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    Searching for the Mysterious Book



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    Searching for the Mysterious Book

    Post by Vayon_Stark on Sat Nov 26, 2011 5:20 am

    20:30] Diomy Takakura: "Well it looks like Badrick was detained..shoud we travel to the catacombs?"
    [20:31] Janey Gallais nods
    [20:31] Diomy Takakura nods ad sets out the door, grabbing a torch
    [20:31] Has been opened by Diomy !
    [20:32] Diomy Takakura travels out of the castle, down into the catacombs
    [20:33] Diomy Takakura pauses at the point of which she had not yet traveled to since yesterday. The guards behind them pause, eagrerly awaiting the decent into the deeper darker tomb.
    [20:35] Diomy Takakura: "Janey..whatever you do...dont touch the book..if you find it, call me and tell me so I can put it in the burlap sack."
    [20:35] Janey Gallais shivers "You needn't worry about that, Diomy. I won't touch anything!"
    [20:36] Diomy Takakura nodded, "Right o"
    [20:37] Janey Gallais looks back at the guards and, for once, she is glad they are there
    [20:37] Diomy Takakura nodded to the guards to contnue as the walked downward, passing statues of the deceased
    [20:37] Diomy Takakura disagreed
    [20:39] Diomy Takakura whispered to Janey as carefully as possible, "I cant burn the damn thing if they are here....the book is going with them when we find it.."
    [20:39] Janey Gallais whispers "We'll think of something...."
    [20:39] Diomy Takakura came up to a sealed tomb and pressed her hand against its giant door. There was a beating...a calling...
    [20:40] Janey Gallais notices Diomy's face when her hand touches the door "You can feel it, can't you?"
    [20:41] Diomy Takakura shivered and looked at the floor around the door, Dirt and dust were swept around the opening, showing signs of recent activity. "Someone was here!" Diomy ordered the guards to open it and turned to Janey, being as discreet as possible
    [20:42] Diomy Takakura whipered, "That damn book is behind that door...I can feel it..you are correct...Its calling.....calling for someone to claim it. I will try to burn it if possible..."
    [20:42] Diomy Takakura looked back at the guards, who had now finished clearing the room for any signs of inhabitants
    [20:43] Diomy Takakura: "But, I dont know if I will even have a chance..Lord Vayon did say he wanted to see it.."
    [20:43] Janey Gallais walks up behind Diomy "If you find it...I'll distract them. Just tell me.".
    [20:43] Diomy Takakura nodded and silently pressed through the door.
    [20:44] Door Unlocked.
    [20:44] Has been opened by Diomy !
    [20:46] Diomy Takakura tomb was dark, damp..and smelled of death. Through the thick sack cloth-like darkness, Diomy searched, faking not knowing where it was to be found.
    [20:46] Diomy Takakura: "it must be somewhere"
    [20:47] Diomy Takakura: Feeling that the guards were throughroughly distracted, Diomy nodded t Janey
    [20:47] Janey Gallais nods
    [20:48] Diomy Takakura slinked off, deeper into the tomb, coming across a small pyre, a star drawn upon the ground and a small book..bound in leather
    [20:50] Diomy Takakura looked around, not seeing a guard in sight, and kneeled down, next to the book. She placed he hand above the book, not touching it, but just above, feeling. it...
    [20:54] Diomy Takakura: The power of the book pulsed almost as if it knew what was to happen. Diomy removed her hand and replaced it with the flame of her torch.
    [20:58] Diomy Takakura started to burn the pages when she heard a noise running up from behind her. It was the captain of that particular guard running up behind her. Diomy did her best to start the blaze to the book, however, the guard pummeled her in the back of the head, causing her to fall over onto the ground, unconscious"
    [20:59] Janey Gallais ran over towards the noise, finding Diomy on the ground "Diomy! What? What's happened?"
    [21:01] Janey Gallais shakes Diomy and looks to the guard, then to the book on the floor
    [21:01] Diomy Takakura captain of the guard stood over her body, book in hand, frowning. "She tried to burn the damn book. Crazy wench!"
    [21:01] Janey Gallais looks at the guard, then down to his hand, holding the book
    [21:03] Diomy Takakura: *The guard continued flipping through the book, his gloved hands almost causing the pages to rip. He spoke bluntly, "I'll be sure to write a report on this, Miss Yunsa's actions, and her behavior today.."
    [21:05] Janey Gallais eyes the guard "You'd better be careful wtih that...."
    [21:07] Diomy Takakura: The guard paused and frowned, "And just what do you think s gonna happen to me? Eh? Little one?" The guard chuckled as the others looked on, nervously. A guard spoke up and said that it was to be placed in the bag which they had brought...and that her name was not Yunsa, but instead Karvalius. The guard ignored them and ordered her body carried
    [21:09] Janey Gallais whispers "Diomy! get up!"
    21:08] Diomy Takakura awoke and stood, cradling her head.
    [21:09] Diomy Takakura felt the back of her head, checking to see if there was indeed blood.
    [21:10] Diomy Takakura: When there was, Diomy turned to the guard and spoke, "One day, my friend, you will indeed regret that..watch your back. As a dornish woman, that is a promise."
    [21:10] Janey Gallais walks over to stand next to Diomy
    [21:11] Diomy Takakura smiled, shaken, at Janey. She whispered, "Fuck"
    [21:13] Diomy Takakura: *The guard turned, leaving Janey and Diomy behind, in the catacombs. Only the guardsmen looked back as they marched back up to the castle.
    21:13] Janey Gallais looks at Diomy "What do we do?"
    [21:15] Diomy Takakura sighed, "The only thing we can do..be vigilant. Under no circumstances is that Grimoire to be let out of the castle..before this is over, that book will be burned"
    [21:16] Diomy Takakura stared into the fading light of the catacomb hall, then heard a door slam
    [21:16] Diomy Takakura's eyes grew wide and turned to Janey, "They closed the damn door to the tomb!"
    [21:17] Janey Gallais jumps as the door slams
    [21:17] Janey Gallais looks at Diomy "What?" and runs towards the door
    [21:17] Diomy Takakura runs to the door
    [21:18] Diomy Takakura tries to push on the door, only to see it wont budge
    [21:18] Janey Gallais pushes with Diomy "What do we do?"
    [21:19] Diomy Takakura pauses and thinks
    [21:19] Diomy Takakura looks at her torch, seeing that it is still flickering.....
    [21:20] Janey Gallais nods at Diomy
    [21:20] Diomy Takakura puts out her hands, as if feeling for invisible cloth, "The way into this room was opened from the inside.....I only saw footprints leading out"
    [21:21] Diomy Takakura held her had out, feeling for the air, "Theres another way in....there has to be....."
    [21:21] Diomy Takakura: Do you feel a draft overthere?"
    [21:23] Janey Gallais nods "Yes, I think it is over here...I can feel it!"
    [21:23] Diomy Takakura rushed toward Janey and felt the cool air encircling them
    [21:23] Janey Gallais: Do you feel it? It's over here....
    [21:24] Diomy Takakura stuck out her torch, watching as the fire was pushed away from the strange statue of....someone.
    [21:24] Diomy Takakura: "yes, you are right...this is or way out!"
    [21:25] Diomy Takakura smiled and frantically searched the statue' Look to see if theres a stone or something..maybe we can push the statue!"
    21:26] Janey Gallais pushes her weight against the stone
    [21:26] Janey Gallais: "It moves!"
    [21:27] Diomy Takakura pushed along with her, moving it back, revealing stairs.
    [21:28] Diomy Takakura looked surprised, but then paused. "What if there is someone at the other end?"
    [21:29] Janey Gallais looks up the stairway "Then there's someone at the other end, what other choice do we have than stay down here?"
    [21:30] Diomy Takakura raised her torch and nodded, "Alright...Well then Ill go first. If someone hits me, be ready to hit them with all your might. One good blow to the nose upward can kill. And remember, If you get in close, gouge their eyes or bite them."
    [21:32] Janey Gallais holds her torch with both hands, like a baseball bat, ready to swing and nods "Please don't get hit."
    [21:32] Janey Gallais smiles a small smile
    [21:32] Diomy Takakura stepped down into the dark veil of cold air and chuckled, "Ill try to.."
    [21:33] Diomy Takakura descended the stairs, inching deeper and deeper into the cavern, once in a while making sure Janey was close behind her.
    [21:33] Diomy Takakura: "So where do you think this leads out?"
    [21:35] Janey Gallais whispers "I'm trying to think of a door I've seen...or any sort of tunnell around Winterfell...
    [21:36] Diomy Takakura: As she walked, Diomy could hear voices becoming loudr and louder. Diomy nodded, "I cant even remember if there are even tunnels."
    [21:36] Janey Gallais puts her hand on Diomy's back, trying to stop her "Listen....do you hear that?"
    [21:37] Diomy Takakura: Diomy paused, fearful of what could happen if they were found. A voice spoke in some kid of gibberish that she could not understand....
    [21:38] Diomy Takakura whispered, "You think thats wildling talk?"
    [21:38] Janey Gallais 's eyes widened and she pulled her torch down low, her hand shaking "I don't know! Wildlings?"
    [21:40] Diomy Takakura shrugged as she moved in silently. Diomy capped her torch and held it like a club. As the second voice spoke, it almost sounded like it agreed to something. Diomy motioned Janey to come in closer behind her rock.
    [21:41] Janey Gallais shook her head
    [21:41] Diomy Takakura firmly motioned again for her to move closer and cap her torch
    [21:41] Janey Gallais slowly capped her torch and quietly moved to Diomy
    [21:43] Diomy Takakura: When Janey reached Diomy, the voices had agreed to something and stopped talking. Diomy gave Janey a pat on the back and gained the courage to slowly look around her rock.
    [21:44] Diomy Takakura: As she looked, she saw a man dressed in furs, his face clean shaven, his hair neatly cut. This confused Diomy, however, as wildlings were supposed to be ...wild
    [21:44] Janey Gallais looked at Diomy's face
    [21:45] Diomy Takakura gave Janey a confused look and motioned her to look around the rock.
    21:46] Janey Gallais creeps past Diomy and peers around the rock
    [21:48] Janey Gallais looks back at Diomy and mouths "That's not a wildling...who is it?"
    [21:49] Diomy Takakura shrugs. Diomy looks back around the rock agan, seeing that the man has assumed a post and slowly creeps toward a closer rock.
    [21:50] Diomy Takakura: When she reaches per position, Diomy motions to Janey to come closer.
    [21:51] Janey Gallais moves closer, keeping quiet, still holding her torch like a bat
    [21:51] Diomy Takakura looks around, eyeing a nearby rock.
    [21:53] Diomy Takakura looked at the guard, then to Janey, then the rock.
    [21:53] Diomy Takakura looked down at her belt. She took it off and measured its length
    [21:54] Diomy Takakura gave the other end to Janey
    [21:56] Diomy Takakura whispered, "Janey, when hes close, pull my bet so we can trip his ass...I will be able to hit him.":
    [21:56] Janey Gallais shakes her head, thinking this will never work....but nods
    [21:57] Diomy Takakura walked across to the adjacent rock. Just as she hides the man standing guard turns around to look but sees nothing...but then hears something...a rock?
    [21:58] Diomy Takakura: *The man in furs walks to the sound. As he passes, something trips him then a flash


    [21:59] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) comes walking into the room and sees several of his court in conversation
    [22:00] Janey Gallais smiles and nods "M'Lord..."
    [22:00] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) smiles "how is the evening all?"
    [22:00] Diomy Takakura frowns, "M'Lord!"
    [22:00] Diomy Takakura almost starts shouting, shaking with anger
    [22:00] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) bowed and tipped his head holding the map back out with the new markings on it also some marks where the five guards had died "good evening my lord"
    [22:01] Janey Gallais speaks in a low whipser "Diomy...."
    [22:01] Diomy Takakura: "Your damn guards and their captin locked me in the catacomb! He even hit me on the back of the head!"
    [22:02] Diomy Takakura looks at Janey then back to lord vayon, shaking, almost as if she were about to collapse
    [22:03] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "why the hell would he lock you in the catacombs?"
    [22:03] Diomy Takakura looked down, "I was going to burn the damn book.....but he hit me on the back of the head...so I swore revenge"
    [22:03] Janey Gallais looks down at her feet
    [22:04] Diomy Takakura felt the back of her head. Upon drawing back her hand, she foud dried blood
    [22:04] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau): /me"wiat you found the book! did you burn it? why would he hit you?"
    [22:04] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) takes the map from badrick, "all went well badrick?"
    [22:05] Diomy Takakura sighed, "Yes, I found the damn BOOK! Your guard has it...he said you wanted to see it first, so.by burning it Im commicing some kind of act of treason..something"
    [22:05] Janey Gallais whispers "Diomy...calm down..."
    [22:05] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) sighs "what guard was this? where was teh book? does he have it now?"
    [22:06] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) grinned and motioned the tall lanky man over with the stained sack "my lord five men fell but we managed to get the singular wildling's head" he pulled the head from the sack and held it up for Lord Stark and all to see his trophy "we managed to track them for the most part.. heading towards the wall"
    [22:07] Diomy Takakura looked over to Janey and sighed "The men you assigned me...I dont know where he is..I only just got out of the locked catacombs, m'lord"
    [22:07] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods "that is where they usually gather... close to the wall.. as to avoid a major force and patrols"
    [22:08] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) tucked the head away and nodded to the old guard "would you like the head on a pike my lord?"
    [22:09] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "no, he may have misunderstood my orders, badrick, you are to work with diomy and janey and find this guard, and this book, and bring him before me"
    [22:09] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) smiled and ran his hand over the handle of the long sword and nodded "yes my lord I will be sure to"
    [22:09] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "diomy, have you had your head examined? that could be a bad wound"
    [22:10] Janey Gallais speaks quietly "We just returned M'Lord, and no she hasn't."
    [22:10] Diomy Takakura sighed, the words taken from her mouth
    [22:11] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "janey, i want you to look at her wound, if it seems to be a open wound or serious bump, take her to the maester or septon"
    [22:11] Diomy Takakura shook her head, "I will be ok"
    [22:11] Janey Gallais nods "Yes M'lord..."
    [22:12] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "badrick, when you found these wildings, how many were there, and was there any sign of the ice queen?"
    [22:13] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) shook his head "when we arrived, I had the men split up into small groups and had them stationed near each spot they had been sighted and had them scour the area. The only one we saw was the one we beheaded for killing five of our men but he spoke of the ice saying she was resting and getting more powerful my lord"
    [22:15] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) looks confused "what would she need to rest for? this is curious indeed, i wonder if there is more to this than we can foresee"
    [22:15] Diomy Takakura: "M'lord I believe there is another force wrking with her..."
    [22:16] Diomy Takakura: "I saw a man dressed who was able to speak with them, however he was well groomed."
    [22:17] Janey Gallais nods, looking to see Lord Vayon's reaction
    [22:19] Diomy Takakura felt the back of her head moreso ad decided to let her hair down
    [22:19] Janey Gallais walks over "Oh no. Let me look."
    [22:19] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "wait... there was a man down there? where did he go"
    [22:20] Janey Gallais lifts up Diomy's hair and feels around, finding the spot Diomy was hit
    [22:20] Diomy Takakura struggles from Janey pulling and picking over her hair, "We had to find another way out, m'lord..it led us to a small tunnel...a cave...OW!"
    [22:20] Janey Gallais smiles "She'll be fine."
    [22:22] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): smiled nodding to those about "Hello every one" offered warmly mving to Vayons side wrapping an arm about him to hug him close
    [22:22] Janey Gallais nods "M'Lady..good evening..."
    [22:22] Diomy Takakura curtsies slightly off balance
    [22:23] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) smiles and kisses his wife, rubs her back slightly
    [22:23] Diomy Takakura: M'lady, its nice to see you again, as always
    [22:23] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) bowed to Lady Stark and rose "good evening my lady"
    [22:23] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "diomy, you aer not fine, you cannot even curtsie properly, i will have the maester visit you"
    [22:24] Diomy Takakura frowned, Not untill after we find that guard..Brom I think it is..."
    [22:25] Diomy Takakura: "Hes the one who had the damned book.."
    [22:25] Janey Gallais: Right, and he will be bringing it to you, M'Lord, don't you think?
    [22:25] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) looked to Badrick, "Do you know this man? This Brom? i am unfamiliar with the name"
    [22:26] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She smiled wamrly to them all then tilted ehr ehad at Diomy and eharing her husbands words after the kiss. she frowned "What is wrong?"
    [22:26] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) nodded "yes my lord, he's one of the guards aroound I know I've heard it once at least"
    [22:26] Janey Gallais sighs "I know who he is, you assign him to me at least three times a week, M'Lord..."
    [22:27] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "why the hell would he lock you in the catacombs? why not just take the book and escort you to me?"
    [22:27] Diomy Takakura turned to her ladyship, "Some asshole guard hit me and took the book that I was to burn or bring to lord Vayon...however, when we do find him, I will hit him just as hard"
    [22:28] Diomy Takakura shrugged, "How the hell should I know? I was out when he possibly spoke to Janey....all I know is that hes an ass..."
    [22:28] Diomy Takakura clenched her fists
    [22:29] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): she growled frowning he gaze Flying to Vayon. "Aye we must find him and make him tell us why and then show him the punishment for striking our citizens" she said in a hiss
    [22:29] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) sighs "is this what wintefell has come to? being labeled traitors, guards beating on women, wildlings winning the war and a book that seems to drive people mad"
    [22:30] Diomy Takakura: "Whatever is is, hes gonna get a taste of Dorish revenge.."
    [22:31] Diomy Takakura narrowed her eyes, intent on destruction.
    [22:31] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "diomy you will have your revenge, but do not enact it before i talk to the man'
    [22:32] Diomy Takakura nodded, calmly
    [22:32] Diomy Takakura: "Yes m'lord..."
    [22:32] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded at Vayons words "We must find out if there is soemthing deepr to this if he acted on his own or by another's orders." she said softly threw clenched teeth.
    [22:33] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "and what of this man you saw down there... who else saw him"
    [22:34] Diomy Takakura: "yes m'lady. I agree.." Diomy Paused, "Janey saw him..he was speaking with another...M'lord.we ended up getting out of the tunnel around Godswood.."
    [22:35] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "badrick, take 50 men, scour the catacombs, find this man and who ever he was talking with, andbring me brom damnit!"
    [22:36] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) blinked and stood up straight pulling the large blade from it's sheath placing the tip of it on the stones below him "I swear to you my lord, he will be here before the evening ends"
    [22:36] Diomy Takakura sighed with relief..
    [22:37] Diomy Takakura looked over to Janey, trying to read her face.
    [22:37] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "how many guards did i assign you diomy? how many sat by and watched this happen? janey, did you see this man?"
    [22:37] Janey Gallais thinks to herself, then gasps "Badrick! Don't touch the book!"
    [22:37] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) slid the heavy blade back in it's spot and turned bowing to them as he walked back to the group he had just gotten back with getting half of them ready to move then turned luckily still in earshot he raised a brow "what? Why would I?"
    [22:38] Diomy Takakura: "There were only six m'lord."
    [22:38] Janey Gallais: Just don't. OKay?
    [22:38] Diomy Takakura: "janey, will you please tell Badrick what happened?...as I dont remember some of it.."
    [22:38] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "so that means 5 men sat by and did nothing as he beat you and took the book"
    [22:39] Diomy Takakura muttered something about not being awake
    [22:39] Diomy Takakura: "Yes..and left us down there..though they loooked .remorseful"
    [22:40] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "i dont care if they were crying and begging him not to do it, they left you, followed him, they are just as guilty"
    [22:40] Diomy Takakura nodded
    [22:40] Janey Gallais looks at Diomy "We were...searching, I heard a noise and ran to find Diomy on the floor. The guard had the book, he said something about Diomy being reported for trying to burn it...he called me "Little One" as he always does, and then he left. And yes, the guards didn't want to leave us there, I coudl tell.
    [22:41] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She growled again frowning "Remorsful?!" she exclaimed they should have been on their knees begging for forgivness. they should be punished as well. What faith wil our people have in us if those we assign to protect them sit back and s do nothing when a threat comes"
    [22:41] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) nodded "shall I bring them as well?"
    [22:42] Diomy Takakura nodded, "they should have helped....bastards"
    [22:42] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) sighs "i fear there is more to this story, as bromm has not reported to me, bring everyone who was there badrick, i want themn to know my dissapointment"
    [22:42] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) grinned a bit "shall I teach them first what happens to disobedience my lord?"
    [22:43] Diomy Takakura grined as well
    [22:43] Janey Gallais watches Badrick and Diomy's faces
    [22:46] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) felt a smile form and bowed "with your leave then we'll get to the bottom of this, and I have a hunch it lies i nthe godswood"
    [22:47] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "go badrick, be swiift about it, before my blood boils over"
    [22:47] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) motioned to the fifty men and walked over joining them to make his way to the godswood sword in one hand torch in the other
    [22:49] Diomy Takakura looked to Janey, then her lord and lady.
    [22:49] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "Alkina, i will want a personal audience with your personal guards, after tonight, i will need to inspect them myself"


    [22:50] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes): [22:50:34] Badrick Flint called out "BROM COME OUT AND RECEIVE JUSTICE FOR YOUR ACTIONS!" He looked around turning and listening for movement he motioned to the 50 to go and look for the other five men he wanted to take brom himself since he had never liked the man. He called out again "BROM we know you're here coward!" ()
    [22:51] Diomy Takakura: very nice
    [22:54] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes): [22:53:54] Badrick Flint turned hearing some crunching and smirked finding the man there he ran towards him hoping to tackle him he grinned when it was a success but noted his sword had fallen aside he reached over grabbing it placing the heavy tip to his throat and smirked motioning two men to grab him and nodded as the rest started to regroup slowly bringing one guard a piece with them but noted one guard was missing. He frowned and pointed to the castle "get them to the castle I'll take the ten over there and we'll get the last one, go!" ()
    [22:56] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes): [22:56:17] Badrick Flint began to walk with the others sending the other ten to go make a circle around the spot noting the tracks in the snow he stopped and crouched behind a bush making bird calls loudly he stopped as he heard some breathing and looked around noting the man up in the tree above him he stood up quietly and used the sword to knock the man out of the tree. He bent down gripping the man by the hair and slid the heavy sword in it's sheath throwing him towards one of the others and nods "let's get back, hurry" ()

    [22:52] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded "Absolutly love. I want those responsiblepunished in front of them all Every giard even those in traning to know what it is to betray out trust and faith in them"
    [22:53] Janey Gallais looks down and stays quiet, playing with the fabric of her dress
    [22:53] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "some might be sent to the wall, and some might even be executed, this is not something i tend to take lightly"
    [22:53] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "janey, i will need you to identify the ones you saw when diomy was down"
    [22:55] Janey Gallais looks up with wide eyes "Executed...M'Lord?"
    [22:56] Diomy Takakura nodded, "Justice and taking care of in-house affairs"
    [22:56] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "if any of these men, had anything to do with that book or that man in the catacombs, they are withholding informatin, and it can be seen as treason"
    [22:58] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) came back in with Brom's hair in his hand and threw the man to the ground watchign the others throw their captives to the floor in a similar manner he grinned widely "my lord, the task has been completed, with ease and without any fatalities"
    [22:58] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She tilted her head at Janey lifting an eyebrow at how she was fidgeting so nervously. Frowning a touch at her question. "Aye by with holding it they put us all in danger"
    [22:59] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) looks to the men that badrick brought in, "these are teh dogs that did this? diomy? janey? are these them?"
    [22:59] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She frowned her rose gaze glaring down at the men dragged in by Badrick. Brom in particular.
    [23:00] Diomy Takakura: /me, Upon seeing Brom, rushed forward, kicking the man in the side, screaming "Where is the book!"
    [23:00] Janey Gallais looks at Lord Vayon and nods "Yes, M'Lord...these are the men."
    [23:00] Diomy Takakura frowned, waiting for an answer
    [23:01] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) looked in surprise at Diomy and held a hand up as another guard walked up with a cloth bag and motioned to it "they had this on them"
    [23:01] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) grabs diomy with a sudden movement, gripping her arm hard "WHAT DID I SAY! if you can not behave yourself and control your temper, i will send you to the maesters chamber right this minute! can you stay your tongue and temper?"
    [23:02] Diomy Takakura: "Damnit Vayon! If I had got my revenge, he would be dead! This is not a game! This book is evil!"
    [23:02] Diomy Takakura ripped away and walked abck towhere Janey stood[23:03] Janey Gallais looks over to Diomy with scared eyes "Calm down, you can't leave me here."
    [23:05] Diomy Takakura watched as Brom laughed and spoke to Diomy, "Your damn book is in my bag....it..speaks wonderful things....like how to kill you!"
    [23:05] Janey Gallais grabs Diomy's arm
    [23:05] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) held the bag up and shook it "Diomy.. calm down!"
    [23:06] Diomy Takakura gnashsted her teeth, resisting the urge to kick Brom once more.."
    [23:07] Diomy Takakura spoke to the maddened guard, "Be glad that you are not in Dorn..I would have your testicles right here by my very own hand!"
    [23:09] Diomy Takakura looked around the room, then to Badrick, and sighed, unclenching her fist
    [23:09] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She frowned looking to Diomy "You will control yourself LAdy Diomy. t they will recive Justive But not until we find out what is behind this." she stated firmly.she felt for ehr she truly did but she could not let sentiment sway her . She beleived as ehr husband did there was something far deeper here and to kill them to soon would kill any chance of finding that out. she looked to the sack what is init but had the answer given by Brom. "It is not her book" she stated. She hissed "DIOMY CONTROL YOURSELF NOW.!" she nearly shouted then drew in a slow breath, I do nto wish to have you removed form this. Nore does Vayon but if you continue to act this way you will be." She was trying to give thought to what to do with the book She did nto feel at all like this was Diomy at all aye she could understand ehr anger but she ahd never seen such Venom in the womans eyes. her gaze fell on the sack wondering what madness this book was capable of.
    [23:11] Diomy Takakura: "M'Lady....that book is capeable of destroying our world as we know it....in way you cannot possibly imagine"
    [23:13] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sigehd "Do you think i do not know that. but it is obivously capable of effecting everyone EVERYONE that comes in contact with it. but we can not act with jsut anger it must be thought threw, and we must get answers. Do you not see that? "
    [23:15] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) nodded at Alkina's words keeping the sack with the book inside of it in his hand he looked down to the 6 men on their knees with a guard positioned behind five of them and himself behind Brom he placed a boot on Brom's back and forced his face into the stones to get the man to keep quiet and looked around
    [23:16] Diomy Takakura pounted t the bag that Badrick was holding, "That..Grimoire...that dammed evil book can summon forht the filth, the evil, the deepest psin that was ever in existancet..I have touched that book, m'lady..I found it because it was calling out to me. In the catacombs. I could feel it. It has given me visions..and yes, m'lady, I know you have them too..but not quite like this..not of those in madness, or of seeing the flesh of one not using it correctly being burnt off as he screams in agony...boliing"
    [23:17] Diomy Takakura breathed in..it should be burnt this very second!
    [23:17] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) returns from deep thought, "i agree this book is something we need to destroy, but before we do, we must know who that man was, why he was tehre, what part bromm plays and more, Badrick, take teh 5 other guards and jail them, as for bromm. place him away from the others, take the book in hte bag and give it to the maesters, tell them not to touch it , i must take council on how to handle this matter"
    [23:18] Diomy Takakura: "please m'lord..burn it now.."
    [23:18] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) looked up to Lord Stark and nodded "let me toss it into the flames my lord, please"
    [23:19] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) sighs, "is it the book that we fear? or the power behind it?"
    [23:19] Diomy Takakura: "toss it into the fire... It is the evil Grimoire..there are others..but this is the one that is the most...destructive"
    [23:19] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) sighed and looked down in it "it's the contents my lord"
    [23:20] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "if we burn the book, it is true we rid ourselves of this filth, if we study it, we gain insight into a enemie more powerful than we know, it is a piciluare place i am in"
    [23:21] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She frowned "You Diomy habe no idea What I have seen. So do tno speak of it. and who is to say Diomy that the visons are exactly what it wished you to see or what ever malevolence that created such a Grimoire. I Agree it must be destroyed but I also agree with my husband that we must find out the pwoer behind it. wiaht if it simply moves form it to something else or gods forbid Someone else. We do nto even know that fire will destroy it"
    [23:22] Diomy Takakura was trying to stay calm, but with to no avail, she felt as if she was losing control
    [23:22] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "no, we will not burn the book, not yet, we run the risk of destroying what we do not know, or worse, releasing what we do not know, the book will stay with us and will be studied, how, i do not know"
    [23:22] Janey Gallais squeezes Diomy's arm, feeling her body tense up
    [23:23] Diomy Takakura: "Thats it...Im leaving...No one will listen.... I dont care anymore. If we all die...that book is why."
    [23:23] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "badrick,did you send your men into the catacombs, to search for this other man?"
    [23:23] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): "What id destroying it we release the behind it? Look at you it called to you and look at the desperation in you. How do you knwo what ever is clocked with in those pages wnats that so it may be free" she n said nodding at Vayons words.
    [23:24] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) nodded "I sent 15 in but they said they couldn't find any trails that anyone was down there. No tracks, nothing at all my lord"
    [23:24] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "Lady Diomy! you will stave your tongue in my court, stomp off if you wish, but as lord my decision stays"
    [23:25] Diomy Takakura: "As you wish...m'lord..."
    [23:25] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): clocked= locked
    [23:25] Diomy Takakura walked out
    23:25] Janey Gallais sighs and shakes her head ()
    [23:25] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) looked around and motioned for the guards to remove the men and place them in cells ()
    [23:26] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "let her go, that girl has the fire of dorne in her, reminds me of one reason i hate dorne" ()
    [23:26] Janey Gallais presses her lips together and mutters "Yes M'Lord..." ()
    [23:27] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) bowed slightly "my lord, with your leave I'd like to go rest for the evening" ()
    [23:28] Janey Gallais nods "Yes, I would as well, M'Lord..." ()
    [23:28] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sighed as well. "See to it those cells are well guarded.." she added then sighed. I feel dark forces at work untiol we learn what power is with held in those pages it would be a d mistake to burn it. Why would it call ehr why would it show her thngs that would make her want it destroyed" she mused outloud. ()
    [23:29] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods "you may both take your leave, say nothing to anyone about this book, i do not want rumors circulating" ()
    [23:29] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) smiled "which book my lord? I know nothing of a book" ()
    [23:29] Janey Gallais nods "Yes M'lord, good night....Lady Alkina..." ()
    [23:30] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) bows ()
    [23:30] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) bowed to both "Lord and LAdy Stark I wish you both a warm evening" ()
    [23:30] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She managed to grin at Badricks words and nodded to Janey "Good night Janey, Good night Danrick be safe and take c great care." ()
    [23:30] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "good night badrick, good nightjaney" ()
    [23:32] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sighed softly moving closer to Vayon when the othwrs were gone wrapping her arms about him"It seems the world is plummeting into chaos" she whispered wearily resting her head upon his chest ()
    [23:32] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods 'and winterfell is at the center ()
    [23:34] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded with a sigh. "I do not even need to touch that book to feel the darkness with in it My love. The sooner we find out what is truly bound with in it the better." she said hugging him tighter. ()
    [23:36] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "i do not think the book is the answer, nor do i beleive its power, i beleive this is all the work of that woman"
    [23:38] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded "Aye perhaps so but I di feel she has boind something to it perhaps even part of herself. Who knows but I do agree we must find out t what it is. To destroy it before doing so is not the answer."
    [23:39] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "i am at a loss on how to do so, if there is some strange power to that, i do not want our maesters touching it, but i dont know anyone that can do it"
    [23:42] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sighed wearily drawing away form him not far pacing by his side restlessly. "IF only My Old Maester was alive. He knew so Much Vayon. Even if he could not have unlock the msytery of the book i am sure he and his order could have shown us the path to take to discover it," she said softly. ()
    [23:43] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods "i am sure he could love, but i will not let any one from asshai outside you touch that book, they would only use it to further their power" ()
    [23:44] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) walks to the window and stares out into the snowy countryside beyond the walls of winterfell, staring deep in thought ()
    [23:46] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "i will go to the godswood tomorrow to pray, perhaps i need to think, there maybe something we are missing" ()
    [23:47] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded "True he was so different I am glad it was he who mentored me and not one of the tohers. some were not bad but many were very e self involved seeking anyhitng that added to their knowledge and power. I might even be able to find something out by touching it but truth be told I am afraid to. I beleive what ever power that is behind it is or in some way manipulated Diomy. or perhaps " she said going silent several moments then moved up behind him "PErhaps it is as you say not the book at all but a catelist something the ice queen uses to see threw reach threw?" She sighed agian wearily rubbbing his back her gaze following his, ()
    [23:51] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "you are not to touch that book, do not even look at it, i would rather have wintefell burn than lose you" ()
    [23:55] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She smiled "As said I might be able yo learn something but I hsve no desire to touch it Vayon I would not risk that," she said again wrapping ehr arms about him. "Especially if the ice queen is indeed w using it as some way of manipulating from a distance anyone who touches it in that case My love no one NO one of power and or position should touch it. perhaps that is her intent ganing control of someone important threw it." she sigehd agian "I do not know love my mind is in a whirl right now. I am Jsut trying to see the possibilities"
    [23:55] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): "All of them" ()
    [23:55] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "perhaps, or it could just be a book of instructions into some ancient type of magic" ()
    [23:57] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded "Perhaps but it does seemt o have an effect on those who have contact with it A simple book of spells would not be so." she said softly gazing to his eyes. ()
    [23:58] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "perhaps, but it could just be a mental thing, or some ancient magic on the book"
    [23:58] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded "True in any case until we find it out nothing should be taken for granted when it comes ot it," ()
    [00:00] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): to it* ()
    [00:01] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods his head "if it comes to light that bromm had more to do with it than we know of ... he will face execution, if it comes to it that he merely over-reacted, i either will reprimand him and bump him back down to a mere footsoldier, or even send him to the wall along with the 5 others" ()
    [00:03] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded "Nothing excuses what he did Love unless the book indeed has the means to control someones actions completely. The way he spoke to her, that is not simply over reacting my ove" ()
    [00:04] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods, "the man will be disciplined, in front of the others.. all of them.. so they may know what they face for disobeying or acting out of undiscipline" ()
    [00:07] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded ""Yes my love They must all knwo we do nto take betrayal of our faith in them lightly." "It has been a long night for you love I wish I had been ehre sooner to be at your side and offer my support." ()
    [00:08] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) smiles to his wife, her love is never ending and her support unwaivering "you were here love, that is all that matters, and your council is always needed, you keep a calm head about you"
    [00:11] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She smiled " I do the best I can my love, I try but even I have my Limits" she said with a smile. hugging him close. "Diomy about drive it form me there for few oments. but I can understand s why she is so upset. She still should not quesiton your judgment" ()

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