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    A Half Man and a Murderer walk into a bar....



    A Half Man and a Murderer walk into a bar....

    Post by Guest on Fri Dec 30, 2011 1:09 am

    [20:03] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): /ME RIDES SLowly through the city gates with the 40,000 Lion Guard Soldiers behind him, his dmeanor seeming none too pleased as he and his men return home from Winterfell.
    [20:03] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) looks around, listening as he heard the sound of a horse and obviously a rider he heard the thunder of a bunch of other horsemen as well peeking about the corner to see who might be there. Jorah's eyes widened seeing all the soldiers enter the city but just stood there watching
    [20:06] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) nods to his soldiers allowing them to return to their homes and see their wives after having been gone for so long. Once the red warriors begin to disperse Ser/ Lord Lorch looks to the half man and points a single finger at him "You. Child. Tell me truth. Has Lord Lannister fallen ill?"
    [20:08] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) looks to his left, then his right seeing no child. He looks up with a bit of an arrogant smirk "Ser there be no children around, most are home nuxzzled in their mother's busom" he shielded his eyes a moment "but yes The Maester has said he is ill though I hear other rumors"
    [20:11] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): Oh. Apologies then Dwarf. But most men look like children to me reguardless." He replied with a bit of humor though the news truly bothered him. He spoke truthfully however as the massively sized man was easily seven feet tall.:: "I not know Lannisport to house a dwarf before. And you not wearing rags of commoner. Tell me. Who are you?"
    [20:12] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) carefully climbs up the stones to stand, tall as a dwarf could and proud "I good Ser, am Jorah Algood, eldest son to Lord Algood, my family has sworn fealty to the Lannisters since as far back as the records show. You are?"
    [20:15] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): Lord Lorch, Knight of Lannister Family, Lord of Lorch House and Head Commander of Lannister Lion Guard. My House, as yours, has served Lannister house for ages. ::He replied, looking down toward the Half man, but not truly lookimng down on him, as so many others possibly have.::
    [20:16] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) looked up with a new respect "well then Lord Lorch I will suppose you wish to hear the other rummors since they deal with the health ofLord Lannister?"
    [20:18] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): Aye...but not here. Too many walls have ears and the Lions Justice brought upon to this city by my blade has been gone for too long. Come. Lets go have drink." He offers as he climbs off his massive forigen steed and hands the reigns to a local stable boy.::
    [20:19] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) grins widely as he turned "a drink will never go turned down from me, milord"
    [20:21] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) nods with a smirk and leads the half man into the golden garter. Sitting himself down onto one of the stools at the bar and ordering a couple rounds of ale. Taking up a single tankard after smacking the barmaids bottom he turns to him "Please. I wish know what I have missed."
    [20:23] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) clumsily climbs up the stool keeping the short sword held so it wouldn't make it harder than it was he rights himself dusting off the leather trimmed robe he nods looking as a goblet of dornish red was palced in front of him. Jorah looked to the tall man a moment thinking and observing a moment before speaking "there are rumors, that say Lord Lannister is already dead and that the maester is only making it seem longer than it was. Of course I cannot say how reliable it is exactly just yet only mere talk I overhear"
    [20:26] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) chuckles lightly "He not dead. Qoy Qoyi not pas from this world without my knowledge..But continue, What else might have you 'over heard'?" he asks as an absent and slight hand moves to his gold pouch, retrieving a few lannister lion gold coins from it and placing it next to the half mans tankard with guile.
    [20:28] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) shrugged "I heard that a large group of men were spotted near winterfell wearing the colors of the Lannister family" he looks to the man "out of curiosity, why go so far north to see the wet dogs?"
    [20:31] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): Same reason I talk you now. Information....I hear mutts think they better than Targaryan...better even than Lannister. I go myself to find out. And it seem that truth has rung ever so clearly in mine ears... You -do- know what this mean right?" Chuckles again as he takes a big swig form his tankard, "I will allow big bad over grown excuse for mutt make first move. Lord Dragon know who he can and cannor trust...and soon we all will know."
    [20:33] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) nods "the king's justice showed up a few days past asking something about supplies for the smallfolk they apparently sent to try and better the condition of the slums. He and I also spoke briefly on the greyjoy and Stark seems the king does not trust neither one nor does the king's justice"
    [20:37] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): Nor should he. ANyone who goes so far as to not show up to king Corination, then send half army to 'escort' someone from kings custody, and still even go so far as to still refuse to pledge fealty to King is purposely asking for trouble...Stark Pushing. King no push back. So, I do it for him. King can either support me or stay out of my way. I care not. One way or anotherm it removes enemy of realm.
    [20:39] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) grins leaning back on the stool, resting a small arm on the bar "that's honorable of you to do for the king. I imagine you've heard the rumors of the king and Lord Stark being childhood friends? Persnally I'd have wiped them all clean from westeros the moment they sent a woman to tell the king that he will not be bending the knee. I'd also have given the woman he sent to the kingsguard to enjoy her"
    [20:45] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): Bah. You say that now. But you didnt see her. ::Fakes a shiver and a grotesque look:: I feel bad for kingsguard if they ever had to have -that- duty. ::Laughs whole heartedly for a moment:: It matter not. Childhood friend or no. What stark did is basicly telling king 'I am waiting to see if someone whos stonger than you comes along so I can take their side. Until then Iam going to sit fat ass on side line.' "
    [20:47] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) smiles "Lord Lorch, perhaps you should take up a career in politics" he laughs as well "I agree with you. If the king does nothing then all it will do is cause dissention and cause him to lose respect. We shall see what the king's next move is"
    [20:50] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): Piss on that. As it is known, 'King serve Realm.' it not known 'Realm serve king.' I go soon, by self, to formal ask Lord Dragon exactly what he plan to do.....And if he say nothing....Then...I will 'politely' take leave of King Landing...And continue with my plans tha I have incase Lord Tyros Lannister, Qoy Qoyi, ever lost his life..."
    [20:50] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) raises a brow "and good Ser, might I ask what exactly those plans are?"
    [20:53] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) chuckles lightly as he recites the words of his House....his own personal words that is, not the official words "We Remain." Is all he says in reply before fnishing his tankard and grabbing the barmaid by the waist. "Oh, and you welcome share road with me Lord Algood."
    [20:54] No room to sit here, try another spot.
    [20:55] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) thinks for a few moments "Qoy Qoyi, I've never heard those words in Westeros Lord Lorch" he looks a few moments "but i think i must decline this offer of sharing road as i still have to settle in here"
    [20:59] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): Haha. Nor will you unless the Narrow Sea suddenly dries up. ::He replies as he holds the maiden by the hair and shoves her towards the stairs, making it clear of what he intended on taking from her:: Some are adept to staying on move.,others are not. Hope enjoy stay here, Lord Algood.::He replies before following, or more like dragging, the poor wench upstairs into the upper bedroom.
    [21:01] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) chuckles watching him drag the poor woman off he stands ungracefully "you as well Lord Lorch, and may the seven have mercy on that woman's cunt this night" he laughs swallowing the remaining wine
    [21:04] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) suddenly stops his assent of the stairs and arches a brow at the half man "You worship that which can be killed?" Bursts into a wicked villainous sounding laughter "I worship nothing that can be killed. Rest Easy milord." He says be fore shutting the door closed behind him.::

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