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    House Greyjoy


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    House Greyjoy

    Post by Kronos Greyjoy on Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:56 pm

    House Greyjoy

    House Greyjoy, is one of the Great Houses of Westeros. It rules over the Ironborn and the Iron Islands, a harsh and bleak collection of forbidding islands off the west coast of Westeros, from the castle of Pyke. Their sigil is a golden kraken on a black field, and their house motto is "We Do Not Sow."

    The House descends from the legendary Grey King in the Age of Heroes. The Greyjoys became Lords Paramount of the Iron Isles after the Targaryen conquest, when Aegon I allowed the ironborn to choose who would have primacy over them. They chose Vickon Greyjoy and his line. The Greyjoys have ruled ever since, from their formidable castle of Pyke.

    The Greyjoys keep themselves distant from the other Great Houses, rarely taking part in events on the mainland (which they call the green lands) and, at various times, even returning to their ancient practices of raiding the nearby coastlines.

    Within the WGoTS Sim's and Timeline:
    House Greyjoy is ruled by Lord Kronos Greyjoy the first of his name, his son Hunter*** is first heir to the throne of the Ironborn. His rule is shared with his beloved wife Lady Dahlia Greyjoy, and his brother Valon Greyjoy acts as his greatest council and commander of the Ironborn forces. Lady Dahlia's sister, Lady Penolope is a member of her court and is the godmother to both Hunter*** and Addison***, the Greyjoy children.

    Currently in an act of conquest, the Greyjoys and their sworn houses have gained new ground heading north and taking land in a small village on Bear Island, sharing the lands with House Mormont and often sailing to the mainland to Winterfell to continue to offer its swords to Lord Stark and the houses of the North.

    Current House positions filled:

    * Lord Kronos Greyjoy - Kronos Renfold - King of the Iron Islands
    * Lady Dahlia Greyjoy - Dahlia Darkstone - Lady of the Iron islands
    * Ser Valon Greyjoy - Topless Flux - Lord Captain of the Iron Fleet
    * Lady Isolde Greyjoy - Roxi Rembrandt- Wife of Valon Greyjoy
    * Lady Sheylira Greyjoy - Sheylira Sabetha Sister of Kronos and Valon
    * Lady Penelope Harlaw - Plea Resident -Lady in Waiting, Dahlia's sister

    ***Hunter and Addison are Zooby Babies and are not being RPed by live players. This is not subject to change.

    Open positions:
    Greyjoy Extended Family
    Greyjoy Bannerman/Guards
    Greyjoy Court and Family roles also available
    Lowborn/Smallfolk roles for the Greyjoy Stronghold on Bear Island

    For more info on the group and application contact Kronos Renfold, Dahlia Darkstone, or Topless Flux

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