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    Escort Sent by order of Lady Thresia Stark

    Elaena Velaryon

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    Escort Sent by order of Lady Thresia Stark

    Post by Elaena Velaryon on Sat Dec 03, 2011 12:44 am

    Thresia Stark had no idea where her brother, Lord of Winterfell had chased off to, whether it was to the Hillside Outlaws to see if any where left and to demand recompense for her own kidnapping days before. Or whether he was somewhere out in the Wolfswood. No message had been left for her, and so since his wife had not made an appearance for many days, she took it upon herself as a Lady of House Stark - this was something that was permitted as she was a Northern Noblewoman of a high house.

    Thresia sat down in chambers, having ordered from a servant something to write with, as well as a scroll, ink and wax... she commenced to writing a notice that would be given upon arrival of Men from Winterfell and the House Stark.. Knights & Guardsmen.

    And she wrote: Good Tidings, Your Graces, I have sent an Escort of Knights & Guardsmen from Winterfell and Castle Stark, to bring back in safety my dearest cousin, the Lady Elisabeth Stark, whom I miss very dearly, she and I are very fond of one another and I need her at this time, I believe that The Baratheon will ask for my hand in Marriage, and I have no idea what a man such as he could want from a woman such as me.

    Lady Thresia Stark twisted off her silver signet ring, then pouring a bit of heated wax that had been heated by a servant nearby, waiting for her Lady to finish writing the letter, Lady Thresia pressed the Stark family seal within the hot wax which immediately took shape of a direwolf's snarling visage.

    Thresia waved the parchment about drying the wax swiftly then after testing it to make sure it was not wet.. she wrolled it and bound it with a scented ribbon, this was something she was known for doing, most knew the soft rose fragrance she preferred after having traveled to High Garden many years ago, she would have Rose scented water purchased special and brought to her by way of caravan.. Thresia again placed a wax seal upon the end of the parchment, that it be sealed fully, lest any break it, and send different.

    Thresia rose and in her bedrobe walked to her door, she called to the Guardsmen... wondering where the Captain of the Guard was, probably with her Lord Brother.. she sent for Ser Moros and Ser Guy... to gather 50 of their best Guardsmen and knights to travel the Kings Road to Kings Landing and to Escort her Cousin, the Lady Elisabeth Stark home, and let no man stop them, they were to be respectful of their Graces, but to let it be known that the Lady Elisabeth was being escorted home, Ser Moros and Ser Guy Mormont would be the main envoy, carrying her letter to the King and Queen of Westeros...

    Ser Moros and Ser Guy immediately called in their ranks, and within the hour an entire Retinue of Knights and Guardsmen rode out below her window.. all of them wearing cloaks with either the direwolf or the colors of Winterfell...Ser Moros and Ser Guy at their lead, they would arrive early in the morning in Kings Landing, and nothing would stop them...

    Daemian Blackfyre

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    Re: Escort Sent by order of Lady Thresia Stark

    Post by Daemian Blackfyre on Sat Dec 03, 2011 12:57 am

    [20:53:59] Aedan Targaryen looks up as two men enter he reaches out taking the rolled up parchment from them and begins to read he turns to Lady Elisabeth and tips his head "lady Elisabeth. It seems these men are here to take you home. Send my regards to Lady Thresia"

    Lady Elisabeth Stark

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    Re: Escort Sent by order of Lady Thresia Stark

    Post by Lady Elisabeth Stark on Sat Dec 03, 2011 1:04 am

    Curtsy to her king, ' I thank you for your hosptialy my king' smiles at the king as she leave's. Begins her long jorney home, it looking forward to seeing her beloved cousin's.

    Wonders if the pending marriage rumours are ture for her dear cousin. If they are there will be much celebrating at Winterfell.

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    Re: Escort Sent by order of Lady Thresia Stark

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