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    The Prince's Shadow

    Prince Tristan Targaryen

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    The Prince's Shadow

    Post by Prince Tristan Targaryen on Thu Jan 05, 2012 3:29 am

    As the Mornings Air whisped around the Sept Tristan found Himself out to the Stables having one of His talks with Shadow. The air was chilled against His rosey little cheeks and without pause He quickly took the reigns that held Shadow under His command. The Saddle secured around the creatures girth and tightly held so the young Boy might ride freely. The walk around to the Gates was quicker than usual as He had much to accomplish this Day. He looked up to Shadow His mighty steed and informingly announced to him that this day began His training to become the Prince's Destrier. He took to the Horses Back and swiftly made rounds in the courtyard driving the beast frothing and spitting , Shadow reared and Tristan holding tight Praised the fine standing of His almighty Steed. Sliding off the Horses Back He found way to the storage Keep retrieving the small balsa Lance and the reclaimed His position atop the mount.With fierce strides Shadow brought Him to the swing set where without fail He drove the lance through one of the rings. With Many tries and attempts the study of His stance and drive was practiced . The young Prince would be ready to improve and impress with His skills. Lessons completed for the Day and all of the nobel deeds tended , Tristan spent much time bonding with His Shadow, the two on most eves inseperable and as the age grows on the young Man, He trained to be sturdy and steady with His lance and lethal with the small wooden sword that His Father had gifted Him.The sword disecting the air and humming the tune of Protection. Tristan Had worries that others in His boots wouldn't begin to understand , but aside of all of His worry He knew with out a single Doubt the Love from His parents The King and Queen did bestow upon Him. With every tested Lesson and proven Challenge He knew there was nothing He would spare to Bring the Love of a fine Son to them.Guided by His thoughts and Prayers and His desire to Grow up the finest for the Shoes that His steps would be called upon to fill One Day were those of The Greatest Man He has ever known. With a flip of His wrist the sword sang , bearing down upon Shadows neck Low and aimed His arm then strongly held until the pilar came near and with a swift Judge the wood sent splintering around Him.With a Press He was knocked off the back of Shadow and the air left His lungs and upon His back He laid for just a short moment, Guards rushing to His side heads shaking and mumering filling the Courtyard and the boy dusted Himself off squabbeling back to those that feared for thier heads as the chore be to keep the child safe. " I am Fine, Do not fuss over me" He had knocked the breath out of himself with that fall but was not afraid one bit to climb back onto His Destrier, and Once more they were off the Prince and His Shadow trailing all around the Courtyard with ease and speed until the call for His evening Feast was heard and then returning to the stables He hugged the horse around the neck and offered a cube of the sweetest sugar. Skipping back into the yards making stop to the Feast hall to eat everybt of His meal even His peas.

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