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    Incest, Allegiance, and Wolves



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    Incest, Allegiance, and Wolves

    Post by DearbhailDaenerys on Sat Dec 03, 2011 3:10 am

    Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) strides briskly into the throne room, a slightly on-sided smile on his face, noticing his beloved sister beside the King, and the Stark woman from the other evening. He stops, waiting for a word from the King.

    Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) looks to the prince of dorne offering a nod "welcome back"

    Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) smiles more broadly. "May I approach, Your Grace?"

    Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) tips his head once more offering a glare to the guards as they place their hands on the handles of their swords, he looks back to Nymeros "of course"

    Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine) notices the guards and wanders if there will be any trouble

    Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) approaches the throne and drops to one knee. "Your Grace, my King Aden, I, Nymeros Edric Martell, and my sister Dearbhail Daenerys Martell and all of Dorne, swear our fealty to you and to the Iron Throne, down to the last man standing. So I, Prince of Dorne, do swear."

    Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) smiles "Lord Martell your oath of fealty has been heard and is well appreciated, I am glad to have Dorne loyal to the iron throne, rise prince of Dorne"

    Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) bows his head respectfully, rising to his feet and straightening his back. "I am pleased to be among family again, Your Grace. The knowledge of my Father's death has been a heavy burden. I thank you for guarding and nurturing my Beloved Sister."

    Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) looks down to his little cousin "it was my pleasure, she is after all family"

    Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) rubs his hands together, smiling slightly. "That brings me to a family subject, Your Grace..."

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) smiles up to Aedan, "I am glad to have been here"

    Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi): Is this an unfortunate time to discuss it?

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) looks over to Nym,having a clue whats on his mind she takes a step back

    Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) raises a brow "what's on your mind Prince of Dorne?"

    Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) grins wolfishly. "My wedding, Your Grace. To Daenerys. My Father promised her to me to carry on our Targaryen blood so the bloodline would not be any more diluted than necessary. As she is still pure and here, as am I, I thought we could continue my Parents' wishes."

    Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) looks to dear "and your thoughts on this since I did promise you would be able to choose your next husband Dear"

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid): No *she exclaims loudly, a lil too loudly * Cousin, you said I would be able to choose, and I want Th... I have one in mind

    Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) turns on Daenerys. "And for what did you promise this man for such a boon?"

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) looks at him, a slender dark brow raised " Does one have to promise something, I was to wed a King after all. and would not stand in the way of Aedan's ascension

    Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine) is quite surprised at the throught of a brother and a sister wed, wonders what the king will do

    Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) takes a step forward, growling softly. "A dead king and a living Prince. A mistake and a promise given by our parents. Daenerys, can you look upon me and tell me you do not desire me?"

    Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) leans back in the throne feeling one of the edges of a melted sword poke him in the back as he looks down "you also promised Dorne if I remember correctly. Prince of Dorne I will tell you what, seeing as your parents made the arrangements before I gave my word, I cannot intervene in the matters of your parents"

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) looks at them both, one to the other, all thoughts of Thierry filling her head, she looks to her brother " I am Targaryen, and Targaryens marry their siblings. Desire, I will not speak of desire, it is unbecoming in a maiden. I must of course accede to the wishes of my King. and my brother. Though I warn you Brother mine, you may find a dagger a better bedfellow

    Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) throws back his head, laughing his deep, rich laughter, barely managing to not grab Dany's hair again, nodding to Kind Aedan with satisfaction. "I thank you, my King. It will be a brilliant wedding and a joust and feasting as few have seen. Dorne shall see to that expense. Insofar as daggers go, I believe you will find I have the dagger and YOU have teh sheath."

    Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) steps forward and ruffles Daenerys' hair as he speaks, staring deeply into her eyes.

    Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine) her heart goes out to the princess to be denyed her love, and being forced to marrie a burdish man

    Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) chuckles and shakes his head "you will take that type of speak outside of the court room as for the wedding that is fine we will celebrate the occasion"

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) looking into his eyes as he meets hers, the violet to violet intensifying.. she feels a bit of her heart start the break, but realizes at the same time that he had always been a part of her. She nods her accent to both King and kin. " It will be quite lavish"

    Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) looks up as two men enter he reaches out taking the rolled up parchment from them and begins to read he turns to Lady Elisabeth and tips his head "lady Elisabeth. It seems these men are here to take you home. Send my regards to Lady Thresia"

    Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine) ' thank you my king for your hospitality'

    Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine) Prince & Princess of Dorme congrations

    Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine) smiles at theking as she leaves the throne room

    Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) cups her chin gently in his hand. "I have seen you think your heart is entwined with another. But my beloved Sister, you were meant for me as I for you. do not regret what is not and cannot be. You know my love for you; I would that you can feel for me." Nymeros looks down at his hands, for the first time showing her his age. "I don't know what else to say to you. I love you."

    Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) glances over. "Good evening, Lady Stark."

    Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) looks to the doors for a moment "curious indeed, the sister of Lord Stark would call for her sister like that"

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) looks up at him, come back from the dead, and all she had ever seen was this infant in her arms for a husband. He was the only thing that could ever compare. She knew it as she reply. *"As my love is always for you, my Prince"

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid): What has happened Aedan " * she looks up to him * " where did she go"

    Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) shrugs "seems Lady Thresia Stark sent about 52 men to come and get her cousin"

    Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) crosses his arms and clasps his hands tightly across his chest. he takes a deep, shuddering breath and nods slowly, refusing to raise his eyes to meet hers. "Yes, Dany, I'm sure it is for me. Right after our parents, both dead, some dead baby King and GOD KNOWS WHO ELSE!" The Dornish Prince, in pain from his sister's indifference and unthinking of being in a throne room of another monarch, unleashes a portion of his temper and his pain. Closing his eyes, he tries to breathe more deeply to stanch the feeling.

    Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) raises a brow "that dead baby king was my cousin, Lord Martell you may step outside of the room if you need to calm yourself but I do not think this is the place for such discussions"

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) is startled by what he says to her, pulling back, a wound in her eyes. She has always had to pay attention to those around her ruling her life. Demanding her betrothal to one or another from early birth. Never had she been allowed the freedom to just dream of strength and masculinity. That which her 12yo brother had never had. But her 15yo brother possessed more then any other of the men in her fantasy's. " As was he ours my Cousin my Grace. "* a smile in place to dispell in what can be a den of snakes what might actually be on her mind

    Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) bows deeply . "My apologies, Your Grace. You and my sister have corrected me rightly about the young King. I would beg your forgiveness in my lapse. Pleae do know that it was a remark of passion, not one of derision." He meets Daenerys' eyes and smiles slightly, nodding to her.

    Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) smiles "you'll grow to be a wise ruler of dorne Lord Martell"

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid): To get her cousin, your Grace. And what of her husband getting to the red keep" *a dark raised brow*

    Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) listens to the guards mumble and grins "something tells me, we need not worry"

    Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) turns and lowers his head to the King. "I thank you for your words, Your Grace; they mean much to me. It has been difficult, these last weeks of discovery. I am still awaiting the sound of my father's voice, shouting encouragement in my ears."

    Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) looks down to him "well you have both the blood of Dorne and the blood of the Targaryen in your veins in time you will be a strong ruler and an asset to the martell family"

    Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) stops as the kingsguard walks in and anounces Lord Vayon Stark's arrival he nods "bring them in goor Ser"

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) steps back, again the fact that her rule, the one place she was the highest and must needs listen to no one, And he now had taken it from her. She was no longer Princess of the Dorne, because he was now her Prince

    Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) smiles and stands "welcome Lord and Lady Stark! A pleasure to see you both"

    Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) grins broadly. "I would hope that we may do well here, cousin, as we both share the blood of the dragon. My Princess and my Love and I shall do all we can to assure you the fealty of the Dorne."

    Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) walks into the throne room, feeling the cool air about his face, cooler inside the throne room than it was outside

    Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) steps backward. to allow the Stark contingent to approach.

    Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) nods and turns as the Wolf walks into the room " Good morrow Lord Stark"

    Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) bows to the man on the thone and bows to the man to his left

    Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi): Good morrow Lord Stark. I hope travel found you well?

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