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    Coronation of the King


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    Coronation of the King

    Post by Brigit on Thu Dec 01, 2011 1:13 am

    Brigit Frey-Lannister takes a breath steps behind her husband smiles to her brother.
    Thierry Frey looks over the red robs and smiles back to the man. He sees his sister walk twoards them and smils to her
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell watching Thierry out of the corner of her eyes, a dimple dancing
    Timothy Chenaux looks out over the courtyard below and seeing the gathering asks "Honored Guests and loyal subjects of Westeros. Please take your place seated in the Sept."
    Timothy Chenaux looks out over the courtyard below and seeing the gathering asks "Honored Guests and loyal subjects of Westeros. Please take your place seated in the Sept."
    Lady Ranna smiles proudly on ,as the King and queen take there places
    Brigit Frey-Lannister brushes Thierry's arm, "Walk with your Sire, Thierry." and smiles to him, "I will follow, with the court."
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell looks up as the other Frey walks into the room " good marrow Septa Anya
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell dances carefully to avoid her good cousin's skirt
    Anya Frey smiles, trying to slip into the shadows. "Good morrow, tiny lady." she whispered cheerfully, wiggling her fingers in a tiny wave.
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell smiles at the others gathered
    Brigit Frey-Lannister nods to Aidan, "we're ready."
    Autumn of Wendwater : straightens her back lifting her chin whilst eyeing the queen's train to see if it needs any last minute straightening
    Autumn of Wendwater : reaching down and straightening the corner closest to her, she stands back up and resumes her place
    Brigit Frey-Lannister looks behind her at the court
    Brigit Frey-Lannister : eveyone here?
    Autumn of Wendwater : frows as she just straightened that train
    Autumn of Wendwater : Yes your Grace
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell : yes
    Lαđy Rαnnα smiles and nods ,to her niece
    Thierry Frey moves up behind Aidan
    Lαđy Rαnnα : yes your grace
    Brigit Frey-Lannister nods to Aidan, takes a breath and when he moves she pauses.
    Autumn of Wendwater : smiles to the queen and murmurs in her ear.. you will do fine
    Timothy Chenaux looks to his left side and then to his right as he makes his way to his lecturn and calls, "Harken all citizens of Westeros! Join together and and bring homage to your King who this day takes his crown."
    Timothy Chenaux repeats his incantation, "Harken all citizens of Westeros! Join together and and bring homage to your King who this day takes his crown."
    Timothy Chenaux smiles at the anticipation in the faces of those before him as he takes his position at the lecturn.
    Timothy Chenaux: I was glad when they said unto me
    Timothy Chenaux: We will go into the house of the Faith.
    Timothy Chenaux: Our feet shall stand in thy gates.
    Timothy Chenaux: The sept is built as a city that is at unity in itself.
    Timothy Chenaux: O pray to the Father for the peace of Westeros.
    Timothy Chenaux: That Westeros shall prosper.
    Timothy Chenaux: Peace be within thy walls.
    Tyros Lannister sits in the pew looking bored till he sees the king arrives and then he stands quickly
    Lady Najah Hewett curtsys low and remains as the blessing is given
    Timothy Chenaux bows his head
    Timothy Chenaux: The King is dead. Long live the King.
    Brigit Frey-Lannister bows her head when the High Septon does.
    Timothy Chenaux: We mourn the King and his passing.
    Timothy Chenaux: This day, Aidan of the House of Lannister comes before us as the blood heir to this throne.
    Timothy Chenaux: His veins course with the blood of the House of Targaryen and he will take unto himself the name and calling of AEDAN TARGARYEN.
    Autumn of Wendwater : remains bowed low
    Timothy Chenaux: And to his offspring, both prince and not, shall also pass the name of his blood, Targaryen.
    Timothy Chenaux: So this is ordained and granted by the wish of those who have ruled and passed before and The Faith of the Seven through this servant, though unworthy.
    Timothy Chenaux: So be it.
    Aidan Lannister walks in followed by the court quietly he stops and looks to the the septon motioning the others to stand to the side for now he approaches the septon he hears the Septon and nods to his squire to bring the Targaryen cloak and removes the lannister one
    Brigit Frey-Lannister murmurrs, "So be it."
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell moving behind her good cousin she watches the room, she curtsy's low, though being the Princess of the Dorne, she keeps her head high, watching around her
    Timothy Chenaux motions, "Aedan Targaryen, please take you place as the coronation is now to begin. "
    Thierry Frey walks to Aidan and presents the cloak folded up neatly in his hands to him as he lowers his head befor him.
    Aidan Lannister takes it fastening the cloak quickly moving beterrn the altar and the throne standing quietly
    Timothy Chenaux nods
    Tyros Lannister bows his head where he should and mumbles respoenses where he should. He seems to be watching and waiting for something.
    Timothy Chenaux: Loyal subjects of Westeros, I here present unto you Aedan Targaryen, your undoubted King.
    Timothy Chenaux: Wherefore all you who are come this day to do your homage and service, are you willing to do so?
    Thierry Frey raises his head up as Aidan walks twords the throne
    Timothy Chenaux: All Hail the King.
    Brigit Frey-Lannister lets her voice be heard, "Hail the King"
    Tahekus Lorch remains silent and still like a statue, arching a brow at the name he'd never heard before as he runs an absent hand over his braided hair, the looks to his Lord.
    Tyros Lannister says clearly, 'Hail King Aedan," and takes one knee.
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell rises, her head held high, dancing lavender eyes intense " Hail King Aedan"
    Lady Najah Hewett smiles "Hail the King"
    Timothy Chenaux: Aedan Targaryen, is your Majesty willing to take the Oath?
    Lαđy Rαnnα : Hail the King
    Autumn of Wendwater : Hail the King! She shouts
    Aidan Lannister nods to the Septon "yes your high holiness"
    Tahekus Lorch : Hail King. ::He repeats after Tyros.::
    Thierry Frey shouts "Hail the King!"
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell melts to the ground again, watching, she looks over and see's the one all in black with the kraken on his chest. A twitch of a smile crosses pink lips as she studies him
    Aidan Lannister quickly adds "I am willing"
    Timothy Chenaux: Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the peoples and lands of the Kingdom of Westeros according to their respective laws and customs?
    Aidan Lannister : I solemnly promise to do so
    Timothy Chenaux: Will you cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all your judgments?
    Aidan Lannister nods "I will"
    Timothy Chenaux: Will you, to the utmost of your power, maintain the Laws of the Faith of the Seven and the true profession of the Laws?
    Aidan Lannister : I will
    Timothy Chenaux: Will you, to the utmost of your power, maintain in the Kingdom of Westeros the precepts of peace and fellowship?
    Aidan Lannister : I will
    Timothy Chenaux: Will you maintain and preserve inviolably the settlement of the Kingdom of Westeros, and the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government thereof, as by law established in The Faith of the Seven?
    Aidan Lannister repeats "I will"
    Timothy Chenaux: And will you preserve unto the the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men of Westeros, and to the personages there committed to their charge, all such rights and privileges, as by law do or shall appertain to them or any of them?
    Aidan Lannister : all this I promise to do
    Timothy Chenaux: Do you swear upon this book of the laws of The Faith of the Seven to keep the vows you have made?
    Aidan Lannister takes a deep breath in then nods "The things which I have here promised, I will perform, and keep"
    Timothy Chenaux: Our gallant King, to keep your Majesty ever mindful of the law of the Faith of the Seven as the Rule for the whole life and government of the Seven Kingdoms, we present you with this Book, the most valuable thing that this world affords here is Wisdom.
    Timothy Chenaux: This is the royal Law.
    Timothy Chenaux: Behold, the Protector of the Realm and look upon the face of the anointed.
    Timothy Chenaux: All Hail the King
    Brigit Frey-Lannister : Hail King Aedan
    Timothy Chenaux passes the sacred book to the King.
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell : Hail Aedan Targaryen, King of Westros
    Autumn of Wendwater : All Hail the King! SHe smiles as she moves closer to aid the queen
    Thierry Frey : Hail King Aidan!!
    Lady Najah Hewett "hail King Aedan"
    Aidan Lannister takes the book and holds it close smiling to the Septon
    Makana Swyft: All Hail the King
    Timothy Chenaux nods approvingly to Aedan.
    Timothy Chenaux: Aedan of Westeros, kneel before me
    Tyros Lannister : Hail King Aedan
    Aidan Lannister walks over to the small table and bends down kneeling with his head bowed
    Timothy Chenaux: This annointed stone, by the power of its crystals, grant unto this sov Aedan Targaryen, our King, the gift of wisdom and the heart to govern, that being devoted his subjects with his whole heart, he may so wisely govern that in his time Westeros may be in safety, and the Faith of the Seven may continue in peace.
    Timothy Chenaux: Subjects of Westeros, submit yourselves to every ordinance of man whether it be to the King, as supreme, or unto his governors, as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well.
    Timothy Chenaux: Honor the King.
    Timothy Chenaux: All Hail the King.
    Brigit Frey-Lannister : Hail King Aedan
    Thierry Frey : Hail King Aidan!
    Lαđy Rαnnα : Hail to the King
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell : Hail King Aedan
    Lady Najah Hewett Hail King Aedan
    Autumn of Wendwater : Hail King Aedan
    Lαđy Rαnnα : Hail King Adian
    Timothy Chenaux: By anointing with oil the power of old didst make and consecrate kings, septs, and prophets, to teach and govern thy people, and thus I annoint the King Aedan Targaryen, who this office and ministry of the Faith of the Seven, is now to be anointed.
    Timothy Chenaux: Strengthen him.
    Tahekus Lorch : Hail King. ::He repeats again, but otherwise remaining still and silent.::
    Timothy Chenaux: Confirm and establish in him wisdom.
    Timothy Chenaux: Bestow to him the knowledge to govern.
    Timothy Chenaux: Give him peace in his mind.
    Timothy Chenaux: Grant him the heart to bear trials of the spirit.
    Timothy Chenaux: Grant him the body to bear trials of limb.
    Timothy Chenaux: Bring to him the means to rule fairly and justly before all men.
    Timothy Chenaux: God Save the King
    Timothy Chenaux: All Hail the King.
    Brigit Frey-Lannister : Hail King Aedan!
    Tyros Lannister : Hail King Aedan
    Lady Najah Hewett Hail King Aedan
    Lαđy Rαnnα : God save King Aedan
    Autumn of Wendwater : Hail the King
    Thierry Frey : Hail King Aedan!
    Tahekus Lorch : Hail King.
    Timothy Chenaux: Receive this kingly Sword delivered to you by the hands of this servant of The Faith of the Seven, though unworthy.
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell : Seven Save King Aedan
    Timothy Chenaux: With this sword do justice, stop the growth of iniquity, help and defend widows and orphans, restore the things that are gone to decay, maintain the things that are restored, punish and reform what is amiss, and confirm what is in good order.
    Timothy Chenaux: That doing these things you may be glorious in all virtue; and so faithfully serve The Faith of the Seven, that you may reign in peace and strength.
    Timothy Chenaux: All Hail the King.
    Brigit Frey-Lannister : Hail King Aedan
    Timothy Chenaux passes the sword to the King.
    Lady Najah Hewett Hail King Aedan
    Aidan Lannister takes the sword and holds it in his hands
    Brigit Frey-Lannister puts her finger in Tristan's mouth to try and keep him quiet.
    Timothy Chenaux hold out his hands to the King and says, "Aedan, stand and come before me."
    Lady Elisabeth Stark, Of Winterfell: "smiles sweetely at the little lords noises"
    Timothy Chenaux: Receive the Ring of kingly dignity, and the seal of The Faith of the Seven.
    Timothy Chenaux passes the sacred ring
    Autumn of Wendwater : reaches into the bag and hands the queen one of tristian's toys for him to suck on
    Brigit Frey-Lannister takes the toy from Lady Autumn and nods to her silently turning back to watch the proceedings.
    Autumn of Wendwater : stepping back once the queen takes it
    Aidan Lannister rises and stands moving to stand in front of the septon he takes the ring from him and slides it on his finger
    Timothy Chenaux: And as you are this day consecrated to be our Head and King, so may you continue steadfastly as the Defender of The Faith of the Seven.
    Timothy Chenaux: All Hail the King
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell : All Hail the King
    Thierry Frey : Hail King Aedan
    Brigit Frey-Lannister : Hail King Aedan
    Lady Najah Hewett Hail King Aedan
    Makana Swyft: Hail the King
    Tyros Lannister : Hail King Aedan
    Autumn of Wendwater : All Hail our King
    Timothy Chenaux: I crown you with a crown of glory and righteousness, that having a right faith and manifold fruit of good works, you may rule the Kingdom of Westeros for long and prosperous years and hold the faith and steadfastness of your citizens.
    Lαđy Rαnnα : Hai King Aedan
    Timothy Chenaux hold the crown over the head of King Aedan and slowly lowers it upon his head.
    Timothy Chenaux: May you have a faithful court and quiet realms, and sure defence against all enemies.
    Timothy Chenaux: May you see fruitful lands and prosperous labors, wise counsellors and leaders of integrity in learning and labor, and honest peaceable and dutiful citizens.
    Timothy Chenaux: May wisdom and knowledge be the stability of your times.
    Timothy Chenaux: As you rule as King over these peoples may you increase in character of grace, honour and happiness in this world, and make you partaker of felicity in the life you maintain.
    Timothy Chenaux: King Aedan , please take your place upon the throne.
    Tyros Lannister glances to Lord Lorch next to him.
    Aidan Lannister adjusts the crown a little then walks over slowly lowering himself in the seat of the throne
    Nymeros Edric Martell steps into the sept, watching the crowd swirl and listens to the deep voices, the man kneeling in front of His Holiness. He crosses his arms and peers through the crowd, searching for the small figure of his sister.
    Timothy Chenaux: Stand firm, and hold fast from henceforth the seat and state of royal and imperial dignity, which is this day delivered unto you, and by the hands of this servant of The Faith of the Seven, though unworthy.
    Timothy Chenaux: All Hail the King.
    Autumn of Wendwater : Hail the King!
    Brigit Frey-Lannister : Hail King Aedan
    Tahekus Lorch smirks quietly to his lord, nodding in agreement before lettiong out a low yawn.
    Thierry Frey : Hail The King!
    Lady Najah Hewett Hail the King
    Timothy Chenaux: I give you King Aedan Targaryen, Rule of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm
    Tyros Lannister : Hail King Aedan
    Lαđy Rαnnα : Hail King Aedan
    Timothy Chenaux: Hail, King Aedan!
    Autumn of Wendwater : Hail King Aedan!
    Lady Elisabeth Stark, Of Winterfell: "smiles at our new king"
    Aidan Lannister is now known as Aedan Targaryen.
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell rises and grins brightly " Aedan the Dragon
    Tahekus Lorch : Hail King.
    Thierry Frey claps loudly
    Tyros Lannister stretches a little bit in his armor and watches the proceeding
    Lαđy Rαnnα : Hail King Aedan
    Timothy Chenaux: Citizens of Westeros, Your King will now address you.
    Tyros Lannister shakes his head with a look of impatience.
    Aedan Targaryen looks out at the people attending and smiles, he takes a deep breath beginning the speech he had written "Citizens of Westeros, through the passing of Jaeron and recent events we have clung together.. As I accept the crown of Westeros, I swear to you that I will strive to maintain peace in our land. I will bear no tolerance for any might attempt to dishonor our land by bringing upheaval or any effort to break the peace. I pray to the Gods for the unity of the kingdoms and to aid me in my desire to live in harmony throughout our days. Bring to me your wants, your needs and your prayers, we will hear you. I am humbled to be your King and all of this that has been said, I swear to you"
    Timothy Chenaux applauds
    Tahekus Lorch looks to the Lord Lannister with an arched brow and a hushed voice "There be no deaths?" seeming a bit confused.
    Tyros Lannister grins and shakes a hand to Lord Lorch.
    Lady Elisabeth Stark: "applauds"
    Tyros Lannister applauds
    Timothy Chenaux frowns and considers the remarks lightly.
    Autumn of Wendwater : applauds politely
    Timothy Chenaux looks to Queen Brigit,
    Timothy Chenaux: I understand that there is to be a child brought to me for naming on this day.
    Brigit Frey-Lannister smiles to her husband trying to burn the picture of this moment in her memory
    Thierry Frey claps and smiles at Aedan
    Brigit Frey-Lannister nods and steps forward with their son.
    Timothy Chenaux: King Aedan and Queen Brigit, bring forward the child you are presenting for naming.
    Aedan Targaryen stands and makes his way back over
    Timothy Chenaux beckons the King to come stand before him with his family.
    Tahekus Lorch croses his arms and breaths slowly as he watches the proceedings.
    Timothy Chenaux: I ask you: First, as parents are you people of the Faith of the Seven?
    Brigit Frey-Lannister : We are.
    Aedan Targaryen : we are
    Timothy Chenaux nods approvingly
    Timothy Chenaux: Will you do your best to provide a home where faith and spirituality are part of the nurturing of this child?
    Tyros Lannister looks on apporvingly as his cousins presents his family to the front. He face showing just the hint of a smile.
    Brigit Frey-Lannister : we will.
    Aedan Targaryen : yes, we will
    Timothy Chenaux smiles his approval.
    Timothy Chenaux: Do you acknowledge this day that the Faith is already at work inside this child?
    Lady Elisabeth Stark: "looks on with a smile at her dear friend, wonders if one day she might have a child to have a naming day, if her cousin ever finds her a husband that is'"
    Aedan Targaryen : yes, we do
    Brigit Frey-Lannister : Yes, we do
    Timothy Chenaux bows his head in solemn prayer
    Timothy Chenaux: Let us pray to the God Mother
    Timothy Chenaux: Mother, we thank you for the wonder of new life and for the mystery of human love.
    Aedan Targaryen dips his head as the Septon begins to pray
    Timothy Chenaux: We thank you for all whose support and skill surround and sustain the beginning of life.
    Brigit Frey-Lannister prays also and listens carefully.
    Autumn of Wendwater : lowers her chin to her chest
    Nymeros Edric Martell shifts to the other side of the Great Sept, still peering about, quickly but unsuccessfully stifling a sigh of irritation. Where is she? why was she not waiting for him, as his missive had instructed.
    Lady Elisabeth Stark: "lowers her head in respect, prays with everyone else"
    Tahekus Lorch looks at the child for a moment, then looks to the Queen before losing himself in deep thought, wondering if he might have any little bastards running around somewhere.
    Timothy Chenaux: We thank you that we are known to you by name and loved by you from all eternity.
    Timothy Chenaux: We thank you for the gift of this child, entrusted to our care.
    Timothy Chenaux: May we be patient and understanding, ready to guide and to forgive, so that through our love he may come to know your love.
    Timothy Chenaux: King Aedan, be this child male or female?
    Aedan Targaryen : Male
    Timothy Chenaux: King Aedan and Queen Brigit, what name do you give to this child?
    Aedan Targaryen : Tristan Targaryen
    Brigit Frey-Lannister : Tristan Targaryen
    Tyros Lannister obviously does not pray but does bow his head slightly.
    Lαđy Rαnnα feels the tears slide down her cheeks
    Timothy Chenaux holds forth his arms and says, "Queen Brigit bring the child to me. "
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell watching her cousin and his family she smiles and brushes back a lock of silver blond hair. She glances around to see Thierry standing with his sister and Good brother and blushes a pale pink. Aidan.. No, it was Aedan now, Aedan had promissed her her choice of a husband if she pledged him the Dorne with out trouble
    Timothy Chenaux places the oil upon the forehead, lips and hands of the infant.
    Brigit Frey-Lannister steps forward and holds the baby for him.
    Timothy Chenaux chuckles, "He seems to enjoy his annointing!
    Timothy Chenaux: By the authority vested in me by The Faith of the Seven, I hereby name you Tristan Targaryen, Son of Aedan, Prince of Westeros.
    Timothy Chenaux: Let us pray to the God Father
    Brigit Frey-Lannister smiles to his high holiness, and puts her finger in Tristan's mouth to quiet him.
    Timothy Chenaux: Father, we praise you for this child's birth - surround him with your blessings that he may know your love, be protected from evil, and know your goodness all his days.
    Lady Elisabeth Stark: "smiles at the baby at his annointing"
    Timothy Chenaux: May he learn to love all that is true, grow in wisdom and strength.
    Timothy Chenaux: Give these parents wisdom, patience and faith, and help them to provide for this beloved child's needs.
    Timothy Chenaux: Father, we thank you for the rich variety of the families you have created for us.
    Timothy Chenaux: Help us to respect and learn from each other.
    Tyros Lannister bows his head at the prayer
    Timothy Chenaux: Father, bless the home of this child, may it provide shelter from harm, the warmth of a fire and security to the family and to all those who visit.
    Timothy Chenaux: Tristan Targaryen, today we officially welcome you.
    Timothy Chenaux: We wish you long life and much happiness.
    May you face all challenges that come to you as a person of integrity.
    May you continue to bring great joy to your parents and to all those who come to know you.
    Timothy Chenaux: May beauty delight you and happiness uplift you, may wonder fulfill you and love surround you.
    Timothy Chenaux: May your step be steady and your arm be strong, may your heart be peaceful and your word be true.
    Timothy Chenaux: May you seek to learn, may you learn to live.
    Timothy Chenaux: May you live to love, and may you love always.
    Timothy Chenaux: Peace be with you and in your heart.
    Thierry Frey looks at brigit and Aedan smileing
    ((All exit in order the High Septon, the King, The Queen, The Court follows to the throne room.))
    Brigit Frey-Lannister passes Tristan to the wet nurse.
    Aedan Targaryen makes his way up the steps and slowly lowers himself onto the throne
    Thierry Frey walks to the base of the stairs looking up to the King as he sits on the throne.
    Brigit Frey-Lannister looks up to him so handsome up there, takes a breath and waits.
    Autumn of Wendwater : smiles clasping her hands in her lap as she looks up and then back to the queen
    Tyros Lannister watches the new king ascend to the throne with a look of satisfaction and bit of smugness.
    Aedan Targaryen motions his wife up
    Lady Elisabeth Stark: "looks on at her friend wonders if this is her moment to shine"
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell finds herself standing next to the Kracken and looks up with a smile dancing across her freckled cheeks. She wasnt sure if it was THE Kracken, or his man. But by the maiden he was cute... Hum,, Maybe if Thierry was not polite enough she would choose him
    Brigit Frey-Lannister slowly skirts gathered in her hands climbs the steps and kneels before him.
    Aedan Targaryen looks as a pillow is brought in with the tiara on it he takes the tiara and slowly places it on her head slowly "rise my queen"
    Autumn of Wendwater : hopes she has enough polish for the tiara
    Brigit Frey-Lannister smiles, takes a long breath, whispers "thank you." and moves to the side.
    Aedan Targaryen looks out to those gathered and calls "those who wish to swear fealty may do so now"
    Tyros Lannister steps forward boldly not waiting on others and says, "I and House Lannister would you Grace."
    Brigit Frey-Lannister is now known as Brigit Targaryen.
    Aedan Targaryen nods to his cosuin "step forth Lord Lannister"
    Tahekus Lorch follows silently behind his Lord, digging around in a small pouch seemingly looking for something.
    Lady Najah Hewett smiled as she watched, but with sadness in her heart, she had hoped he would have returned in time to be here, she understod the importance why he had to deal with it now but she wanted Dare at her side now and always, her knees shook she had recieved the raven earlier that she was expected to so swear not only for her Father and the Family but for the House Tyrell and her betrothed
    Lady Elisabeth Stark: "remember her cousins Lord Starks instructions wonders how it will be taken bye the new king and her half cousin. For the first time she is feeling very much like a pawn in a game between two men'"
    Tyros Lannister approaches the steps and rise slowly up them and upon reaching the top takes a knee and says, "Here do I swear by mouth and hand, fealty and service to the Crown and the Iron Throne. To speak and to be silent. To do and to let be. To come and to go. To serve and teach. In such matters that concern this realm. In need or in plenty. In peace or in war. In living or in dying. Until the King depart his throne, death take me, or the world end. So say I, Tyros Lannister."
    Aedan Targaryen listens closely and nods to his cousin
    Tyros Lannister upon seeing the nod and says, "I wouls speak for House Lannister. As the King of the Rock knelt in ages past so I kneel to the dragon once again. To the Iron Throne I pledge the faith of Lannister and Casterly Rock. Hearth and heart and harvest we yield up to you, your grace. Our swords and spears and arrows are yours to command. Grant mercy to our weak, help to our helpless, and justice to all, and we shall never fail you. I swear it by earth and the lion. I swear it by the blood of our fathers back to the beginning. I swear it in the name of the Holy Seven. "
    Aedan Targaryen looks to Thierry and motions him up with the Lannister cloak he had worn after his cousin finished
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell stands with almost perfect stillness, the youthful age to many not so youthful to a princess raised to this life. She watches as each in turn swear to her cousin
    Thierry Frey steps up beside the Man holding the cloak out before him to the King as he lowers his head.
    Tahekus Lorch finally finds whatever it was he was looking for and waits patiently.
    Aedan Targaryen tips his head to Tyros as he sees the cloak offered "Lord Tyros Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock I name you warden of the west. I give you the cloak of the Lannisters I wore as head of the family and hope you continue to head the family level headed and wisely"
    Thierry Frey turns to the Man the cloak still presented out infront of him.
    Tyros Lannister reach out and takes the cloak held out and manages to put in on over his plate.
    Tyros Lannister bows his head and replies, 'House Lannister will serve the realm faithfully you Grace."
    Lαđy Rαnnα : I pledge my loyaly and devotion ,to you King Aedan
    Aedan Targaryen smiles to Lord Lannister "may prosperity fall on house Lannister as always"
    Brigit Targaryen holds my hand out for my Aunt to join me on the steps.
    Tyros Lannister nods and backs down the stairs slowly not disrespecting the king with his back.
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell moves forward, the white pearl strewn dress blinking in multi colored light coming through the stained windows of the throne room. The ruby and diamond of her crown held tight in her hair, proclaiming her rank as the Ruler of the Dorne. She sinks to a low curtsy before her cousin and good cousin and speaks with a lilting tone " I, Dearbhail Daenerys Martell, Princess and rightful ruler of the Dorne, swear the allegiance of the Dorne, and all its peoples, to Aedan Targaryen, Rightful king of the Seven Kingdoms. This I so swear, by the Seven"
    Brigit Targaryen smiles and nearly chokes up at her beloved Princess Dear, nearly calls out for guards as the man moves toward her.
    Aedan Targaryen smiles to Dear turning to the man who interrupted moving a hand to the sword he had been presented with as he listens
    Tyros Lannister eyes widen at the massvie breach of protocol as Lady Frey speaks out of turn. he then shrugs a bit and watches as the Dornish nobles begin to argue.
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell looks up, a soft gasp as she see's the dark visage of her father, thinking a ghost returned. Untill she see's the purple eyes of thier Mother, and knows it is her brother. He is not the venomous for just any reason " Your dead"
    Lady Elisabeth Stark is quite startled by the way the princess was grabed
    Tahekus Lorch looks to his lord then to the man in black as he croses his arms over his chest.
    Nymeros Edric Martell looks up at the throne. "This woman does not speak for Dorne, nor me. I am her elder brother, Nymeros, and if my father has died in my absence, then I hold the Dornish throne, not my sister." He looks down at Daenerys, confused, freezing in place. "Dead? Obviously not."
    Thierry Frey hearing the unknown man he turns and looks between Dear and the stranger.
    Kronos sensing a state of unrest in seeing the man's abrupt motions to the lady he unsheaths his sword
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell : But, Nym, your ship, it sank. They said you were dead, and then you didnt return with Father's death, though word was sent far and wide. Your Dead, I am the Dorne
    Tahekus Lorch moves protectively infront of his Lord Tyros, his body tensing as he stares down at the man from his massive height
    Kronos looks to the man "I do not think this is the time to disrespect the kin Lad"
    Lady Elisabeth Stark steps back in case a fight breaks out
    Aedan Targaryen relaxes a bit "then tell me Lord Martell, do you wish to swear Drone's fealty?" He looks seeing the Greyjoy draw his sword and shook his head calling out "sheath your blades and let's handle this in a civilized manner!"
    Nymeros Edric Martell looks down at her, reaching up to stroke her cheek with gloved fingertips. "Come, come dragonlet... tell me you don't remember me... I did not sail as Father commanded... I had a duty to finish first. I am so sorry you've been alone..." He leans down and, cupping Dany's chin, kisses her soft, sweet lips.
    Brigit Targaryen watches and listens silently.
    Kronos bows his head to his grace
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell looks to Aedan as he speaks to her brother, her eyes narrow, the violet light sparking with in them. She Almost stomps a small red clad foot. Right up to the point when he kisses her, then her eyes go wide. She steps backwards and turns to Aedan " He is the Dorne. for now"
    Thierry Frey confused about what just happened he back up to the side of the King. His face showing his consern if things are alright.
    Nymeros Edric Martell glances up briefly and inclines his head respectfully. "My apologies, Your Grace. I do not refuse to swear fealty, but I would beg that you will realize that I have returned to King's landing only this morning and have found that you are King, my Father is dead and my sister was left alone. I would beg your indulgence to allow me a few days to gain my equilibrium." Nymeros buries his finges in Dany's hair and growls. "I am the Dorne and that ends that tale, little sister, little love. You are mine as well. Father gave you to me when you were one year old."
    Tyros Lannister hand never moves to his sword but he does stand at readiness. He smiles as his guard steps in front of him.
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell does stomp her foot " Aedan said I may choose my groom. And HE is king."
    Lady Elisabeth Stark trys to contain her amusement at the sibling rivaly, remebers to well the fights that her cousins Lord and Lady stark would have
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell stands up straight, brushing her hair back, she realizes she will get farther if she maintains her dignity " Yes Brother, as you say "
    Tahekus Lorch tilts his head as he glares at the small dornish girl, clenching his large fists as he finds almost painful that no one has put her in her place yet. He looks to his Lord, Uttering something in some foriegn brutish sounding language.
    Nymeros Edric Martell: And I am the head of our family. Promises made when you think me dead are not valid if I am not in agreement. Do not cross me, Daenerys; I still have a dog whip.
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell blinks
    Aedan Targaryen nods to the Lord Martell "after Jaeron passed I did allow my little cousin that freedom, it's true. Lord Martell I will grant your request obviously you understand if fealty is not sworn I will of course have no choice but to count the dornish enemies of the kingdom"
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell her breathing spikes as her body shakes, remembering why he recieved the name Venomous was not just his tongue. She almost cowers, but she is a Targaryen and a Martell, there is no cower in her, she narrows her eyes slightly, and bows her head " as you say"
    Lady Elisabeth Stark is shocked at the throught of Little Dearbhails being dog whiped, how could any one be so cruel
    Kronos looks up to his grace "My King, I do appoligize for letting this lady step before me, but as I have sent word previously, House Greyjoy, all of the sworn houses of the Iron Isles, swear our swords, our lives, and our houses to you during your reign. We're not ones for formality, but you do have our loyalty my grace. And again we appoligize for the lady of the frey for not knowing her place in your court"
    Tyros Lannister shakes his head to Lord Lorch and but seems to watch the scene with amusement. When Greyjoy speaks up he nods to the man in respect.
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell moves back as others come forward, trying to pull from her brothers grasp, with out appearing to
    Aedan Targaryen chuckles and nods to Lord Greyjoy "may the iron islands remain strong as Valyrian Steel Lord Greyjoy"
    Nymeros Edric Martell bows slowly. "I would beg leave to retire and speak with my sister on the morrow and then petition you at Court. I did not come to declare myself an enemy but I cannot declare myself a friend either. I beg your leave to retire?"
    Kronos bows his head and taps his sheathed sword "and a long and prosperous reign to you my grace" and smiles with a bit of a crooked and bent smile
    Aedan Targaryen nods to the Martell for the moment "request granted Lord Martell"
    Nymeros Edric Martell bows gracefully. "I thank you for your indulgence. I will hope to beg audience with you very soon." Nymeros nods quietly to the queen. "Your Grace." Turning on his heel, he strides down the carpet and down the stairs, back to his ship.
    Brigit Targaryen motions a serving woman for water, when she brings it I take two goblets and holds them in case the King needs also to whet his throat.
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell moving back to where she is almost hiding behind the thick columns. This home of hers, the red keep for so long a safe place, now no l onger
    Tahekus Lorch watches the Dronish man leave with a small smirk on his face before muttering something in the same language as before, before turning his full attentino back to the King.
    Brigit Targaryen hearld calls, "Next?"
    Tyros Lannister just the watches the rest of the proceeds.
    Nikolaoc Kozlov: My King greetings and I am glad to see you on your throne
    Kronos shakes his head at the early departure and laughs a bit to himself "what a way to make a great first impression on your king boy"
    Aedan Targaryen looks to the Maester as he walks in and nods "Maester Nik, for your hard work with moving the location of the Citadel I would like to name you Grand Maester Nik"
    Nikolaoc Kozlov: i am honored your grace
    Aedan Targaryen smiles "rise and join me then Grand Maester, you will have a seat on the small council"
    Brigit Targaryen smiles to the wise Maester, nodding, holds out the goblet in case the King should chose to take it while the next man steps up.
    Nikolaoc Kozlov: I hope to do the work to your satisfation My King
    Tahekus Lorch quietly steps up to the steps, looking to the feet of the King Bowing his head and awaiting permission to speak.
    Aedan Targaryen looks down and calls out "rise good Ser"
    Tahekus Lorch rises slowly, and takes a few steps upwards even more slowly so as not to cause them to think he meant harm.
    Tahekus Lorch Retrieves a small piece of what looks like a hunk of dried jerky, offering it to the king "I know not pretty word for such ceremony. But I, Tahekus Lorch, Head of Lion Gaurd and Retainer of Lannister house, Pledge Fealty to you as King of Seven by offer this, with promise to do same to all enemy of realm. I offer you this severed phallus of a murderer I execute upon first day as Lion Gaurd." Bows his head low before taking a knee.
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell gasps, and tries to see it, with out appearing to try and see it, though she probably fails dreadfully
    Brigit Targaryen shudders.
    Aedan Targaryen takes the severed phallic object and held it to Thierry to take "Thank you Ser Lorch, are you the head of the Lorch family?"
    Tahekus Lorch : That I know of, Grace. ::he answers in his strange and barbaric accent.::
    Tahekus Lorch : I only member of House.
    Aedan Targaryen nods "then may the Lorch family prosper under your guidance Lord Lorch"
    Tahekus Lorch : I thank, grace. Long live King Aedan Targaryan. Lord of Seven. ::he replies before slowly stepping backwards and rising.
    Nikolaoc Kozlov: hear hear
    Brigit Targaryen nods to Lady Elisabeth.
    Lady Elisabeth Stark: "moves forward and custys"
    Aedan Targaryen turns and looks to the goblet and shakes his head looking back out noting the lady of the Starks, he offers a nod "rise lady of the Starks"
    Lady Elisabeth Stark: my dear King I personaly wish you good fortune and all the blessings that come to you in your reign, my dear king, my cousin Lord Stark has forbidden me to to sware loyaty as he belives this is matter between you and him...
    Lady Elisabeth Stark: lowers her head
    Brigit Targaryen sighs, she knew why he would not take the goblet from her, and she narrows her eyes for a moment at her husband, handing one goblet back to the servant, she drinks a long drink from the other and puts it too on the tray, waving off the servant and looks down to hear Lady Elisabeth.
    Tyros Lannister watches Lord Lorch with a slight smile. And nods to him as he retunrs with a quiet, 'Well done."
    Aedan Targaryen raises a brow "excuse me? Lord Stark does not wish to swear fealty to the iron throne, I should have expected no less after his treasonous acts in the past"
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell glances across the room at Thierry standing near the King, she looks to her good cousin Brigit, who has been her rock, and now to the house of Stark. She watches
    Brigit Targaryen narrows her eyes farther hearing the words of the woman she held dear growing up. whispers, "the wolves are treasonous."
    Lady Elisabeth Stark: "my dear king his intentions have not been made known to me only that I am forbidden"
    Tyros Lannister raise an eyebrow at hearing the Stark woman speak but remains silent. He looks to the king and asks, "May i speak your Grace?"
    Aedan Targaryen nods "you may Lord Lannister"
    Nikolaoc Kozlov whispers: Keep her here My King ........ as a guest of course
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell leans back, her eyes wide, the Starks refusing the North's allegiance to the Iron throne?
    Thierry Frey looks between the Woman and the King.
    Tahekus Lorch nods to his lord with a smile, then Glares at the Stark woman, clenching his hands tightly before looking back to Lord Lannister.
    Lady Elisabeth Stark: "feels eyes on her, and wonders what her cousin Lord Stark is up to, let alone why he sent her"
    Nikolaoc Kozlov whispers: She is the wolf's pawn but she may be useful
    Lady Elisabeth Stark: "my king the only other thing I have been told by my Lord Stark is this is a matter not for women"
    Lady Elisabeth Stark lowers her head, starts to feel a little scared
    Brigit Targaryen hisses, motions the guards bar the doors just in case, both behind the throne leading to the small council chanber and the front doors leading out to the antiroom.
    Tyros Lannister nods and says, 'Thank you, your Grace. I would concur. Let Lady Stark remain here as a guest of the court. Obviously Lord Stark meerly wants to come and swear the oath himself. The Lady must certain want to be here for the great event where her cousin kneels to the Dragon as their ancestors did." He adds with the barest hint of a smile, 'The kingdoms know of you generousity and care for your subjects. I am certain the Lady Stark could be safer no where else."
    Nikolaoc Kozlov: Well Put, Lord Lannister
    Kronos looks to the King "Your Grace if I may, Lord Stark was recently injured with the kidnapping of Ladystark by Hillstribe men, I believe it is his place to swear his fealty to you personally and I would request you show Lady Stark kindness in this reguard, as I am sure Lord Stark will make the journey to seek an audience with you personally when he is of heath"
    Aedan Targaryen nods to both his cousin and the Maester "their words ring true I acted out of a moment of anger. Lady Elisabeth Stark you may send a raven to Winterfell this night and request your Lord cousin come as he has been summoned by the court of course once his health returns" he tips his head to Lord Greyjoy
    Lady Elisabeth Stark smiles at Lord Lannister for his interven, tho she not quire sure what is going on, and he is right I did wish to come to court for the new king and her dear friend
    Nikolaoc Kozlov: if the lady will write out the note i will attach it to a Raven
    Lady Elisabeth Stark: "curstys again to her King.... Thank you so much my King I am sure my cousin Lord Stark will appecate this"
    Aedan Targaryen nods "until then we will see you are well looked after"
    Lady Elisabeth Stark: "if that is what my king wish's"
    Lady Elisabeth Stark: "thank you for your kindness my king"
    Tyros Lannister bows and says, 'You Grace I beg leave to retire. My wife is not well and I would like to see to her."
    Tahekus Lorch tilts his head ever so slightly as the Lady Stark Curtseys, apparently trying to get a better view of something a bit further north....but then resumes his normal Posture, standing gaurd of lord lannister.
    Aedan Targaryen nods "cousin, I look forward to seeing little Lannisters about soon" he chuckles "good evening Lord Lannister"
    Tyros Lannister nods and replys, 'Thank you your Grace. My Lords and Ladies I bid you good evening."
    Brigit Targaryen calls to Tyros, "and my regards to your lovely wife, Lord Tyros."
    Tyros Lannister nods to the queen and says, 'I shall your Grace. She will delighted to receive them."
    Aedan Targaryen looks about "it seems that was the last for the evening"
    Tahekus Lorch bows his head to the King feeling a bit out of place as normally he would simply leave and got to the nearest bawdy house, but now he was in the presence of his Lords King and seemed a bit unsure of what to do.
    Aedan Targaryen smiles and tips his head to Lord Lorch "good evening Lord Lorch"
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell speaks softly " Permission to be excused your Grace" the slight tremble in her voice still present
    Brigit Targaryen nods to Princess Dear and motions her out the back way through the small council chamber.
    Tahekus Lorch smiles thankfully to the king, bowing his head again causing his braided hair with numerous braids to fall over his shoulder before falling in behind his Lord.
    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell moves up through the doors, a soft curtsy as she goes, heading up to her chambers
    Aedan Targaryen nods to Dear and stands "if any present require anything further speak now or wait until the next day court is held"
    Nikolaoc Kozlov: bows to the king
    Nikolaoc Kozlov: My Lord I am off to the rookery
    Nikolaoc Kozlov: come with me Lady elisabeth
    Kronos bows his head to the king and asks "Your grace, I would like to retire to my ship and make haste back to the islands, if it pleases you?"
    Lady Elisabeth Stark wonders what she must do now
    Nikolaoc Kozlov: I will show you the ravens
    Aedan Targaryen smiles "I wish you a speedy trip Lord Greyjoy"
    Lady Elisabeth Stark: "with your graces permission I take my leave"
    Kronos looks to Lady Stark "I'll stop in winterfell first chance I get to speak to Lord Stark and urge him to make his way south" and turns to the doors to make his retreat
    Nikolaoc Kozlov: I will return her after the note is sent
    Nikolaoc Kozlov: i am sure the Queen will want to see to her
    Lady Elisabeth Stark smiles at Lord Kronos , thank you my lord
    Aedan Targaryen nods "thank you Grand Maester"
    Lady Elisabeth Stark turns to leave the court
    Aedan Targaryen looks to his squire and slaps him on the back "well done Thierry"
    Brigit Targaryen smiles to Thierry, "you did wonderful, little brother." she snickers.
    Thierry Frey looks up to the King and smile
    Thierry Frey : What will be done with the Starks?
    Aedan Targaryen sighs "this is an issue we will have to handle carefully. We will await their next move and act accordingly"
    Thierry Frey nods as he looks at his sister then back to the King. "My grace may i retire for the night. im sure you would like time with Brigit."
    Aedan Targaryen smiles and nods "tomorrow Thierry I want you to practice with the kingsguard"
    Nikolaoc Kozlov: your grace the bird is sent
    Lady Elisabeth Stark: "your graces"
    Nikolaoc Kozlov: and My queen i bring your guest back
    Lady Elisabeth Stark smiles at her queen
    Thierry Frey taks a step back and lowers his head. "As you wish. " He walks back slowly before raising his head and starts to the door
    Brigit Targaryen descends the steps, "Lady Elisabeth, you may retire in one of the apartments set aside for nobles of the major houses. Maester can you show her to an empty apartment for me please?" was tired herself and wished only the King's attention now.
    Lady Elisabeth Stark: "yes my queen"
    Nikolaoc Kozlov: yes My Queen
    Nikolaoc Kozlov: this way Lady elisabeht
    Brigit Targaryen smiles cause he didn't have to do it, "thank you Grand Maester Nik, I do appreciate it."
    Lady Elisabeth Stark follower Master Kozlov
    Lady Elisabeth Stark: "good day my queen"
    Brigit Targaryen nods to the Lady, the looks up to the King and takes a long breath.
    Aedan Targaryen takes her hand in his "come my wife"
    Ceremony credited © Ceremonies by Chenaux, Timothy Chenaux
    Photos credited © ~DbD~ Dazzled by Dreams, Brigit Silverfall

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