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    Now a Journey

    Post by Brigit on Thu Mar 15, 2012 6:50 pm

    [2012/03/15 10:50] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) taking in the fresh air, she smiles tilting her head, "you always look so handsome, my Love."
    [2012/03/15 10:52] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) chuckles lightly as he ascends the steps after speaking with the Shipmaster, arching a brow as he looks to his beloved, "And were I not Targaryen I am sure your beauty would have burned out my unworthy eyes by now." He replies before leaning in to kiss her gently
    [2012/03/15 10:53] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) smiles flushing kisses him lightly back, "your far too kind, Husband, but I'm feeling rather ... full.." she giggles lightly, rubbing their bump, "I'm ready for the baby to come, I really am, but I suppose it will come when it comes and not a moment before."
    [2012/03/15 10:55] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) laughs lightly as he places his hand gently atop of yours "Do not try and fool me my love, we both know you are just eager to get me into bed again." He replies with a playful chuckle before feathering kisses along your neck
    [2012/03/15 10:57] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) moans tilts her head his kisses always made her crazy, had to grab onto him or lose her balance, "ohhhh," giggles, "that too." looks over at the King's Guard who was smirking.
    [2012/03/15 11:00] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): [10:58] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) grins as he holds onto her firmly but gently, his hand slowly traveling over your lucious curves while his tongue lightly slithered up your neck, before gently licking your ear in a playful manner.
    [2012/03/15 11:01] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) puts her hand on his shoulder and pushes gently, "not here, on the steps," looking at him strongly. "I was on my way to go on my walk about."
    [2012/03/15 11:05] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) smiles and nods before motioning to two of their Dragon Guards who steadily march upward then stand at attention behind her. He smiles before looking back to his beloved "I will join you shortly my love, I have some papers to seal to orders to give out."
    [2012/03/15 11:07] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shakes her head, "I do not want them near me, the Queens Guard is enough, the smallfolk hold no malace for me." she thought better than to ask what papers or what orders. Jorah was right, he was not the same man he was a month ago, she looked at him as if her eyes could bore into that platinum blonde hair, and wondered what Yse might have found out.
    [2012/03/15 11:11] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): My Queen, they will not, they cannot allow you to or I to come to harm, and they quite literally cannot harm you themselves. These are only a few of the reasons why I....: Leans in to her ear and whispers lightly "Why I trust them more than I do the Kings Guard. You have already lost one husband due to the inefficency of the Kings Guard, You do not want to make it two, do you my love?" He asked, looking deep into her eyes with his own ultra violet ones as the sunlight hit them just right to almmost make them shine like amethyst jewels.
    [2012/03/15 11:14] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) bites her lip, "fine then let them guard you, I do not want them near me." lifts her eyebrows it was a mute point to her, and she wasn't going to budge. Repeats, "The White Cloaks are enough for me, honestly the small folk hold no malace for me, I give them bread and cloth and alms, I hear their woes." smiles lightly to him, motions to the white cloak captain, who steps between her and the men in black and red.
    [2012/03/15 11:17] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): DONT! ::He commands but it was too late. By the time he had commanded the Dragon Guard to stand down they both had already drawn their swords and sliced open the good captains kneecaps, and were positioning themselves to finish him off quickly and effectively before suddenly sheathing their blades and returning to their guard stance as Daegon commanded them to stand down. Daegon pinched the space between his eyes and shook his head As he motioned for the others of the Kings Guard to aid their captain to the Citadel Daegon looked to Brigit with a look that said 'See what your stubborness gets you?' though his lips never moved.
    [2012/03/15 11:21] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) gasps, steps sideways away, "You! You did this, and I will not forgive you! He is a good man," Kneels down to say soft words to the man who bled before they carried him off. Her eyes narrowed at the the King, "I've had it with you Daegon Targaryen, and if you ever want to see this child I suggest you get these grotesque men away from me and keep them away." Turns to her attendants who where both very pale, "go inside we will not be passing alms today... I have some packing to do." setting her lip in a line and gathered her skirts preparing to turn about and go back in.
    [2012/03/15 11:24] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): They are not men..nor are they grotesque in any way that I have ever seen.....I warned you what they would do my dearest....What their orders are. But no, you had to play with fire, and now someone else is burned. Be glad he is not dead. And if you intend on leaving, I assure you by the time you are done packing not a single Kings Guard or Queens Guard will be left.....Do you really want that?"
    [2012/03/15 11:26] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) her eyes turned on him dark blue like the sea then, "You will do no such thing, I am going to see my father before he...." she couldn't say the word, but they both knew her father lay dying as even she spoke, "I must go to him." takes a breath, softening her tone, "surely you would not deny me my guard traveling so far?"
    [2012/03/15 11:29] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): I would deny you the ability to travel completely. Unless of course our childs life means so little to you.....which obviously it must, as you deny it its Guardians that its father hand picked, and even threatend its life if I did not send them away...::His eyes were averted from hers as he spoke, and something relative to a tear formed, but refused to fall from his eye. "You do what you want. Obviously you are like all the others, you only pretend to care to keep me happy." He then moves inward, pushing open the wide double doors and stepping inside
    [2012/03/15 11:34] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) takes a breath, shakes her head, this time she was determined to not let him blackmail her chide her into what he wanted with guilt or anything else. She was going home, and with any luck she'd have this baby while she was there, turning, and then turning back hissing at the men in black and red, "you stay away from me and my person!" then swirls again and goes in to head for the stairway.
    [2012/03/15 11:36] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) waves a hand to the Dragon Guard "Do as she says. Obviously she has no wish to be of my house." he tells them without looking to them, or to her for that matter. His eyes seemed simply unable to lay upon her. He remained still now though, and his muscles flexed slightly, like a child preparing to be scorned by their parents.
    [2012/03/15 11:37] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) curtsies to him formally but still she turned to go to the stair. Her face was pale, she did not know what he would do next but she throughly intended on going, Just then the page was walking out with papers in his hand, "go to the stable, tell them to prepare my wheelhouse." She turned then again and went up the stairs, giving instructions to the maids and attendants to pack her things.
    [2012/03/15 11:45] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) was overseeing the packing of her things including her jewels, and chests of coin, as well as giving instruction for a rider to go ahead of the wheelhouse to prepare her uncle that she would be arriving.
    [2012/03/15 11:45] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) simply walks into the room, slamming the door behind him keeping the guards out as he just collapsed onto the bed.
    [2012/03/15 11:47] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks after her husband, motions the maids out, they stop what they are doing but the rider had been dispatched and was even at that moment riding out the gate and up the king's road. The wheelhouse was being readied, a message was going forth to the maester informing him of her intent. She turns, "and what of my captain?" her eyes on him were still cold.
    [2012/03/15 11:50] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): minor flesh wounds only meant to stun him long enough to deliver a swift death ::He mumbled as he grabbed the extra pillow she normally used and pulled it close, holding it in his arms.:: He will live. You believe me to be evil Brigit, and yet look at what you do. You risk our son to visit your dying father, and before you leave you show you have more care for a captain who can be swayed by coin to kill you if the price was good enough, than you have shown for me our entire marriage."
    [2012/03/15 11:55] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) her look already cold turned even more sour, "no, that's not true, and I will NOT be guilted or conjolled into your traps. The baby will be fine, its a four day ride and the wheelhouse is quite comfortable. The small folk hold me no malace and they would not come against me, even still thy would probably protect me as well." was she brave enough to say it to his face, your damn right she was, "You although you might be my husand by law and the Seven, are a Kinslayer and a Kingslayer and I will NEVER let you have MY blood!" she stomped furiously, turning about wrenches the door open and calls for the maids, "take what you have prepared to the wheelhouse, I go NOW." clapping her hands as they rushed to seal trunks and carry them out. She looked back one final time at the man she once thought she loved, shakes her head and out the stairs she went.
    [2012/03/15 12:04] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) walks out of the gates as all five thousand one hundred and twenty men of the Dragons Guard Assemebled within the city as the stable boy brought out Orion, his white stallion. Orion was strangely in fear today, but Daegon simply patter its nose "I know...I know." he whispered before climbing up into the saddle and readying the reigns.
    [2012/03/15 12:18] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) rides up slowly to the side of the wheel house , awaiting its departure. Looking over to the Kings Guard as they looked to him questioningly. He looked bck to what was infront of him as he answered their curious looks "I am escorting the woman I love home. Even if she has never, and will never feel the same for me. My Houses Dragon Guard will remain here as well as the Kings Guard while the Queens Guard ride with her as further escort."
    [2012/03/15 12:26] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) leans out and waves to her husband the bags had all been packed and loaded mostly on top but some inside, she had a grateful look on her face. She smiles to him, "You can ride with me you know." and giggles she was rather glad he was accompanying her up the King's road.
    [2012/03/15 12:28] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): No. I would hate for the evil that infects my soul to taint your purity my beloved queen. I will ride alone, I will make camp alone if the need calls for it." He replies flatly and emotionlessly as his pale eyes stared out to the open road. He nudged Orion lightly when the wheel house began its departure.
    [2012/03/15 12:30] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shrugs and pulls her head back in, the curtains closing by one of the maids
    [2012/03/15 12:39] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) a rider gallops up, his horse in a foaming sweat, the rider looked ridden hard, the Queen's Guard give him pause and then let him pass on foot while a squire takes the man's horse. "Your Grace." he bows low to the King, "a letter from the Queen's Uncle." as he holds up the parchment with the Frey seal intact and unbroken. She looks out the wheel house wondering why they stopped only just at the Crossroads. Only having ridden an hour, she wanted to go...."What is it?" looking to her husband.
    [2012/03/15 12:45] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) takes the letter, looking down at the unbroken seal and gently running his thumb over it before handing it back to the guard "It is not addressed to me." he says simply keeping the same tone as before, as he dares a glance over to his beloved, but only for a second before looking away as the guard hands her the letter through the small window on the wheel house
    [2012/03/15 12:48] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) takes it holding it running her finger under the seal and opens it, reading it twice, pokes her head out as they started moving again, "Stop!" she yells. then opens the door speaking to a footman, who ran out to the King where he rode a bit away from the wheelhouse, the footman bowed low, "Your Grace, the queen would speak with you if it please you." he remained bowed low.
    [2012/03/15 12:52] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) arches a brow to the footman as he nods once before riding up slowly next to the carriage window, his eyes facing foward as he came once more into his beloved presence "You wished to have words with me?" he slowly and in a voice that was...simply nothing, neither cold nor warm. it was just a voice.
    [2012/03/15 12:54] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) takes a breath holding her skirt tight to her belly the baby was kicking, because they stopped, he seemed to like the carriage motion and would sleep when it was moving but the minute it stopped he started kicking her. Takes a breath, "its from my Uncle, they have moved my father to Riverun."
    [2012/03/15 12:58] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): You have my sympathies then. His illness must have gotten worse. I hope he is doing better when we arrive. ::He replied in the same flat voice, but somehow seemed be being honest before nodding to the driver of the wheel house "To riverrun." he said before nudging Orion lightly and begining to trot as the wheelhouse once more departed.
    [2012/03/15 13:02] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) sits back his words had not occured to her, she thought perhaps he was better if he were good enough to move to Riverrun, wondering then what the Tully's thought of her family in their midst. She pulled the curtain and sat back, her and the attendants sharing some fruit.
    [2012/03/15 13:04] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) continued to ride close by, keeping a close eye on the wheel house but stay far enough away that any inside could not surely see him. Orion suddenly jerked for a moment as the reached the border of the Riverlands, but after a few reassuing pats from Daegons hand they continued on.
    [2012/03/15 13:15] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks out every now and then but finally laid over and slept a bit, she woke to a start, not knowing again why they stopped, sitting up wiping the sleep from her eyes, her ladies attended her. Pushing them back she opens the curtains, but not seeing her husband out that side, she went to the other side and opened the curtains... looking out again she did not see him. Frowning, she motions and the ladies and stewards helped her out gently.
    [2012/03/15 13:21] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) had remained riding and ever vigil over the road the entire trip, always keeping an eye out for any sort of danger. When they finally arrived here rode up slowly to the wheel house, nodding to the head of the Queens guard before letting out a long tired sigh, but nonetheless, pulling on the reigns on turning Orion around, back in the direction of the Kings road
    [2012/03/15 13:25] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) holds out her hand as if to stop him, then thinks better of it, but perhaps it was for the better, yet her heart leaped out to him. He was sullen she knew, he didn't want this trip, he didn't want her in Riverrun or at the Twins or even by her father's side as he lay dying. Tears rose up in her she couldn't help it, she couldn't stop herself, calling out to him softly, "Daegon?" his back was to her and she licked her lips a pained expression, "won't you stay if only for a while?" rubbing her lips together, there was silence all around them and no one seemed to move or breathe waiting for the king's response. The only noise was that of horses hooves and a whinny here and there, the horses seemed to not pay any attention.
    [2012/03/15 13:31] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) stopped a moment and turned his head looking back "Give me a reason to and I shall......But I see no reason...Except to end up seeing you hurt even more...and I will not do that to you...Ive done it enough, as it were." He replied slowly with an unseen brow arched beneath his hood as his violet eyes were caught by the light of the setting sun which illuminated them transforming them into two amethyst orbs floating amidsts a sea of shadow within his hood.
    [2012/03/15 13:35] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) still her expression did not change though everyone's head seemed to turn to look at her, still her voice was soft, "I shall be hurt more if my King leaves my side." she choked on the end of the sentance, her voice betraying her need for him near her regardless of what her head seemed to tell her. She sucked in a breath and fought back the emotions as a queen would lifting her eyes again to his back, her chin up, "your reason, Your Grace, I..." again her voice cracked she was loathe to admit it but finally she finished a bit quieter, "I love you, and I need you with me." unable to stop the tears that fell even as she wiped them away. She knew her father would die soon, she had lost so much and knew if he rode off now, she would lose him too.
    [2012/03/15 13:40] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) lowered his eyes for a moment before looking back up to his Queen, "Some say anger is like ale, drink enough of it and your true feelings will reveal themselves.....Many times you have said you loved me, and many times you said you hated me, and every time it feels as though all that is left that is human within me dies a little each time you speak your hatred for me.....If we cannot come to common ground and learn to love all things about eachother my beloved queen, then I admit I fear for both our sakes...." He replied slowly, seeming to speak the words with a sort of 'forseen' knowledge in his eyes as he dismouted and handed the reighns off to a guard before finally lowering his hood and standing there looking at his wife
    [2012/03/15 13:50] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looked down, the baby seemed to be poking her with sticks now, she could feel him shifting inside her as she stood there, closed her eyes a moment, taking a long breath. Wiped her face with her hands then then went back to holding her belly as if to comfort the child inside her. Saying a silent prayer to the seven, her voice then quiet, "I try but you do things I don't understand, and you don't explain to me, and when I want to ..." trails off, he had done it, he again had the upper hand. She didn't know how he did it but he did, a true King in every way. She looked down not finishing. When she looked up again it was to her ladies, "there will be a retuine to meet us from the keep I'm sure." glances back to the King and lowers her eyes again.
    [2012/03/15 13:55] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) approaches her slowly, intertwining his arm with hers gently as he looks to the Keep "There had better be...." he said in reference to the retuine before looking back to his bride and sighing heavily before finally speaking something he knew she wished to know "Theyre Eunichs, my love.The ones you fear but I said you should not. I humbly beg your forgiveness for not telling you soon my beloved."
    [2012/03/15 13:59] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks to him, confused at first but rememering something of her maester's teachings about the free cities, "Astapor? she almost grimaces saying the words, it was the only place she could remember there were eunich soldiers, "aren't they slaves there?" shaking her head not understanding still, "what have you done... how?" not sure she really now wanted to know. She looked up the long road to the keep, then wondered if she could even make that treck thinking maybe to make camp here until the keep was ready for them.
    [2012/03/15 14:04] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) motioned for the guards to prepare a picnic sight for them, laying down a few blankets and a bit of juice before he continued "As I have told you many times, I have many friends in the world....What I have done is buy an entire legion of men willing to protect our house for as long as they live, just for getting them out of Essos they pledged loyalty to our house. Not to mention the fact that they are all but free here. I pay them, allow them to come and go as they please....however, it seems the bonds of slavery are welded deep within their minds to the point they enjoy it. So in a sense, they are slaves by personal choice, however they are free and are paid like regualr soldiers. Only difference is they lack the.....want for violence as real men do, and unlike most men they were born and bred for being soldiers.......I think it is a good thing, this thing I have done.
    [2012/03/15 14:07] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods and would be grateful for a repreive form the wheelhouse. She looked at the king a bit perplexed, but smiles and shrugs, "you know what is best, then," surrendering again to his will though she still did not quite understand it all. "might we rest then?" her voice was a bit more hopeful, none of them had rested much in four days.
    [2012/03/15 14:10] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) smiles as he motions to the blanket, setting her down easily upon it before joining her "I do apologize my love, but I felt we needed something to back us, besides the Kings Guard....For what would happen if our child was contested? He would have no troops as the Kings Guard would remain neutral until a King was named.....but now, he will have men loyal to him, no matter what....What parent could ask for more?"
    [2012/03/15 14:14] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) smiles then, looking at him, "ahh now that makes more sense." as if she did then understand, "but must they wear those scarey helms and never speak?" she found their silence very intimadating.
    [2012/03/15 14:20] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): I actually find their silence rather peaceful. As for being scarey....haha one mans trash is another treasure. They scare you becuse of the tales of the evil black kngihts your parents most likely told you.....Well, whos House colors have black besides Targaryen? Greyjoy, who are also seen as murderous thugs by the bulk of society.....Learn to love the Crimson and dark sky of our Banner my beloved, and you will find them less scarey and more secure......To be honest, I warned commander Snow many would fear them. Yu know what he said? We know. People fear the unknown, as so they should. Haha
    [2012/03/15 14:28] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looked away that did not make her feel any easier about any of it, she was weary, very tired, she looked to him to help her up and getting to her feet with much assistance she went into the wheelhouse, grabbing for a cushion she wanted to take back out with her a parchment fell onto the seat. I pause and look around, quickly I open it, keeping an eye out for anyone comming. She read the two lines and knew who they were from instantly, hiding the parchment she would burn it later. Holding the pillow she come back out and moved back to where he sat, laying it near on the blanket, then she laid on it. "my back hurts," she sighs, "the baby has turned sideways now." motions where the baby laid, "its head is here," rubbed the spot, "its feet here." and again rubbing where he kicks her.
    [2012/03/15 14:32] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) smiles as he rubs her belly gently, knowing her heard the distinct sound of paper, which would have been odd out here in the middle of no where, and no quils around for miles. But he ignored it as he kissed her belly gently "I love you." he said to her belly efore looking up to her eyes "And I love you two."

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