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    Lady Yseulte and the King's Hand


    Dareon Clegane

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    Lady Yseulte and the King's Hand

    Post by Dareon Clegane on Mon Jan 09, 2012 3:35 pm

    [08:42] Yseulte Mistwood: Confusion abounds. People are running around, orders are being shouted. I sit on my horse and observe, concerned that all the things I have gathered are properly packed and loaded.
    [08:43] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) walks through the city, clasping his Hand brooch on his cloak, nodding to the smallfolk when he notices Lady Yseulte with her belongings, "Good morrow, my lady. Is it time for you to travel back to Lannisport?"
    [08:47] Yseulte Mistwood: Turning my horse around to see him, I nod to Ser Clegane. "Good morrow Ser Clegane." My gaze wanders across the controlled chaos at the gates before returning to him. "Aye so it would appear. I fear the roads will be shut off soon. If I am to return home I must go now or not make it for many months." I stand up in the stirrups to better see Lord Tully's forces gathering down the road apiece.
    [08:50] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nods, "Aye my lady, Lord Tully is cutting off the road. I fear I cannot escort you like we planned due to my having to stay at King's Landing while the king rides." He grabs her hand and holds it, looking into her eyes
    [08:52] Yseulte Mistwood: My head jerks around, looking down with surprise into his face when he takes my hand.
    [08:54] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) notices the surprise in her face, "May I take you down for a moment, my lady? It would do me well to gaze into those emerald eyes, but one last time..."
    [08:57] Yseulte Mistwood: Not wanting to make an enemy of the King's Hand, I smile pleasantly and nod, swinging my right leg over across the man's style saddle as I extend my hands for his support. "Of course Ser Clegane. We will not be leaving for a little while yet."
    [08:58] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) grabs her hips midway down her slide and helps her fall to the ground. He clasps both hands in his, gazing deep in her eyes, "I will miss you Lady Yseulte. Our time together has been brief, but I feel we share a bond..."
    [09:02] Yseulte Mistwood: My mind racing to examine all the permutations of this situation, I keep my eyes locked on his, my smile pleasant. "Aye, m'Lord. I feel the same." tilting my head slightly, sighing "But the times............ things are in quite a muddle at this point." Gesturing vaguely with my head towards the confusion beyond.
    [09:25] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nods, "The king rides to war, who would have thought. I am to protect Kings Landing with the small army he left here. I pray the war stays north..."
    [09:26] Yseulte Mistwood: My hands still in his, I nod in agreement. "At the moment it would appear that it will but things change so quickly......." my voice trails off
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    [09:27] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) looks to her horse and back to her. He leans in and places a soft kiss on her lips, "When do you ride, my lady?"
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    [09:40] Yseulte Mistwood: Taken by surprise I do not have time to react before he has broken the kiss. Swallowing, I look up at him, shifting my weight from one foot to the other. "Um ........... within the hour I would think. We ride west with Lord Tully until he has to go north to Riverrun. Then we will have to ride hard to Lannisport." sighs and looks around. "I am having to leave some of my things here. I cannot ride hard with wagons and such."
    [09:41] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) smiles and nods, "Aye my lady. They will be safe here, under our watchful guard. I will personally care for them. Are they in a trunk?"
    [09:43] Yseulte Mistwood: "Actually I have rented a small room in one of the dock warehouses. I have household goods I have acquired." Smiling softly "I would be most indebted to you if you would find it within your time to watch the room."
    [09:47] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nods and kisses her hands, "I shall guard the room and keep the bandit's out, my lady..."
    [09:48] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) thinks about Lord Tully, "I thought Lord Tully was supposed to ride North behind the king. Did his plans change?"
    [09:50] Yseulte Mistwood: "I am not privy to the details of his plans but he will turn north soon after we leave. That is why I cannot take a wagon with me. We may be riding hard for many days. We cannot afford to linger on the roads."
    [09:53] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) shrugs, "Please watch your self, my lady. Lord Tully is not to be trusted under any cricumstance..." He hardens his mouth and eyes to reinforce his point
    [09:53] Yseulte Mistwood: An eyebrow goes up. My expression becomes one of innocent confusion. "He is not? How so Ser Clegane?"
    [09:54] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) shakes his head, "Lord Tully plots treasonous plots against the crown, I'm afraid. He wanted to kidnap the queens family for ransom in Riverrun..."
    [09:55] Yseulte Mistwood: Green eyes wide with innocence "I heard he was protecting them!"
    [10:43] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) shakes his head, "That is his ruse, my lady. How much do you think a Frey family is worth? Half a kingdom?"
    [10:44] Yseulte Mistwood: "I would not know that, m'Lord. I am only a glorified housekeeper." I smile pleasantly.
    [10:45] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) looks Lady Yeseulte up and down, "Nay. I think you are more than a housekeeper..."
    [10:46] Yseulte Mistwood: Laughs lightly. "Perhaps a bit more but not by much. I kept the household running, assisted the Lady Clara. Now" I look away then back again "I do not know what will happen."
    [10:49] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) clasps her hand again, "Why not, my lady?"
    [10:53] Yseulte Mistwood: Glancing down to my clasped hand, I return my gaze to his eyes. "Ser Clegane. Surely you know I am a retainer for House Lannister? Now that Lord Tyros is dead........" my voice trails off leaving the possibilities unanswered.
    [10:55] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nods, "I knew of Lord Tyros' death, but did not know you were a servant in his house..."
    [10:56] Yseulte Mistwood: "Aye. I am. Or I was. Now we all wait for the King's pleasure. What he will decide, only the Seven know."
    [10:58] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) laughs, "Perhaps the king will see it fit for you to marry a highborn lord in the north once the war is over. I hope for your sake that is not the case..."
    [11:01] Yseulte Mistwood: My eyes widen at the thought. "Oh my I certainly hope not!" then I laugh again. " I do not think the King has time to worry about the likes of a simple and lowly retainer such as myself."
    [11:09] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) shrugs, "THe king cares about everyone..."
    [11:11] Yseulte Mistwood: "The king is a very busy man, as you well know. Someone such as myself is not worth his individual attentions." I hear the whinny of nervous horses and the shouting seems to have increased but I cannot see down here on the ground.
    [11:14] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) peers over Lady Yseulte's shoulder at the noise. "My lady, perhaps you should be on your way. The crowd looks restless and I should go see what is the matter..."
    [11:17] Yseulte Mistwood: Gently removing my hands from his grasp, I turn to remount my horse. With my left foot in the stirrup, I bounce a couple of times on my right foot and heave myself up and my right leg over the horse. Leaning forward I pat her on the neck and murmur words of comfort to her before looking back down at Sir Clegane. "Fare thee well, Sir Clegane." I smile
    [11:18] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) takes her hand in his and offers a kiss, "Please be safe on the road. Send a raven if you need any help..."
    [11:19] Yseulte Mistwood: "I will." Looks around at the confusion and up as the secure walls I was leaving. "May the Seven guide you, Sir Clegane."
    [11:20] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) laughs, "Bah to the seven. Seven hells is where I'll be when the stranger takes me..."
    [11:22] Yseulte Mistwood: I chuckle and withdraw my hand, taking the reins of my horse. With a final smile and nod to the King's Hand, I turn my horse to steer it through the confusion, heading towards Lord Tully's men so that we may begin our journey.
    [11:22] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) waves as the men and lady go by

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