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    Secrets in the Sept


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    Secrets in the Sept

    Post by Brigit on Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:13 pm

    [2012/03/12 08:25] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) walks over and leans against the weirwood quietly after paasing the queen and offering her a respectful bow he watches yseulte as she approaches with him
    [2012/03/12 08:26] Yseulte Mistwood: As we walk around the corner of the Keep, I see the Queen heading for the Sept, a line of black armored men following her. I circle around the Sept to enter it from a different direction, watching for an opportunity to approach her privately.
    [2012/03/12 08:28] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks over nodded to Jorah, looking around, did the black and red seem a bit less today than yesterday? where did the others go? Why must they follows her, she was plenty protected by the King's Guard, she didn't like these silent men did not want them around her. Seeing Yse she motions to her silently with her eyes, the men would not follow her into the sept.
    [2012/03/12 08:30] Yseulte Mistwood: I quietly and respectfully enter the Sept, stopping at the first altar, kneeling, moving my lips as if saying a prayer before rising and moving to the next one.
    [2012/03/12 08:32] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) stepped between the Mother and the Father as Yse stepped up to the Father, I made to light a candle, whispering, "what news?" I glance and was suprised to see Jorah in the sept. Motioning with my eyes for him to come closer.
    [2012/03/12 08:32] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) keeps his eyes to the entrance then turns and moves closer to the queen looking to Yse and the queen
    [2012/03/12 08:33] Yseulte Mistwood: Kneeling, my gaze lowered "you tell me Your Grace" I murmur very softly, looking at her from the corner of my eye. "You seem somewhat distraught of late."
    [2012/03/12 08:36] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) glanced to Jorah, not sure if Yse was a King's woman, or if she could be trusted, I don't answer her directly, instead, turning to the mother, I light the candle for Jorah, whisper, "something is happening the king is not telling me." it was voiced to him but also an answer to her. "there is silent danger in the city."
    [2012/03/12 08:38] Yseulte Mistwood: Within the Sept all are equal so the fact that I am behaving more as a friend than a courtier is not surprising. I rise and light a candle on the altar of the Father, nodding. "It is almost palpable your Grace. You have no idea what it is about?" I whisper then move subtly so that I can look about the space. "Tis Tristan in danger?"
    [2012/03/12 08:39] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) nods and lowers his head as if in prayer speaking quietly "the lionsguard tell me thee was no brawl, the king's new men came up and just killed them, but there's too many unanswered questions, the banners, the armored troops, the gift, the letter and the seal of house targaryen.. what doe it all mmean do you think?"
    [2012/03/12 08:42] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shakes her head, keeping a weary eye out for Septa Lesatia, it would not due for the old woman to hear them. Her voice hushed, "the gift was from his aunt. He means to hatch those eggs, or one at least I know." glances to Yse, "we are all in danger, but Tristan among us." she fusses with with wax on the altar to appear as if doing something, "it was a horn."
    [2012/03/12 08:43] Yseulte Mistwood: "A horn?" This will help when I enter the citadel library looking for information.
    [2012/03/12 08:48] Yseulte Mistwood: "The horn, what is it made from?" I practically hiss, then compose myself.
    [2012/03/12 08:48] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) stands and acts as if he were praying and looks to the queen "forgive me if this offends your grace, but your new husband is not the man he was a mere month ago.. something has changed"
    [2012/03/12 08:51] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods, turing to kneel, basically and trad positions with Yse as to not bring suspecious eyes from any of the Septa's minions in white service, "no he isn't and I'm not sure what has changed, but I know its something to do with those eggs, it has to be. I couldn't read the letter from his aunt, it was high valyarian like the runes that were etched in gold on the long black horn. " folding her arms as if in prayer, "it looked black like dragonbone."
    [2012/03/12 08:52] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) lets a long sigh ut "you do know what they say about targaryens they'll either grow to be insane or brilliant and he seems to be going down the first route... insane with power"
    [2012/03/12 08:58] Yseulte Mistwood: Moving to kneel in front of the Mother, I ponder the information. High Valyarian. And black dragon bone. It is ancient then. "Would you be able to copy any of the runes? Even just a few might help."
    [2012/03/12 09:01] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) whispers, "no, he took it away I know not where. There is only one horn in all history that matches that description that I recall." standing again, she fusses with the candle and the wax on the altar of the father, then moved silently around to fuss with the candle in front of Jorah at the Maiden, "Tristan is our only hope. His goodness must win over this evil, too the Septa made a visit to the King in his solar sometime before the gift arrived, I wish I knew what they spoke of."
    [2012/03/12 09:03] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) looks around and sighs "you'll both have to excuse me I need to rest"
    [2012/03/12 09:03] Yseulte Mistwood: I remember passing the Septa as I was dismissed from the Solar. I entered the hidden passageway but they spoke softly and I was unable to hear what they discussed. I nod as step back so the Lord Advisor can pass. "Take care m'Lord."
    [2012/03/12 09:04] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) stops before exiting "Jackson and Porthos will be near if you need them.."
    [2012/03/12 09:05] Yseulte Mistwood: As my gaze returns to the altar, I notice the Queen's belly. "Your Grace, when are you due?"
    [2012/03/12 09:06] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks after Jorah, praying herself he could be trusted, not knowing what the next thing he would do would be. Glances to Yse, then looking back as Jorah speaks, a curious look, then back to the altar, speaking now in normal tones, "not for a month yet." She started to feel that the baby in her was the only thing keeping her safe these days. Takes a long breath, "oh when things were simplier." she looked wearily at Yse. "What do we do?"
    [2012/03/12 09:13] Yseulte Mistwood: "Proceed cautiously Your Grace. Very cautiously." is all I mumble softly. I must get into the citadel library today.
    [2012/03/12 09:16] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) arches her brows and lowers them, nodding but then keeping her head down slightly, "we need to know if there is anyone left on Tristan's side, Yse. We need to know who can be trusted." takes a long breath. Gathers her skirts, moving slightly away, Then again in a normal tone, "I will go later on and check on Dusty." giving her a hint that later I would be at the stables if she were to find out anything of use.
    [2012/03/12 09:16] Yseulte Mistwood: "Take care Your Grace" I rise and curtsy as she leaves.
    Yseulte Mistwood: I brush my long hair back away from my face then tie it up tightly, binding it with clips and leather. I do not want to chance that it will come loose. Searching through my trunks, I locate the simple sandles that a Maester wears. I slip on a pair of leather breeches I had made for hard riding. Except for the fact that they are made to accommodate my female shape, they look exactly like a mans breeches. I slip a man's simple rough linnen shirt over my head and tuck it in to the breeches. Around my right forearm I strap a dagger. It is compact but very functional; well balanced and well used. Around my left upper arm, another dagger. Both have wolfsbane on their blades. I get out my plain worn leather gloves and slip them on. They are uniquely stitched so that I maintain a fair degree of dexterity--certainly enough to pull and throw one of my daggers--but still disguise my small hands and slender fingers. Finally, donning the brown robe of the Maester, I pull up the hood, slide my gloved hands into the opposite arms and look at myself in the mirror. My face partially hidden in the shadows, what is seen looks like that of a very young man, fair of skin and light of beard. The young acolytes are sent scurrying all over the Citadel and the city on errands and are expected to be discrete and quiet. A small smile curls my lips.
    Using the hidden passages of the Keep, I make my way from the building, entering the outside world through a little known opening that puts me in an alley. No one is around. I turn in a direction that takes me away from the Citadel and make my way towards the milling crowds in the city streets.
    At the market, I purchase some parchment and decent quality already sharpened quills then make my way towards the acolyte's entrance to the Citadel. I am in luck. There are several others returning from errands so I move to join the group and walk in with them. Just inside they split up, heading to their appointed disciplines. I move towards the library.
    Entering the large vault like room, I move to one of the empty acolyte desks, positioned with my back to a window, allowing plenty of light and still allows me to keep an eye on the traffic entering and leaving the room. I set the parchment on the desk, one of the quills into the ink pot, setting the others to one side. I grab a couple of books from a nearby shelf, setting them on the desk, opening one of them to give the appearance of someone at work. Now............... I turn and move towards the bowels of the vault where the oldest of the books are kept. I know which one I want. I saw it there several times. It is a very ancient tome, rarely if ever referenced and, therefore, usually ignored.
    Keeping my hands inside the sleeves of the robe, the hood pulled up over my head--the room is cold and drafty; hooded figures are quite common--I very quietly walk towards my goal, taking great care to walk more like a male. I enter the area where the most ancient books are kept. Here the walls are bare stone, the rough mortar showing. I casually move past the shelves to the one I need. Kneeling down, I pull out a very dusty stack of old books and begin to sort through them, taking care not to disturb the dust too much, until I come to the one I wanted. Setting it aside, I carefully restack the old books. Inspite of my care, the dust appears disturbed. Silently cursing myself, I look around and spy a shelf that has been lifted up off the floor with blocks. Beneath it, under it, lies a wealth of dust and dirt. Listening carefully, looking around, there doesn't seem to be anyone nearby. Reaching deep underneath, I gather up a handful of dust and dirt and proceed to blow it around the disturbed areas. Finally satisfied with the my work, I take my book and return to the desk.
    Curling my feet up under me, I begin to flip through the book for the information I sought and hit pay dirt. Here it was, the history, the specifics on the dragons, the Targaryean family. Many references were made to 'hatching eggs' but most of the time it was the dragons that were brooding and hatching, not humans. I was not finding any details about humans successfully hatching them. There was a lot about failures however so I was learning what not to do at least. Pretending to be taking notes, I continued to peruse the book when at last I found one of the things I was looking for. The horn.
    It is used for training. It can be blown only by a Targaryean--a true Targaryean. And the runes say "I am Dragonbinder, No Mortal man should sound me and live, Blood for Fire, Fire for Blood" .
    ~Blood?~ I think but my thoughts are interrupted as I hear voices at the entrance. Cautiously I peek around the book of shelves that sort of hide me and I see the Grand Maester's attendant. Quickly I push the old book under the other two, bend over my parchment and begin to write as if I am taking notes. The voices come closer then stop then begin to fade away until I can no longer hear them. I close my eyes and breathe again. After I stop shaking, I decide it is time to go. I had not intended to take the book but I no longer felt safe here and I was not finished with it.. Sliding my hands and the book inside my robe, I slide the book through my belt at my back. I roll up the parchment, take up the quills and quietly walk out of the room then out of the building. I melt into the crowded market and make my way back to the Keep.

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