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    Lord Lorch visits with the Queen


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    Lord Lorch visits with the Queen

    Post by Brigit on Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:08 pm

    [2011/12/30 03:45] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) flanked by guards and ladies a rucus drew her attention, she motions the guard, "step aside." and they cleared a path for her, "what's going on here?"

    [2011/12/30 03:47] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) stands alone outside the tavern, fully adorned in Lion Guard Commander gear that has been caked in blood from many days passed, he slowly draws his sword as a Gold Cloak approaches, his Arakh steady in his hand before suddenly twisting about and being hidden behiind his forearm as he bows ceremoniously to the approaching Queen. The only other odd thing about him was a seemingly black stained sack that would sting the nose of anyone within 20 feet of it.

    [2011/12/30 03:47] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): I killed them. Dragon Queen....."

    [2011/12/30 03:48] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) her eyes water, she covers her nose, "what is that stench, Lord Lorch, you killed whom?" she couldn't help but blink at him, the smell was horrific.

    [2011/12/30 03:49] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) nudges the sack a bit with the tip of his boot, it oozes out what appears to be black sludge "The Septs, nurses, and bed hands of my Lord..."

    [2011/12/30 03:51] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) steps back, mortified, she'd seen enough blood the last two days and some of it her own, she turned away, "I'll see you in the small council chamber, without ... that.. and after you're..." gasps nearly gagging when she looks back again, "... cleaned up, please." she then turning green turned hurrying away.

    [2011/12/30 03:56] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) quietly steps into the small council chamber some time later after being calmed down and cleaned up. He bows his head to the Queen upon his arrival.

    [2011/12/30 03:57] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) waves off the guards and servants and looks up, motions him in, "please come in Lord Lorch, I've been expecting you." smiles as he neither smelled nor looked as if he was rotting now. She avoided her own thought that he cleaned up rather nicely. "Now tell me please, what happened?"

    [2011/12/30 04:01] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) walks slowly into the room approaching the table "I had heard rumor of Qoy Qoyi being dead....I had thought it a lie, but...I wentto Rock, demanded to see him. They refused...so I killed any who denied me...The rest I killed when I found only an empty bed...::For a very slight moment his eyes almost seemed to tear up a bit, but the water dried as soon as it had arrived.::

    [2011/12/30 04:02] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): Their heads were all that were left after I drag their bodies here by their necks ::he finishes.::

    [2011/12/30 04:05] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) takes a long breath, wished for a wine, motions him, "please sit, join me here." she shook off the vision of the bodies and heads, "Lord Lorch, I am truely sorry for my good cousin's demise, he was dear to all of us. It came as quite a shock. But to murder innocent people over it? I'm not sure that will be overlooked by the king... at any rate, you are a valuable person to us, and as there is no longer a Warden of the West that too again falls to my husband to attend to when he himself has recovered."

    [2011/12/30 04:09] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): Innocent......::His voice was almost a growl as he approached an empty chair.:: They kept truth from me. They allowed Qoy Qoyi to die of illness like some sheep in the field.....Innocent...not in mine eyes. ::He replied before slowly lowering himself down into the chair.::

    [2011/12/30 04:12] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) lifts her eyebrows, "I do not believe the good septa nor the maester, or any of the others 'allowed' him to die, I think it was just an unfortunate thing, people die, it is the way of life." her voice was kind but truthful. "At anyrate that is for the king to decide what is to be done about, if anything at all." she desperately wanted to change the subject, "there is more afoot than this I fear, tell me about Winterfell, hum?"

    [2011/12/30 04:14] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): Exactly...it way of life.....Manticore Devoured a few sheep...that is all...::He said before his eeyees finally drifted to meet the Queens:: I stay behind to pay homage to Warden of North.

    [2011/12/30 04:14] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) lifts her chin, "go on."

    [2011/12/30 04:21] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): And... I became offended when he his wife claimed that Stark better than Targaryan...

    [2011/12/30 04:23] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) furrows her brow, sitting up, "he did what? ohhh... I misunderstand, she did...ahhh... well tell me true now, Tahekus, was there anything to indicate that the Starks might cooporate to avoid this impending war?" she cringes as she asks knowing already the probably answer.

    [2011/12/30 04:24] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall): *probable

    [2011/12/30 04:25] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): Not with Targaryan Family, no. He seemed more welcoming when I say I not bannermen or Kings Guard.

    [2011/12/30 04:27] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) scrubs her face with her hands, motions a maid for water, takes the goblet, drinks, sets it down, "how long did you stay in Stark's presence?" she thought maybe she ought to change the subject he seemed rather unwilling to talk about it with her. Perhaps the king could get more details, "she sent me a bottle of wine."

    [2011/12/30 04:28] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) corrects herself, "not his wife... his sister."

    [2011/12/30 04:31] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): My Queen, truth it is a personal matter between men, Should not have involved King or Politics. But I see Stark already cross that line...::He then blinks and slams a hand down on the table, cursing in his native tongue. and repeating the word 'Maegi' several times "Queen...when last time you see phys-iiiishhh--an....::He seemed to struggle pronouncing the word in the common language.::

    [2011/12/30 04:34] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) jumps startled, for a moment she wondered what the man might do, she struggled to right her composure and then understand his words, the only thing she caught was the high valyerian 'maegi'; shaking her head, holding up a hand, "wait, say it again, slower, I'm I.. I didn' understand you."

    [2011/12/30 04:37] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): Physician? Anyone that shares blood with Maegi,...A Witch, must not be trusted. I fear your life may be in danger....

    [2011/12/30 04:38] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) blinks at him, "I... me? why me.. I don't understand, who is a witch?" she truely didn't understand any of what the man was saying and wondered if he hadn't lost his mind with his liege lord's passing.

    [2011/12/30 04:44] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): Stark wife. Maegi. Witch. She confess to me. She try and sa it 'blessing from gods.' I say she lies. For how could one such as unloyal stark recieve such gift and not decendent of most powerful being in world, such as Targaryan? Stark Heathens and Witches. They want what you have Khaleesi. That why they wait. THey bide time until their dark poison have time to take effect on You and King. Then, when you weak, They strike and claim Iron chair for their own. Khaleesi you must under---..::Stopped suddenly as he caught himself then continued:: Queen, you mus understanf. There should be no trust.

    [2011/12/30 04:48] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) stammers, "poison? are you saying the wine is poisoned?" she gasps, she'd only had a bit of whiff of it when it was delivered and enough to whet her tonge to get the taste. Within the day she had misscarried their unborn, suddenly it dawned on her, "it... it... you really think?" she blinked at him, the wine still sat on her desk in her solar, she was speachless, "the king must be informed." was all she could say her voice barely above a whisper.

    [2011/12/30 04:56] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): Aye. Bad spirits trapped inside bottle poison the soul, and tear the body apart from inside.....Khale....Queen...Did you drink? Did Qoy Qoyi? Did...." He then stopped and looked to the ever present nearby guards, and he quickl shouted at them to hurry and inforrm the King. Before turning back to the Queen. "You must see Doctor. Or Maester, soon. Only one that you trust completely.....

    [2011/12/30 04:59] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) gulps, shakes her head, "I don't know, Lord Lorch, I had a taste, was all, I ... " she chokes on the words, "lost the baby." stifling her emotion over it all, "I do not know if Tyros recieved any gifts from them, the Maester will come I will see him, we will have the wine tested." looking to him, "you will stay to see the king when he awakes?" she asked imploringly she did not want to be the one to have to explain all this. He would think it was her fault then, she shouldn't have even tasted that wine, he had told her no wine, and she did taste it anyway, that made it her fault.

    [2011/12/30 05:08] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) nodded slowly "I will. But after, I go. I raise Army, whether King allow me to take Lion Guard or no. I no care. I will scrape the very dregs of city dungeons for riders to ride in horde if must. I Ride to Winterfell, with or without King Support. He cannot stop me and call it keeping peace in realm, as stark not even part of realm until he pledge loyalty....I will kill them all. I will burn their frozen stone castle into lake....For Lord Lannister, and for Unborn Targaryan... Anha'th dothrak.

    [2011/12/30 05:13] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) chokes up, "no no, wait... Lord Lorch I am asking you, wait... there will be blood, there will be men and an army, the Lannister guard is yours, we would not take that from you. More men too will be placed under your command, the banners will be called, you will have your vengence. First we must wake the dragon, we must ... stand together and show him what they have done, he will want their blood then...yes he will." she was as sure of that as she sat there, especially if it was the wine that killed the baby.. now it was all comming way too close to home.

    [2011/12/30 05:21] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) clenched his scarred war-torn hand tightly for a long moment as he closed his eyes in thought....Then, as he exhailed, he opened his eyes and nodded. "Atte ayolat....arrek athvilajerar..." He replied before slowly standing and bowing his head to the queen.

    [2011/12/30 05:23] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) just blinks at him, she had no idea what those words meant but she hoped they meant he would wait and speak with the king before riding with force to the North. She smiles up at him, pushing herself to her feet, "thank you Lord Lorch. I bid you a good morrow and hope to see you in court." nodding politely if anything she would always remember her graces.

    [2011/12/30 05:26] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) only nodded as he grew silent, his mind retrearing into itself in such a way that would make him numb to everything, just as he was raised to do, as he was trained to do. After once more bowing his head the the Queen he backed away to the door slowly before ffinally turning and walking out.

    [2011/12/30 05:27] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) watches him go and finally after a time turns to the stairs and goes up herself to her son's room.

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