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    Hidden in a hurry

    Post by Brigit on Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:35 pm

    As I return to my room from the library, I shed my disguise as I move to my desk. Pulling out a small piece of parchment, I write a message for the queen:

    horn is Dragonbinder used to train dragons. only a true targaryean can blow it and live. He would need it for only one reason. Rumors still that Aidan is alive.

    I go to one of my trunks and start pulling out clothing, tossing rejected items aside, looking for something that will let me blend with the crowds. Finally I find what I am looking for and slip it on. I braid my hair down over my right shoulder. Picking up the little note I'd written, I snug it down inside my bodice and slip out of the Keep.

    There is a great deal of activity out by the stables and outside the gates. A couple of questions and I quickly find out that things are being prepared for the Queen to travel to Riverrun. Her father is dying.

    It is very easy to spot the wheelhouse--it is huge! Grabbing up some linens that I see piled up with some of the other supplies, I approach the wheelhouse. "Linens for the Queen's bed" I tell the guard. He is busy watching a scantily clad young woman across the yard so he only nods to me. I climb the steps and enter the well appointed wheelhouse. It is beautiful! But I do not have time to loiter. Spotting a storage bin under some cushions, I put the linens inside then look around for a good place to put the note so only she will find it.

    The back of the wheelhouse is appointed for a Queen so I guess she will sit there. The bench is deep, heavily padded and covered with luxurious cushions. Hearing noises outside, I have no more time to consider. I move to the back of the wheelhouse and tuck the small note down behind a cushion that is leaning up against the wall. Smoothing my skirts, composing myself, I turn and head towards the exit just as one of the Queen's maids enters. Lowering my head so she can't see my face, I curtsy deeply. "The bed linens are in the storage bin." I murmur then quickly slip out and down the steps.

    ((posted for Yse cause she had to sleep Razz ))

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