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    Lions Guard Called to Arms



    Lions Guard Called to Arms

    Post by Guest on Sun Dec 11, 2011 4:58 pm

    All who reside within Lannisport and Castlery Rock would know that all 40,000 members of the lion guard were called upon to assemble just outside of lannisport with Lord Tahekus Lorch at their head. However, all lannister troops, bannermen and knights have not been called. Only those directly under Ser Lorchs command have been called to assemble, bringing with them their full armaments and horses....Some might wonder exactly whats going on, and if Lord Tyros Lannister knows about it or not...


    Re: Lions Guard Called to Arms

    Post by Guest on Thu Dec 29, 2011 4:09 am

    [00:05] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) called all 40,000 of the Lions Guard to fall in and form ranks. Soon preparing them to move out and return to Lannisport. The Captain himself adorning a small smile upon his lips "I knew something wrong with frost bitten mutts. Now I know. They Heathens and witches. I suppose now we will see if Lord Dragon hold good on word, to extinguish all enemy of realm..." Chuckled lightly as he mounted his horse and slid on his Lion Headed shaped helmet, soon hollaring out a command for the Warriors in red to move out but remain ready for battle...

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