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    Breakfast, Secrets & a Dothraki

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    Breakfast, Secrets & a Dothraki

    Post by Elaena Velaryon on Tue Dec 27, 2011 5:06 pm

    [10:34 AM] Crymm Clowes walked in the library after bathing, his hair and beard still a bit wet he ran his eyes over the shelves picking up a book he hadn't seen before flipping it open to read the first page, he shook his head and slid it back on the shelf pulling another out to flip through it
    [10:39 AM] shanelle Cerise lashes fluttered, as daylight streamed in through an arrow slit, Thresia yawned, then glanced toward her bathing area...the wash bowl there to do her morning rituals steaming..she slid nude from her bed as she walked toward the bowl, bending over it and washing her face, to wash the sleep away.. she sighed as se thought of taking a bath this morning.. knowing the tub was full of steaming scented water, she moved toward it... and slid within its sleek oiled sweetness..
    [10:47 AM] shanelle Cerise could hear below her the workers as they struggled with the large bed that was commanded forth to the new Captain of the Guards Bedchambers - the bed had been made special for him by the carpenters. They struggled to bring it up the stairwell.. and she listened as she sat within her steaming bath tub, her skin fresh from the bath, trickling waterdroplets teasing down nude body as she again closed her eyes..
    [11:15 AM] Crymm Clowes steped from his room ensuring he had all he needed, the folded cloak was in one arm, he had both quivers of arrows, and his trusty sword he thought for a moment thinking if he had missed anything he may need and shrugged making his way down to sit in the dining hall for now awaiting some food from a random server
    [11:18 AM] shanelle Cerise moved through the halls, they were dark this morning, she supposed someone would need to be found to light the many great torches.. their warmth giving of some light to the rather normal dim walls.she had chosen for herself the new brightly hued gown.. smoothing it over her thighs she slid within it without help..as she was want to do often..wondering where the girl was this morning to help her after her bath, none had been there to give her a towel, she had to fetch it herself, dripping wet..
    [11:20 AM] Crymm Clowes hopped down on the bench looking over to see one of the guardsmen closeby he begun to talk about random things slapping the man on the back as he laughed at a joke he looked as his food and drink came quickly grabbing the dining prongs and knife digging into the food as if he hadn' eaten in a week or more
    [11:22 AM] shanelle Cerise paused by the library and went in, she looked around not seeing Diomy, our librarian, she paused to finger her way through some books, and slipped one from its shelf.. looking over its contents a moment, finding the small hiding spot, she withdrew from within what it held.. tucking it away within her bodice...then replacing the page and the book too...then returning to the hall she meandered through pausing outside the new Captain of the Guards room, she raised her hand to knock, then thought better of it.. she felt a blush steal up her breasts to her cheeks as she let her hand drop.. lifting an edge of her skirt as she moved through the long cold hall, she was glad to have brought her cloak this time.. she moved toward the stair and down...again she noticed the torches were not lit.
    [11:26 AM] Crymm Clowes took a long, steady drink from the tankard then slammed the empty drinking vessel down with a grin holding a hand out to the guards as he placed a few coins in his hand based off a bet he tucked the coins away and grinned as another full tankard took it's place quickly he began to eat once more quickly then paused as the plate was empty, the servant quickly fetched him another plate full of foods he rubbed his hands together then let it cool a bit continuing small talk with the guard near him
    [11:26 AM] shanelle Cerise nodded to the guard posted at the Throne room door.. as she tugged hte heavy door open, she eased past him..."My Lady," He would reply, she was not in her normally chipper mood, her dreams had warned her of a tiding coming soon.. she was unsure what that might mean as she shook her head then spoke bluntly, "the torches need lit through out." that was all she said, she expected him to see to it..she moved then into the hall... seeking sustinance..
    [11:28 AM] Crymm Clowes nudged the man next to him then shook his head beginning to eat once more slower than the last plate this time. He stopped standing up to his full height noting Lady Thresia entering, he took a bow as he greeted her "good morning Lady thresia, I trust you slept well"
    [11:31 AM] shanelle Cerise entered the dining hall, noting the Captain of the Guard there.."Good morrow Nathaniel," she would say as she brushed her skirt beneath her and sat upon the bench.. a serving girl hastilly came and brought a tankard of warmed mead with sugar sprinkled as she liked, and a platter of delicious viands... she started to pick at them, but paused to wash her hands in the small bowl of scented water, then dry her hands, she then again glanced at the Captain.."All is well?" She would say, as she looked back to her food and took several bites of roast venison, and a deep drink of mead.
    [11:32 AM] Crymm Clowes sat back down offering a nod "just a usual quiet day my lady. No reports of wildlings as of late went and scouted for some this morning"
    [11:37 AM] shanelle Cerise nodded slightly as she drew her cloak about her, it was unusually cold this morning, it did not feel as if the fire nearby had even been lit, and she hunkered down into her warm ermine cloak as if it was all she wore.. "what of news of that Lord Torhk from Kings Landing? He sent a raven that wouldn't speak to me! The nerve that beast had," she spoke somewhat angrilly, then drew the small piece of parchment from her bodide.. setting it within his gaze.. it was covered in her own fragrance, not that she noticed.. "Within Winterfell there is a spy." She would reply..it is up to us to discover said spy and deliver them back to where they came from, I think." She would say as she took several more bites of stew from her trencher..washing it down with mead.
    [11:40 AM] Crymm Clowes looked over the paper she slid in front of him notign the different scent it had taking it in a few moments the scent and the information then looked up at her "a spy, who is this Lord Torhk? There were reports of a man a Lord Lorch of the Lannister's Lion Guard from Katarina, she said he showed up with a small force of soldiers last week or so" he shrugged then pushed the paper back "I'd hate to think there are more than one aroudn here"
    [12:02 PM] shanelle Cerise would tuck the tiny scroll back within her bosom.. watching him watching where her hands moved, she swiftly adjusted her tunic then her hands moved back to her eating utensils, lifting a knife to spear more venison she fed herself, her lips parting for each and every bite.. devouring what se had there she looked at the servant expectantly.."well? what are you looking at girl? Give me more." She then turned back..."some of the servants are rebelling at doing their chores I think we will need to be harsher to many, we need to set Janey in charge of those servants." then she lifted her mead and finished it.. sighing.. she wished her brother was here to command them.. he'd gone riding earlier this morning and had yet to return.
    [12:04 PM] Crymm Clowes nodded moving his eyes back to his plate taking a few final bites of the food, draining the tankard as well "I'll speak to her later and see it is done my lady, I must dmit I am concerned the Lannisters were up here being led by a man who mathes the description of a dothraki man"
    [12:26 PM] shanelle Cerise looked somewhat alarmed - she wondered.. a Dothraki man? she hoped he'd not come for her horse...Notte was one of the best trained horses in the region... "What of this man Lorch? What did he want did his message say? Did Vayon say what he wanted?" She became a bit worried, her eyes widened as her bottom lip quivered, she was terrified of the Dothraki, how they treated their women was widespread knowledge, taking them like dogs they did..she shuddered visibly.. and shoved her tankard away.."I must know.. he was here?" She would have to check Notte she'd not ridden her in many days.
    [12:28 PM] Crymm Clowes shrugged "my lady, I know no more than you do, Katarina only stated he was in the tavern with her"
    [12:31 PM] shanelle Cerise eyed the Captain of the guards.."And did you speak to him, Ser?" She would demand...she had never seen a Dothraki, but thought perhaps they were frightening to behold.."what was he like?" She appeared frightened and yet intrigued.. she was of course as she'd never met anyone that could sit a horse as good as she.."His horse was here?" she gripped her crop in her hand and thought of suddenly going to find Notte and go riding, though she felt a little bit more nervous then normal...
    [12:32 PM] Crymm Clowes shook his head "again, as I said I know about as much as you do. I never saw or spoke to him I walked in the tavern and katarina reported his coming to me giving me as much detail as she could
    [12:36 PM] shanelle Cerise sighed a bit, she looked at him.. he was a good man, and he had been always with them since his first coming.."Very well, I apologize for my anxiousness, but you must understand, never has a Dothraki set foot upon Winterfell soil." That was all she was prepared to offer, it was not her place to question him, though her Brother would not hesitate to command questions and expect viable answers, she plucked a peach from the table that her brother had recently brought for her..
    [12:37 PM] shanelle Cerise: Well I for one do not know what he wants, or what we will do when he comes..I hope you are at least here, Ser, for I cannot protect myself as well as you could.
    [12:39 PM] Crymm Clowes nodded "if he comes of course I will be here Destiny's Rock in hand if needed ready to cut him down or die trying"
    [12:52 PM] Crymm Clowes stood and walked over taking her hand in his then bent down and kissed it "my lady I do hope you excuse me, I must go"
    [12:53 PM] shanelle Cerise returned from her thoughts as she looked at the ever present Captain.."You may return to your duties, Ser, I have things to attend to. As he kissed her hand and departed, she pondered what the Dothraki had in mind, her blue gaze narrowed some as she brushed back hair black as night.

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