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    The Venomous of the Dorne, returns



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    The Venomous of the Dorne, returns

    Post by DearbhailDaenerys on Sat Dec 03, 2011 3:00 am

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell moves forward, the white pearl strewn dress blinking in multi colored light coming through the stained windows of the throne room. The ruby and diamond of her crown held tight in her hair, proclaiming her rank as the Ruler of the Dorne. She sinks to a low curtsy before her cousin and good cousin and speaks with a lilting tone " I, Dearbhail Daenerys Martell, Princess and rightful ruler of the Dorne, swear the allegiance of the Dorne, and all its peoples, to Aedan Targaryen, Rightful king of the Seven Kingdoms. This I so swear, by the Seven"

    Brigit Targaryen smiles and nearly chokes up at her beloved Princess Dear, nearly calls out for guards as the man moves toward her.

    Aedan Targaryen smiles to Dear turning to the man who interrupted moving a hand to the sword he had been presented with as he listens

    Tyros Lannister eyes widen at the massvie breach of protocol as Lady Frey speaks out of turn. he then shrugs a bit and watches as the Dornish nobles begin to argue.

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell looks up, a soft gasp as she see's the dark visage of her father, thinking a ghost returned. Untill she see's the purple eyes of thier Mother, and knows it is her brother. He is not the venomous for just any reason " Your dead"

    Lady Elisabeth Stark is quite startled by the way the princess was grabed

    Tahekus Lorch looks to his lord then to the man in black as he croses his arms over his chest.

    Nymeros Edric Martell looks up at the throne. "This woman does not speak for Dorne, nor me. I am her elder brother, Nymeros, and if my father has died in my absence, then I hold the Dornish throne, not my sister." He looks down at Daenerys, confused, freezing in place. "Dead? Obviously not."

    Thierry Frey hearing the unknown man he turns and looks between Dear and the stranger.

    Kronos sensing a state of unrest in seeing the man's abrupt motions to the lady he unsheaths his sword

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell : But, Nym, your ship, it sank. They said you were dead, and then you didnt return with Father's death, though word was sent far and wide. Your Dead, I am the Dorne

    Tahekus Lorch moves protectively infront of his Lord Tyros, his body tensing as he stares down at the man from his massive height

    Kronos looks to the man "I do not think this is the time to disrespect the kin Lad"

    Lady Elisabeth Stark steps back in case a fight breaks out

    Aedan Targaryen relaxes a bit "then tell me Lord Martell, do you wish to swear Drone's fealty?" He looks seeing the Greyjoy draw his sword and shook his head calling out "sheath your blades and let's handle this in a civilized manner!"

    Nymeros Edric Martell looks down at her, reaching up to stroke her cheek with gloved fingertips. "Come, come dragonlet... tell me you don't remember me... I did not sail as Father commanded... I had a duty to finish first. I am so sorry you've been alone..." He leans down and, cupping Dany's chin, kisses her soft, sweet lips.

    Brigit Targaryen watches and listens silently.

    Kronos bows his head to his grace

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell looks to Aedan as he speaks to her brother, her eyes narrow, the violet light sparking with in them. She Almost stomps a small red clad foot. Right up to the point when he kisses her, then her eyes go wide. She steps backwards and turns to Aedan " He is the Dorne. for now"

    Thierry Frey confused about what just happened he back up to the side of the King. His face showing his consern if things are alright.

    Nymeros Edric Martell glances up briefly and inclines his head respectfully. "My apologies, Your Grace. I do not refuse to swear fealty, but I would beg that you will realize that I have returned to King's landing only this morning and have found that you are King, my Father is dead and my sister was left alone. I would beg your indulgence to allow me a few days to gain my equilibrium." Nymeros buries his finges in Dany's hair and growls. "I am the Dorne and that ends that tale, little sister, little love. You are mine as well. Father gave you to me when you were one year old."

    Tyros Lannister hand never moves to his sword but he does stand at readiness. He smiles as his guard steps in front of him.

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell does stomp her foot " Aedan said I may choose my groom. And HE is king."

    Lady Elisabeth Stark trys to contain her amusement at the sibling rivaly, remebers to well the fights that her cousins Lord and Lady stark would have

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell stands up straight, brushing her hair back, she realizes she will get farther if she maintains her dignity " Yes Brother, as you say "

    Tahekus Lorch tilts his head as he glares at the small dornish girl, clenching his large fists as he finds almost painful that no one has put her in her place yet. He looks to his Lord, Uttering something in some foriegn brutish sounding language.

    Nymeros Edric Martell: And I am the head of our family. Promises made when you think me dead are not valid if I am not in agreement. Do not cross me, Daenerys; I still have a dog whip.

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell blinks

    Aedan Targaryen nods to the Lord Martell "after Jaeron passed I did allow my little cousin that freedom, it's true. Lord Martell I will grant your request obviously you understand if fealty is not sworn I will of course have no choice but to count the dornish enemies of the kingdom"

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell her breathing spikes as her body shakes, remembering why he recieved the name Venomous was not just his tongue. She almost cowers, but she is a Targaryen and a Martell, there is no cower in her, she narrows her eyes slightly, and bows her head " as you say"

    Lady Elisabeth Stark is shocked at the throught of Little Dearbhails being dog whiped, how could any one be so cruel

    Kronos looks up to his grace "My King, I do appoligize for letting this lady step before me, but as I have sent word previously, House Greyjoy, all of the sworn houses of the Iron Isles, swear our swords, our lives, and our houses to you during your reign. We're not ones for formality, but you do have our loyalty my grace. And again we appoligize for the lady of the frey for not knowing her place in your court"

    Tyros Lannister shakes his head to Lord Lorch and but seems to watch the scene with amusement. When Greyjoy speaks up he nods to the man in respect.

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell moves back as others come forward, trying to pull from her brothers grasp, with out appearing to

    Aedan Targaryen chuckles and nods to Lord Greyjoy "may the iron islands remain strong as Valyrian Steel Lord Greyjoy"

    Nymeros Edric Martell bows slowly. "I would beg leave to retire and speak with my sister on the morrow and then petition you at Court. I did not come to declare myself an enemy but I cannot declare myself a friend either. I beg your leave to retire?"

    Kronos bows his head and taps his sheathed sword "and a long and prosperous reign to you my grace" and smiles with a bit of a crooked and bent smile

    Aedan Targaryen nods to the Martell for the moment "request granted Lord Martell"

    Nymeros Edric Martell bows gracefully. "I thank you for your indulgence. I will hope to beg audience with you very soon." Nymeros nods quietly to the queen. "Your Grace." Turning on his heel, he strides down the carpet and down the stairs, back to his ship.

    Brigit Targaryen motions a serving woman for water, when she brings it I take two goblets and holds them in case the King needs also to whet his throat.

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell moving back to where she is almost hiding behind the thick columns. This home of hers, the red keep for so long a safe place, now no longer

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