48] Sandy Lannisterstands quiet and still watching the events of the Tyrell unfold.
    [17:49] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) would hold his head in bow and would not raise his voice till the judgement of his ambition was set to the wheel of fate
    [17:49] Brigit Targaryen looks to the man still, then finally takes her eyes off him long enough to meet her husbands violet eyes, "Does he live up to his house's honor? Does he know its history? Will he govern Highgarden and its lands well.. he seems very young." her words were whispered to her husband and for his ears only.
    [17:52] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos) watches the young man
    [17:52] Sandy Lannisternudges her cousin and whispers "Well Ginnie? What do you think? Perhaps that is your future husband." She giggles a bit quietly.
    [17:52] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): Good question and observation my beloved. ::He replies to her in a hushed tone before looking back to Miles "It is in question as to whether or not you know the History of your house, and will be able to do bring honor to its name, and if you are even.....stable enough to govern such properly."
    [17:54] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) looks up to the king and would speak in the poetic voice he had been raised with " a man doesnt come with certinty of anything he comes to do what is right and i know my family well enough to know whats needed and of stability well a man grows stronger every day it doesnt kill him doesnt he"
    [17:55] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos): chuckles
    [17:55] Ginevra Lannister is distracted by her cousin's words, but only for a moment, she rolls her eyes at Sandy ... then observes the Tyrell's reaction to the king's position
    [17:57] Brigit Targaryen laughs softly at the Tyrell's words rubbing her ever larger baby bump, She must look as if she would burst at any time. Shrugs and looks to her husband, then to each of the court members in turn, but she said nothing else.
    [17:59] Sandy Lannistercatches her cousin's eye roll and lets out a laugh, but covers her mouth quickly, not realizing her voice echoed in the room.
    [18:02] Ginevra Lannister whispers to Sandy "If both were given the same task to prove their worth to the king, who would you think would be the victor?
    [18:03] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) he would rise and would bow with respect "thank you your grace " he would stand carefully and would feel his body had gotten stiff from kneeling for so long and would pop the stiff ness out as unnoticably as possible
    [18:03] Brigit Targaryen watches curiously as the Septon steps up, it was not the High Septon, and she thought she caught a glimpse of red and black beneath the white robes. She looked over to her husband.
    [18:04] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos) watches the strange septon and fingers the hilt of his sword
    [18:05] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) looks over to note the red and black beneath the robes as well and frowns slightly looking away from the throne, something was going on and he could feel it he just couldn't tell what it was
    [18:05] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) feels someone had snuck up behind him blinking as he looks behind him and blinks not as well versed on what was going on here so had the wisedom enough to keep his mouth shut
    [18:07] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos) moves more to the center of the steps
    [18:07] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) watches closely as the Septon approached, he motioned for the Black Armored knights to step out of the way. The Septon approached slowly and silently before bowing low and placing the box down at Daegons feet before stepping back until at the bottom of the dias. He bowed his head once before walking backward to the midpoint of the carpet once more. Daegon looked down, picking up the box slowly before looking over to his beloved with an arched brow. "A surprise from you my love?" He asked curiously.
    [18:07] Ginevra Lannister watches the whole scenery and notices how the Lord Commander and the King's advisor seemed to feel uncomfortable ...
    [18:08] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) looks around and slips to the side quietly and would have to be careful he was aware that
    [18:08] Brigit Targaryen shakes her head, "no my Husband, I've never seen that box before."
    [18:09] Sandy Lannistertilts her head again watching what is going on. Wondering what is in the box.
    [18:09] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) turns back noting the box he stood on the tip of his toes to try and get a peek, he frowns again unsure of what's happening
    [18:09] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos): your grace be careful we dont know what is in that box
    [18:09] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) turns to the princesses and steps quietly back and would pull his assigned flower as was the Tyrell way his was the white rose
    [18:10] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos) calls you "you septon who are you and what is this box?
    [18:10] Ginevra Lannister frowns and wrinkles her pretty brow ... who was the septon and what was in the box? She casts a sideway glance at the young Tyrell, as he positions himself close to her cousin and herself and decides to move a small step
    [18:11] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) opens the lid slowly, inside something was covered with a silk white cloth and ontop of it all was a note with a seal pressed into it. Daegon arched a brow as he looked upon the seal for a moment before slowly breaking it and reading what was written inside. For those who were close enough they would have been able to see that the letter was not written in the common languahe. Or any other truly recognizable language for that matter.
    [18:11] Sandy Lannisterfeels her cousin move away. She looks to the man standing next to her and smiles, turning back to the scene.
    [18:12] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) he had the flower made into a charm to keep with him the flower didnt wilt while in his postion he would keep it close and would hold it to his heart and would pray silently that he was ready and wasnt going to back away from his duties
    [18:13] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): ::The Septon looks to Lord Meadows "I am but a servent to the will of the GOds, come to deliever a gift to the True King of the Seven." TGhe old man replies as he bows to Lord Meadows.::
    [18:14] Brigit Targaryen grimaces, and squints she could see the wax appeared to be very old on the letter, and when it was opened she leaned closer to look at the hen-scratch lettering, not recognizing the language but a mass of swirls and what seemed to be symbolic lettering. Her eyes flash to her husband but something in her sensed danger as well. "What is it?" she whispered.
    [18:14] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos): use caution your grace it might be dangerous
    [18:15] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) looks to the princesses knowing he likely wasnt any older then they or probably not by much a great mark he would rock back and forth on his heels it was a noticable habbit and he stopped immediatly before it became to much
    [18:16] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) eyes widened and his hand that once held his Queens hand suddenly reached up and gripped his chest as he began breathing quickly, as if at a loss of breath. His whole body tensed suddenly as he leaned back into the Iron throne trying to calm himself, but was thus far unsuccessful.
    [18:16] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos): your grace are you alright?
    [18:17] Sandy Lannistersteps forward "Uncle?!" she calls out, not caring about formalaites at this point.
    [18:17] Ginevra Lannister make a litttle start ... "What is going on ??"
    [18:17] Brigit Targaryen watches him concerned, nearly comes off her chair, "do you need a Maester, Love? what is it?" her eyes wide and fearful.
    [18:17] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos): if he is harmed by that gift septon you die
    [18:17] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) blinks and looks as he thinks was this a stroke....he heard that alot of stress can cause this
    [18:18] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) raises a brow as he watches he wouldn't get to do much and if all the people rushed or started panicking it would only cause chaos so he looks around and clears his throat "I think it best you all wait in the antiroom for a bit"
    [18:18] Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie): "Hold the septon!" she cries out
    [18:18] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos) signals to the door guards to close the door and hold the septon
    [18:19] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) would look to the scene feeling useless but shook his head trying to stay strong he couldnt look weak in front of the princesses it definetly drop him more then he wanted
    [18:19] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) manages to calm himself long enough to throw off the vale that covered the contents of the package. He quickly gazed upon it, seemingly awe struck, before suddenly slamming the lid shut before any others could see what was held within. Daegon clutched the case to his chest tightly before rreaching over and holding his Queens hand, looking to her with a large excited smile.
    [18:20] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos): are you alright your grace?
    [18:20] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) blinks and would feel himself relax then he would feel his heart beat oh he wasnt gonna have one of thouse was he... shook his head and straightened out
    [18:21] Brigit Targaryen smiles back rather confused, and wanted to return his excitment but didn't herself see what was inside that silk cloth, only something black and long was all she could tell. "my King?" she asked confused.
    [18:21] Ginevra Lannister holds her breath ... "A dragon's egg .. " she whispers ... "Can this be a dragon's egg ...?" I would somehow explain the strange gear and garments ...
    [18:22] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) blinks "erh dragon egg?" looks to the princess this was not a very well reached subject to him not sure why a dragon egg would cause that reaction
    [18:23] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) looks around, more uneasy than before things not adding up the black and red banner above the gate, the one behind the throne, the armored guards in black and red, now this strange septon and the box. Jorah looks down to think over everything, try and piece it all together. Just what was the king up to
    [18:23] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) nods slowly to Lord Meadows before looking back to the Septon, and in a ritualistic voice, said to him the following "You may return from which you came. You have done what has been asked of you, and will be called upon again soon, to complete your service." Before turning back to his Queen and nodding "I am fine my love." before arching a brow and looking to Miles and everyone "THe Dragons have been gone for a long time. Were it a Dragon egg I assure you all, a septon would not have been entrusted with it."
    [18:23] Ginevra Lannister realizes she has not only thought but spoken and bites her lip ... it would be too wild to be true anyways, wouldn't it ...
    [18:24] You decline Spring Dew Gown Set Vendor art from A group member named Bee Dumpling.
    [18:24] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos) signals the guards to let the septon leave
    [18:24] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) wanted to make an out burst of what was the reaction for but held it back as hard as possible
    [18:25] Brigit Targaryen her lip quivers, she knew it was no dragon egg, he already had three, "My Husband, who sent this gift?" asking quietly hoping he would just tell them or show them what it was.
    [18:27] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) leans down and kisses her hand gently, still clutching the case to his c hest "The answer will be made known to you when the walls have less ears, my beloved Queen."
    [18:27] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) would cling tight to his white rose broach the wax ipped flower was made to never wilt but kept its petals from drooping aswell
    [18:27] Sandy Lannistersnaps her fingers and sighs "Oh pooooh." she says out loud.
    [18:27] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos) relaxes now that he is assured that the king is in no danger
    [18:28] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) feels his stomach and it growls abit realising it had been awhile since he ate and the ship didnt provide he would sheepishly glance about
    [18:29] Brigit Targaryen furrows her brows, nodding to him, sitting back then quietly but when her eyes met Jorah's she tried to convey her concern to him in some unspoken way. Too, she tried to read his mind on the matter, he was obviously as perplexed with the current events as she was.
    [18:29] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) snaps his fingers and points to the note which had fallen from his grasp, one of the Black Knights quickly rushed over and picked it up, and anyone who had looked at it while it was there, would have noted the seal on the note that was pressed into the wax, was a three headed red dragon, the Sigil of House Targaryen.
    [18:30] Ginevra Lannister looks away from the dais now, at her cousin, then Jorah ... finally to the Tyrell, who has been fidgeting quite a while as if he also felt uncomfortable - no wonder to her, as she has heard no final decision of the king on the matter of Highgarden
    [18:30] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) had noted the sigil in the wax, so many thoughts but still nothing connected. He'd have to ask around to see if anyone knew anything first the unexplained reaction to the chest now the seal
    [18:32] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) feels his stoamch and ponders getting something to eat would be his next motion he blinks looking around and straightens up and slips his hands behind his back quickly and tries to look formal harder then it looked on a stomach that was empty
    [18:33] Brigit Targaryen caught a glimpse of the seal herself, and her mouth fell open as if to say something and then closed. Who but the King would have that seal, and why? Looking out to Sandy her mind suddenly enlightened her, the Septa! Looked over to the King with no words on her tongue but silent unbelief in her eyes. Abruptly she stood, hissing at him, "You still believe you can do this thing?" shakes her head gathers her skirts turns in fury, pushing men in black and red out of her way as she makes her way to the antiroom.
    [18:34] Ginevra Lannister stares after the Queen
    [18:34] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos) watches the queen leave
    [18:35] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) notes the queens reaction and it adds another piece to the puzzle. He licks his lips once more concentrating hard o nthe facts he had not even enough to make an assumption at this point
    [18:35] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) looks to the nobelwomen beside him and would wonder to invite them to show him where he might get some food but thinking about that and the queens reaction blinking alot then would relax
    [18:38] Ginevra Lannister looks up to the king again ... waiting for his reaction or sentence ... she feels it was foolish to assume something like dragon eggs would still be about, and yet ... but still something has happened, something noone here at the foot of the steps seems to fully grasp ...
    [18:39] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) stands slowly before suddenly shouting "Draconis Legion!" As oon as he did the Black armored knights all stood at attention. "Secure the doors once everyone is gone." He commanded before looking over those who had gathered "You are all released. Now, please excuse me, as I need to have words with my queen."
    [18:40] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos) bows to the king and begins hearding people out the door
    [18:40] Brigit Targaryen heard the order but was blocked at the stairs as she tried to make her escape out them. "Get out of my way!" and they wouldn't move for her this time.
    [18:40] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos): let us leave
    [18:40] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) nods and would look to the noblewoman and motion that he would be in the nearest taver filling his stomach and heads that way
    [18:40] Ginevra Lannister glances at Sir Jorah, then follows the Commander's words
    [18:40] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos): lord jorah lets go
    [18:41] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos): i believe this is a family matter
    [18:41] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): The kings guard were even being escorted outside
    [18:41] Brigit Targaryen pushes the guards and it was like trying to push stone, spears crossed blocking her path... "I command you to let me pass!" and still they were unmoving.
    [18:41] Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie): by the door she turns back to look at the king once more as he stands with his Dragon Guards ...
    [18:42] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) he would itch his scalp looking back and forth then takes in a scent and follows it
    [18:42] Ginevra Lannister looks at Sandy and raises a brow
    [18:43] Sandy Lannisterlooks back to her cousin. "Well then."
    [18:43] Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie): "I suppose we better leave ... "
    [18:43] Sandy Lannisternods " Yes I suppose so......"
    [18:45] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos): ladies i believe we are not needed here
    [18:45] Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie): "Aye, I will call upon a maid to bring me some hot water to my quarters ...
    [18:46] Sandy Lannisternods at her cousin. "Rest well cousin."
    [18:46] Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie): "Have a good rest ... she kisses her cousin lightly, embracing her ... Farewell, Lord Jac
    [18:47] Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie): "Please give my regards to Lord Algood, should you see him, Sandy
    [18:48] Sandy Lannisternods "I will, Ginnie"
    [18:48] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) steps out after being forced out he shakes his head and looks to the lord commander, he wanted to speak but what would he be able to say. Something in king's landing was off, what was the draconis legion
    [18:51] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) rubs his temples and looks between them ""I'm just... I uh... um.. good evening"
    [18:51] Sandy Lannisterlooks back at the COmmander. "What do you make of all this, Commander?"
    [18:56] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) notes the lord commander's silence on the matter then looks to Sandy "perhaps later you and I could exchange some words lady?"
    [18:57] Sandy Lannisterlooks to Jorah and nods. "IS there something you wish to speak of? We can go outside."
    [18:57] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) nods "family and banner related of course"
    [18:58] Sandy Lannisternods to Jorah "Alright.....shall we?"
    [18:58] Sandy Lannisterlooks to the Commander and back to Jorah ".....is it nothing the Commander can hear?"
    [19:00] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) gives her a stern yet kind look "it's nothing special, I wouldn't wish to waste the lord commander's time with talk of Algood bannermen and feasts"
    [19:01] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos): looks at Lord algood
    [19:01] Lord Jac Meadows (jacrite.naxos): i must go now
    [19:01] Sandy Lannisternods "Well then......Lord Commander, would you please excuse us for just a moment? It seems Lord Algood needs to speak with me"
    [19:02] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) looks around and sighs looking to her "I can't speak like this around him, he's too loyal"
    [19:02] Sandy Lannistersmiles "Understood....what was it you wanted to speak to me of/"
    [19:03] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) tilts his head to the courtroom "suddenly black and red banners popping up everywhere, then these knights clad in black and red instead of the kingsguard? Then to top it off that chest.. there is something goign on here"
    [19:04] Sandy Lannisterlooks to him "Any ideas, Jorah? I am just as confused as everyone else."
    [19:05] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) steps closer and speaks quietly "on that scroll he received was the seal of house targaryen, now tell me who else has that seal?"
    [19:06] Sandy Lannistershrugs as he speaks."I'm not sure......" Thinking of last nigt's events, she continues "Jorah....I need to ask you something...."
    [19:06] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) nods and looks up "what is it?"
    [19:07] Sandy Lannisternods "Last night, the queen asked me a question on if i burned. .She put my hand in the flame of a candle and it didn't hurt. What does tha tean?"
    [19:07] Sandy Lannister (sandy.southmoor): mean?
    [19:08] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) smirks lightly "your mother was a targaryen, she still lives in the rock. Targaryens are resistant to heat for some reason. You know the saying you can't kill a dragon with fire"
    [19:09] Sandy Lannisterlistens and nods. "I see.......interesting." she inspects her hand.
    [19:10] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) sighs "your brother thought that because he was half targaryen that gave him a claim to the family and the throne"
    [19:11] Sandy Lannisterlooks at Jorah and nods. ".....I see." She holds her arms around her body. "Do you upposeGinnie and I are in danger now?"
    [19:12] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) licks his lips and lets a sigh out "I do not know but the lionsguard is on it's way here, if you need to hide you and Ginevra are welcome into my office and my room while I'm gone"
    [19:13] Sandy Lannister (sandy.southmoor)'s eyes widen "........HIDE? My goodness....hide??"
    [19:13] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) gives her a serious look "a wise man ensures to make plans for anything in case it happens. When would the time be to strike out at two women who are some of the last Lannisters? When their temporary Lord is gone"
    [19:15] Sandy Lannistertakes in a deep breath and nods. "I will try my best to protect Ginnie the best of my ability. My brother's taught me well when I was younger." She whispers at him "....not many know that... but I will get her to your office should we need to hide."
    [19:15] Miles Tyrell (drako.aelberts) would come up the stair well and look on the horizon as he produced his lute and struemd its strings with skill
    [19:19] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) nods "the lionsguard should be here tomorrow, use them if you need"
    [19:19] Sandy Lannisternods at Jorah. "Must you really go, JOrah?"
    [19:21] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) frowns and licks his lips as he usually did in deep thought "unfortunately, yes the king wishes me to go to storm's end"
    [19:25] Sandy Lannisternods Very well then.

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